6.4 magnitude earthquake rocks Southern California

The quake's epicenter was near Searles Valley in the Mojave Desert.
1:40 | 07/04/19

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Transcript for 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocks Southern California
So the basics of the earthquake the earthquake is near China light and rich pressed city area to the east of the southern most part of the San Andreas Fault. The nearest fault is a little late fall and that it might be associated with that but we don't know. I would have to have a field geologist to tell us it is a relatively uninhabited you know it's a sparsely inhabited area. So the number of people who would have received damage is much lower. I think we need to check what's happening in ridge crest and China lake. I've damage reports do not come here we are psychologists majoring the movement of the ground damage reports go to the governor's office of emergency services. Rob can I ask you to come join us. So brought grace is that's my I just with the US Geological Survey and regional coordinator. Four Southern California. So. And let me just so obviously we're here because we had an earthquake to celebrate fourth of July. We're gonna have. People our geologists are heading out the field right now to see if they can document any fault displacement. Obviously if any damage reports we'll tell me and you know this earthquake was large enough where the shaking could have caused damage one thing I would like to note is that here in the LA basin area. Because this week he was explaining. The ways the low frequency waves ten to trouble. Further than high frequency many people out the LA basin would have felt that rolling shaking. Where is up here in the mountains people didn't feel this strongly so Rick they have even in the LA area will have to spare him in terms of reports of history.

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{"duration":"1:40","description":"The quake's epicenter was near Searles Valley in the Mojave Desert.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64136108","title":"6.4 magnitude earthquake rocks Southern California","url":"/US/video/64-magnitude-earthquake-rocks-southern-california-64136108"}