58% of Americans say Trump should’ve been convicted: Poll

Seven Republicans voted to convict former President Donald Trump for allegedly inciting the Capitol siege.
5:53 | 02/15/21

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Transcript for 58% of Americans say Trump should’ve been convicted: Poll
And new ABC news it's those poll shows that a majority of Americans 58% say that former president trump should have been convicted. But that breaks down along party lines up 88% of Democrats and 64% of independents say trump should have been convicted. Only 14% of Republicans agree. ABC news political director Rick Klein and law professor Deborah frosting join me now to helping break this down wrecked when you make of these poll numbers. And Diane the trial solidified the broad public perception that president trump should have been convicted and barred from running for office again 56% right before the trial 58%. At the end of the trial and I felt something just uncanny in these numbers 58% well guess what 57 out of 100 senators voted that way that's 57%. That it supported removal from office and among Republicans. Our pull down 14% Republican support for conviction. And seven out of fifty is exactly 14%. So the party is divided the country is divided these party lines have have a lot to do with them but you have to go back to the end days of Richard Nixon defined. Anything really been tracking this kind of support. For president to be convicted he didn't see anything similar in the Clinton impeachment and he didn't see anything similar. In that first trumpet teach and those Republicans almost all Republicans staying loyal that's not around. And Debra and you think congress can use other means to try to hold trap accountable for the capital siege. So there are few things congress might do and is considering I am wine which seems unlikely but is nonetheless available. Isn't voting section three of the fourteenth amendment this is a provision of the constitution enacted following the civil war that clears anyone who has held federal office and then engages in in Iraq and against the United States ineligible for holding future public office it would require majority votes in congress but then it would be certain to be litigated in the court after bash I think on Capitol Hill than most likely next stash is that creation of a commission akin to the 9/11 commission that would looking into. What went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. Well Rick and you expect from a political standpoint that. They can get something like that passed through congress if they weren't able to get an impeachment there. I'm an idle lands in addition. Or in the. I nine elevenths type commission I think there's broad support for I think though the fourteenth amendment or a censure resolution. I don't see it happening there has been some buzz around that Diane and the threshold this is different you only need sixty senate there's potentially to move forward on that and that I would seem achievable but. Democrats that we've been talking the last couple days. Don't see the point they say that's not censure is so essentially is a slap on the wrist type of the type of emotion in that this these. These mostly what what president trump did is more serious than that. Possibly suggest that that kind of motivation to go back out again with a censure resolution or fourteenth amendment resolution I think something else in the dynamics have to change. And former president John said in a statement on the acquittal that he'll have much more to share in the months ahead so Rick what's next. For trump and what's next for the Republican Party. Yeah the most tangible up shot of his acquittal on this chart on the charges is that. He's eligible to run again for president now there's going to be noise about that I don't anticipate it actually happening but I do anticipate him and people around him talking about it quite a bit. I am moving over the 20/20 fourth deals until or unless he rules it out or some other event makes it impractical or impossible in the meantime people around president can't say that he is fixated on the idea of political revenge he feels betrayed by Republicans who otherwise stood with him. I and he's he and his family members his political organization. Our intent on. Exacting some retribution against Republicans in primaries and I anyway that they can and I'm continuing to use trump isn't as a banner to rally around and I'll tell you a lot of Republicans on Capitol Hill are fearful of just that. They would much rather doubt notwithstanding his final vote they'd much rather the president trump since they went away. And Debra ultimately impeachment is a political punishment could we see the former president faced legal consequences. So the president is now facing at the prospect of legal action on a variety of fronts how much Georgia for example. Amongst age is now has a criminal investigation under way against the former President Bush or refused. Over 200 people have already been charged in connection with their role in the insurrection edge. The president need be exposed to criminal liability support his ruling that difficult to pursue and if actively succeed and federal criminal charges are variety of reasons including. The fact that the First Amendment which most legal scholars are not relevant at the impeachment. Proceeding will certainly be relevant to charges that are based on the president's rolling in citing former Christians ruling inciting means directions here and finally the president may also be facing the prospect of civil action individual lawsuits filed by age individuals and families and individuals who were hurt. Or even killed in the attacks in January 6 now those actions to face problems presidents are new are absolutely immune from civil liability or official act while in office whether or not this count package as an official act will be a question that the courts will have to decide which but neither rain to prison and is now looking very likely at a number of years ahead words of litigation -- these activities. Then reclined ever crossing always great to have you both thank you.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"Seven Republicans voted to convict former President Donald Trump for allegedly inciting the Capitol siege. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75905129","title":"58% of Americans say Trump should’ve been convicted: Poll","url":"/US/video/58-americans-trump-shouldve-convicted-poll-75905129"}