Taking to the Seas Like a Viking

ABC News' Charli James is onboard the world's largest Viking ship as it finishes its 5 month journey around the Atlantic.
16:23 | 09/21/16

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Transcript for Taking to the Seas Like a Viking
Every lunch and turn it didn't thanks to ABC news item in downtown Manhattan now that we're gonna dig a little bit of stuff. Back in time onto a viking ship you eat. The front that here behind me where they go aboard and little well I'm not every day that you see something like this out here in north coast. Green and to give us more information and take us and is torn country and what happens in the incident. You're an island there. Again. No talent little bit about this it's them. Like we didn't see me front. Eight spectacular view give us a little bit of info about it I'm. Yeah this fitness. Do work on his audition vikings should it was reports. Time as soon as long she. We have dragging him to. Protect us from. From. They're. Fares. From the non vikings yeah. Hope you got a better welcomed the vikings got the first time they came in new world they're actually attacked. About ten people were killed Brittany Erickson first came here. And actually 500 years of work and many Americans don't know that but I hope that you guys got a better welcomed and that it's coming and arts that's fine. Task this is being nickel. Sandy. Kolbe who didn't like it and we'll. By its eyes and then angry its. Was possible people who. Company. Today. With friends and eat and how many other places to visit them work here part it's happened we have these. Ferris. Price now. And then. Seaway. After the great place. Want to wait. Cause yeah. We went down. Here tonight. We'll stay. I know everyone wants to see at the steps so let's go ahead and step of boredom to turn the camera around and let the captain take over and tell us more about the the voyage and her. Thank you so let's kind of alert. That creaking my ear probably hearing that is and eat junk and moving and some. I'm getting a little bit of us see movements on here actually better on the boat than it is here on the dock. And so I don't think we study I was lit what's the name and the story behind the name of the. Yeah we're come on board went into this then name a defeat. The rock and hard on portable. Its name off. At first he. Tonight. That's sort of buttoning. And how many people are in it through how many people how does it take to make this front. We have 64 people and they are hard. And how this man and that we had four. Up to cancer forty. People who tell us tonight a thieves showed us. The true. And where most beginning around to. Ten million elderly those folks are about we have from there tends differently yeah literally from Spain bombs addressed. 10 even in America we have moved him. He even hit and I'm a little bit of a homecoming for them yeah. Tell us a little bit about 1009 of the ship that they thought this particular center. No it's not from the it's you know it's not the founding. Norman. And we'll be calm mind from this dog. Gone it. This August. What's coming home and he stumbled at war. With any. Time quickly humans. The race. And then that loose. Yeah its story the employees olympians. It's funny yeah. It. I. We're yeah its it's business local craft. And I did read this this. Everything it's. The movie handmade. Homeless problem. And it and it is safe losses. Scissors friend let them rest. The giants as yeah yeah I remind you talent. On the Manhattan New York. To get into the savings bond one at home. Ford didn't do has. But he's like yeah. I'm pulled through to get. I can't I can tell our money. OK so let's head to Laurence Maroney continent's. Either way here's. Unaudited crewmembers who have been sinking all on the way from north. Can you tell us aren't your memory from Orlando yeah most of my name is this some months. And that's not a little bit about your experience here on the show how long you can afford to live in the mind of the categories in being yeah. And the since the weekend Wheatley and I listened intently to innovate hope. The agenda across this at 600 was extraordinary and you're right let's fantastic also painful yeah. Sort of Parse sometimes it was really meaningful. Communicate what some members get things and being that was some things. India would never get my life if I didn't. Hands on him. I would definitely do it again at the expense. We just feel more thanks yeah and look would you say was the most surprising thing. Well I remember what it's like everything between that being an independent animals and again it does I was very nice yeah. And exiting vehicles and Sunday that the phone from the way. It lights up the way they they Wear. Detectives don't need just knowing that he likes a mountain decided that this is there snow aren't. And on the other side where the winds coming from and that is in the snow. It was like oh yeah. By the captain Michael yeah. Ice and benefits of it very important. Sea ice extended time so that means. And when it's your friends and family say when he told them that you are taking this job is thinking that I'm pretty soon. My my father actually came and and the reason I came that lets think back to you if you think you want to see a woman this sick of everything was. Find and say okay. And he proved that he. That the militants from him and he did things up. But it's not life and cruise ship her anything as far as side and you must be in pretty close quarters without anyone that you earned. That your working went yeah college and how much personal space and. Wouldn't nothing be well that unless you don't like Clinton tied the course you can you can post tax and then your own. But that there is notice our news. And both in the tenth is eat that I think there's seven people in one it's great. I think those to each other. I don't think it hasn't been bad enough development. This didn't. I mean on the property was so cold I mean being held that took keeping warm by keeping tight. And hound sleeping bag and thank you so it's nothing like. That was anything but. Don't just aren't you his head and. Home after this isn't the last stop on the journey. And no they are hitting yeah. And me missing UC Berkeley. Empty. And life. In doing things. Well thanks so much for thinking and nothing he can grasp and everything you learned in the company thing. I'm so we'll continue with the captain. To take a look at the ship so what's going on up here yeah a lot of rounds. Yes love guru. Mainly does look out standing. Always looking. It's there is some eyes story it is an out of shape or something Perry pointed. We need. And then it we have the caps done. School and one and then you can walk around and it's. It's title Williams. Not the type who benevolent mother ship your address. Just moved here is everything done by its employees and. So there's no loan cheating with technology. Art now not saying everything is. And the trio. And I'm very proud. Maybe. Now one of the things that evening and viking ships you need that is special about them and that they youthful. Wars and sales as our. Can you show us a little bent how that word here work. I'm here we have no more who's. And yet and we put something. Off at least thinking. Here. I think he would. That isn't there start here. In the hands. Scandals aren't called. Yeah there. Since this makes a fool around and threw it eight through the weekend or one here. Here but is still to keep on hand yeah Turkey belongs each ordered and then make us. See you through. Hundred persons. Now the ship is beautiful that there are actually people living on board as well during these adventures. And so show us some little event. What's called the Galley which is where everyone's lips and that's at this tent over he. Yet in ten years yeah I'm thinking went on the 24. Small and plenty. Let's he's. And now. Have become a pop up shop and apparently yet more yeah but normally isn't the only area where. It's true athlete and has acknowledged there with everything. This is again. Absolutely roommate or political. Here we. Outside if you. And Anderson you happy special treatment now I. Yeah. Largest Warren Whitney Houston's alliance Atlantis cough outbreak you know. You couldn't do the horn. I'm him. Yeah. Thanks political. Yeah talent and bombarded. That's. And daisies that also and you constantly. Exercises people who will waved to us anything. Born and also when they need partnerships. And they are doing today thank you Owens beat the odds of them we've this war. And is that historically accurate that this type of horn and they would have you applause apart everything and yet. I'm so before we wrap up and we're coming to BE. Back the the or show us where you're area is where the captain is during yeah. I don't have an area I don't have the Catalina I have a bunk. This in that end here. Everybody can find me if something happened. That's the British I have nothing else we've worked together and if we are. Exploring. The same conditions that matters things have. So this is not. No special treatment Noah plays when you are scaling back here yeah. Which he's really interested in funding crown then yes to rave U. Caught who answered me. Classes this rate is coming soon birds and every night I think one flat out into. And come back and in the stores. So we. We four. Another break on Allen immediately into enters this must be for him. And now. It's. Yeah. George. And here we have crawled over to think. And that behind you. Is stick until and this is. This steering wheel. This release to you don't do you rather have. We have a name. Star who. Call me from the right. On his side and that. He's calling they pissed off road on reports. So before we go tell us little dissent about if anyone wants to see the ship for themselves or come visit language and they do that. Every day between eleven and 6 o'clock in Austin. Here involves coal mine sent frightened. Right saint. We are here to do it. And and the evening. I also coming thing. Coming soon to Connecticut if you can't make it to New York edition. Catherine thank you so much for picking up support in giving us our really experienced now. I really cool thing to see in New York City not every day that you have a real. Viking ship in in the it appears that they so much. Andy and you're watching ABC news or more great. People's lives in great stories we're stick with us every day I'm truly gain thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"16:23","description":"ABC News' Charli James is onboard the world's largest Viking ship as it finishes its 5 month journey around the Atlantic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"42255919","title":"Taking to the Seas Like a Viking","url":"/Travel/video/taking-seas-viking-42255919"}