ABC News Live Update: Congress urges Pence to invoke 25th Amendment

Plus, more on President Trump and VP Pence's first meeting since the riots, this as an investigation is launched on the Capitol police, and more mass vaccination sites opening across the country.
27:52 | 01/12/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Congress urges Pence to invoke 25th Amendment
Good morning I'm Diana stayed up thanks for streaming with us in today's updates congress will debate a resolution urging vice president Mike Pence to invoke the 25 amendment. And removed president something office. The resolution demands pens acts within 24 hours of when a house we'll move ahead with impeachment. And this comes as has focused presidential for the first time since last week's right on the capital to more on our conversation and what to expect today coming up. Plus investigation to last race riot turns toward the capitol police. Two officers are suspended and as many as fifteen others are now being looked after they are role in Wednesday's attack. We'll have the latest on the investigation and the urgent warnings ahead of inauguration day. And some welcome news more mass vaccination sites are popping up across the country. A new one opens today at Disneyland in California as officials try to pick up the pace and cut down on massive lines. There's also a major policy change and how those vaccines are being distributed to head of the Department of Health and Human Services has some answers. When we begin with the latest for many. Since capital where security is ramping up after last week's attack. There are new threats against Joseph Biden Kumble Harrison House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this morning with just eight days to go until the inauguration. This as a house threatens to impeach the president for an unprecedented second time. Take a live look at the White House the president has not made a public appearance since the siege on the capital but that is going to change today. Mary Bruce has the latest from Capitol Hill. This morning Democrats are on the cusp of impeaching president trump. Again charging him with incitement of insurrection for urging his supporters to march on the capital. Disturbing video showing the violence that unfolded as police attempted to stop the mob without success. This morning the house speaker is still holding out hope that the vice president will remove trumped by invoking the 25 amendment. But that seems highly unlikely though Penn says not publicly ruled it out. He and trump last night speaking for the first time since the siege if pence doesn't act within 24 hours below sea says the house will move to impeach a vote expected as soon as tomorrow. Liaison office he remains a real and present danger the archery and Democrats have the votes to impeach trump for an historic second time anyone who incites an insurrection should be investigated and prosecuted. No one is about the law some Republicans are also expected to back the move though most remain opposed the top Republican in the house Kevin McCarthy. Saying an impeachment at this time would have the opposite effect of bringing our country together but more Republicans are distancing themselves from trump congressman Madison call Thorne a rising star in the party who spoke at the rally right before the riot egging on the crowd. And later voted to overturn the election results now says it was a mistake for trump to urged the crowd to march to the capital. Should read it. You know. It was back. Oh yeah. Dozens of major businesses are also cutting ties with trump and his allies even his personal friends are taking a step back New England Patriots head coach bill bell a tech turning down the president's invitation to receive the medal of freedom. Citing the tragic events of last week saying in a statement above all I am an American citizen with great reverence for our nation's values freedom and democracy. Remaining true to the people team in country I love. Outweigh the benefits of any individual award if trump is impeached in the house the question then becomes when will the senate start its trial. President elect Joseph Biden well aware that a trial would likely dominate the early days of his administration. Is now wondering if there's a way to do both work on his agenda and hold a trial. Nor had they. We're. Yeah did fit into our people won't be any. Urban. As for president trump he's still holed up in the White House silent since twittered kicked him off the site. And this morning new concern over another horrific fall out of this riot the possible spread of the corona virus at least two members of congress. Have now tested positive for Kobe and one of them. Democratic congresswoman Jaya Paul of Washington State is blaming a Republican colleagues who she said truly refused to Wear a mask. They were sheltering in place in close quarters she said they recklessly knocked colleagues and staff. Who offered them masks she's now seeking to have those Republicans. Find. Diane married Bruce on Capitol Hill thank you. And as mentioned president trump and vice president tents met yesterday for the first time since last week siege on the capital. Chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl has more. On what's happening inside the White House John good morning. Diane the president's meeting with the vice president comes nearly a week after the riot at. And after he had been under enormous pressure by his advisors and allies both in the White House. And in congress that he simply. I had to reach out to his vice president. The last time he had spoken to Mike Pence believe it or not was the morning of the raw diet when he essentially threatened him telling him. That he had to take action during that joint session. And the counting of the electoral votes to change the results of the presidential election board that or that there would be consequences. Now they finally met the meeting was ninety minutes long I'm told one on one. Described by the White House as a positive meeting where they largely us book about what they don't over the past four years. But their. That there is a lot of anger at the way the president has handled all this including its treatment offense. One. Senior advisor to the president who is still at work in the west wing one of the few. Hostility work in the west wing told me late yesterday that the president's treatment offense was quote unconscionable. Diane. Right Jonathan Karl in Washington for us thanks. And state legislatures are back in session today is the FBI warns of planned armed protests and all fifty state capitals ahead of inauguration day. They include threats to storm government buildings are Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has more from Washington. This morning security stepped up across the country after the FBI sent a disturbing bulletin warning that. Armed protestor being planned at all fifty state capitals the new intelligence pointing to an unnamed armed group. Calling for the storming of government buildings and courthouses if president tribe is removed before January 20. The FBI saying this group is also planning attacks here in DC the day he'll bide his inauguration. Specific threats or did the fight against Biden and vice president elect common Harris. And their threats against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to state officials reacting to a dangerous environment. New Jersey's governor pleading with citizens not to come to his capitol this weekend to protest. Even if your hardest 1000% in the right place stay hope DC mayor Muriel bows are calling for emergency action. If I'm scared of anything as far democracy. Because we have a very extreme factions in that country. That are armed and dangerous the National Park Service is closed the Washington monument until at least January 24. Citing credible threats. The FBI and Homeland Security officials under incredible pressure and most I can recall since the September 11 attacks Diane. And our thanks to tear Thomas for that thank you care. And DC mayor morial bows or spoke exclusively with GMA about the fallout from the capital siege. And how does city is preparing for more protests listen let's listen do you believe yet. Security threat under control. We'll certainly George we have been a working urgently with our federal partners to make sure that. Planning for this inauguration. Is so on unlike. Any other. Over the weekend that I made several requests of the federal government. Including expanding the security perimeter. For the event for the inauguration the slip by the US Secret Service. And asking also for a declaration of an emergency. To help in the planning and before that the event and all of those things are in motion. The president declared the emergency that is correct he also has the National Park Service to rescinded or deny. All permits for public demonstrations through the inauguration had they granted that request. They have been and we recognizes an extraordinary request that we are the nation's capital people come and have done so peacefully. Two weeks of protests and breathe their government. But we want to make sure in a very aged ordinary time. That the appropriate limits are placed on gathering. I in the nation's capital and you just want people to stay away. We Dylan I have to tell you George the last weekend I asked DC residents amplified a message from our local activists. Our regional leaders amplified that meshes as well. To have a DC residents day out of the downtown area soon not have the counter protest. On in all of the film that you can see it's very clear that these are white supremacists rioters. Who attempted a coup. All one our federal government to try to take over the capital. So I want to continue to ask all of our residents to stay away from the downtown to enjoy the inauguration activities. I'm virtually. I am glad our law enforcement. And keep. Peace. In there there have been some reports has some of the proud boys and other. Writers from last week and actually stayed in town are you aware of that. I'm not aware of it we've taken very we've been very Grasso what the so called proud boy this is leader was arrested as soon as he stepped foot in the District of Columbia. Bomb blast in week our intelligence officials who are local are about working hand in hand on with the FBI. I you've already reported that FBI is that in theory. Bride in general all morning. To us into other capitals. I am we will all continue to work with them on any. Other specific information there will be some 151000 National Guard troops ready to deal with any potential violence really deal at any potential threats. Next week for the inauguration give a better sense now of why the capital wasn't prepared for what happened last Wednesday. The doors I think that we are gonna have so very intense questions about that in I've asked the congress to have bi partisan investigation. What what happened on the capitol grounds. The thing Q now our metropolitan. Police department stands ready in any event to back up the capitol police. And we did so some of them theory disturbing video that you showed. War metropolitan police of low officials DC officers. On fighting against those people on getting into the capital. And I I am sorry that there was the failure of security that put those officers in harm's way. Gaza thank you for time this morning stay safe. Thank you. And our thanks to George Stephanopoulos for that interview. And as investigators worked to track down the mom from last week's siege were seen new video of the attack including this footage of rioters hurling a fire extinguisher. And police officers. And dozens of people have already been arrested and officials expect hundreds could eventually be charged our chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz has more. God this morning more alarming video from the violent pro trump mob attacking the capital. Watch as these rioters hurled the fire extinguisher at police officers and several hit in the head. Homicide detectives investigating the death of officer Brian sick nick. Have been looking into reports he may have been hit by a fire extinguisher before collapsing hours later. But it is unclear whether sick nick is in this video. Videos like this one showing an officer being crushed by rioters. Making the DC police chief emotional it makes me sick to my stomach just to see that the video and an officer obviously who's afraid for his life. Now FBI field officers in all fifty states are combing through videos and images along with some 45000. Tips. I've talked to officers the city who live. Com are done two tours in Iraq and say that this has was was was more it was scarier that Saddam then they're Thomas and combat. The FBI urgently hunting for and this man suspected of twenty and these two powerful pipe bombs in the RNC and DNC headquarters. Releasing new photographs highlighting the suspects distinctive backpack. And shoes also asking for help identifying this man in this acting image caring that confederate flag through the capital. Hundreds could face arrest in the coming days so far only seventy arrests have been made. Jake and Shelly who appeared at multiple pro trumka then stressed in the cost to me ward during the attack on congress. Now in an Arizona jail facing violent entry and disorderly conduct charges. Where his mother says he has refused to eat since turning himself in this weekend he gets very sick if he doesn't eat organic food literally we'll get. Physically so. Adam Johnson the Florida man caught on camera caring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is lectern charged with three counts including theft of government property and he was released on bond after posting 25000. Dollars in bail. And now Ohio congressman Tim Ryan repealing it up to fifteen law enforcement officers. Are under investigation. For their response to the assault. It was appalling to be. Side by side were the heroes that were doing everything right now having other state can sell these. Wins the domestic. Terrorists. The capitol police department saying several officers are currently suspended. And that they are planning to quote investigate these back behaviors for disciplinary action up to and including termination. And it's not just want force when investigating its own there were a number of retired military involved in the siege and former military and possibly act. Active duty pentagon asking for help in identifying any service members involved in the attack. Or promoting extremism Diane. I'm Martha Raddatz thank you. And mass vaccination sites are opening across the country as frustration mounts over the Hazen vaccinations. We come back to new guidelines this morning and how to know if you are eligible. Welcome back over 25 million vaccine doses have been distributed nationwide but fewer than nine million people have received any of those doses. So what's the holdup in a pilgrim has more from one of the new mass vaccination sites opening in cities across the country. This morning a frustration mounting as people across the country try to get the cove in nineteen vaccine. And can't. According to the CDC more than 25 million doses of the vaccine have been distributed but so far only about nine million people have been vaccinated. That's no lawyer neared the original operation warp speed prediction that twenty million people would be vaccinated by the end of December. And while more and more mass vaccination sites are opening across the country for many just getting an appointment is proving difficult. New York's Governor Cuomo boarding a point in dates for just the first eligible group could be as far away as fourteen weeks that. Would be mid April. Get hot and can get an appointment. Glory it is shocking to this new 24 hour vaccination site in Brooklyn that is by appointment only hoping some what could help or sign up for a slot. They gave her a piece of paper with a web site. Hate it when you don't really displaying his back that's all I'm. That's what my cut this morning. Alexander artists out has been trying to make an appointment for her 78 year old father. He was given that same web site when he came to the Brooklyn site for help. I research forum are line. It there's no time line there is no can't ends for Aaron it is. Basically uninformed about additions are not waits. In Charlotte county Florida the only way to make an appointment is online. Right now the county's department of health only posts available slots on Tuesdays. And they fill up fast. Liz Callahan has been trying to make an appointment for 85 year old mother in law for the last three weeks. So far no success it send all the saints earlier slash traditionally gone try again next. And more vaccines may be coming online at White House is changing its plans distributing all of its current stock at vaccine instead of holding some back. And we are hearing of more mass vaccination sites like this one opening up all across the country the latest news. Disneyland. Diane and I gave it over and thank you. An earlier on GMA health and human services secretary Alex Cesar was asked what the federal government is doing to speed up the vaccine roll out here's what he had to say. We have seen now that the administration in the states has been too narrowly focused and so what are we doing three things first. We have already made available M re dose of vaccine so we had been holding back second doses as a safety stock. We now believe that our manufacturing is predictable enough that we can ensure second doses are available for people from ongoing corruption so. Everything is now available to our states our health care providers second. We're calling on our governors to now fascinates people age 65 and over. And under age 65 with a co morbidity third. We've got to get to more channels of administration. We've got to get it to pharmacies get its community health centers and we are here we will deploy teams to support states doing mass vaccination efforts if they wish to do so. It has been overly hospitalized. So far in too many states. For more on the vaccine roll out an all the latest on the pandemic looks pretty ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein. I doctor Brownstein good morning just turned there from secretary a's are explaining some of the things the government is doing in try to speed things up and one thing that. A.'s are said was that they'll no longer hold back. Vaccine doses but it sounds like the issue right now is war with distribution. Then supplies so will that help in the short run. Good morning to add. As we just heard Wright problem probably read at this moment isn't about manufacturing and shipping promised more with the administration releasing all doses and are holding back. Second does is probably could how so break it gives us more season to the community not letting incident Ferrell warehouses. But we still have this last mile challenge right how he stands sides. It's pharmacies meaty heat our nation besides how weekend. Operational. Docs nation can't change g.'s large mass scattered sites like presence sporting events music seats and a field centers it's. Not just about releasing the doses is about the logistics and so the states are gonna have to keep working at the kings identifying prior to usually networks of providers shining. The big issue there were probably not talk about enough is a logistics and how. How do you figure out if you're eligible it's really huge change every locations a slightly different eligibility age and then you have to find. He's using web site and meet people pointed to deal with long arms so there's a lot of issues small but we still have to deal watch regardless if we release a second doses so what do you think and think painting getting more people vaccinated. Yeah it's it's a good point and he clearly it's about. Opening up more sides I think this idea of lending group stages of phase one game went deep once he started rule it out saying ages sixty you know our preexisting conditions now become eligible so again. That's a big part of it is the issue more people are eligible. Also how. Willie our rhetoric this is something that we don't talk about an hour prior to taxi hesitant and resistance we're seeing even in hospitals is quite high so we trusted practitioner car they. Try to reaching out to high risk patients again and get into the same debacles testing we still don't have. National testing program you know a year in self lots of issues to work through better that are beyond just that your manufacturers. This vaccine. No that's for sure and when the vaccine roll out first started expert said the US could return immunity. By late summer is that's still possible. Right I mean this is a real concern I have right now I mean the bottom trend does say there's a 100000800. Days but as we just spoke about I mean there's a lot to due to achieve that number are you're looking at trying to get to. 200 million people to get back to reach her beauty levels so we kept pace right or we or we're not even a ten million boxes so far if we want to get to that armor and all these issues. Logistics and reaching out to vulnerable communities these sand seeing injured pitcher rule areas again this is our bridges he met. I extending into pharmacies alone I. I'm still very hopeful that normal our guests but we got to take up that pace. Finally talk about things like expanding into pharmacies are or in clinics for example. In the clinic across the street from me has a line around the corner every day for people looking for Colvin tests and that's not counting the other patients they handle so. How are places like that supposed to be expected to now also take on. Vaccine administration and is that safe given the vulnerable populations that woman be going in there to mix in with people who are sick. Such concern when exceed those long lines you know we don't want to turn our vaccination site into super spread of the center right young long lines of people trying to get tested and scenes push our culture system is wholly or wrong that's probably why sites such as slow rollout in the first few weeks we have hospitals they're dealing with massive. City issues right now dealing with just finding this. And ash now you want to expand into vaccinations each. It's just not sustainable and this is why we need innovative approaches this is why we need Spanish in this site slightly how large. Sporting event facilities that we can be utilizing new leases that are you know convention center are pretty don't have conference is going arm again and each EC Nazis is that we can leverage on how. Huge beach while not being a burden Arnie existing infrastructure of testing and treat patients it's it's a lot to expect. And then again you know Colin Powell is not operated building technology I would just say as someone in public health building appointment booking tools and to your eligibility age this is a real challenge and this is you know. Teaching with tech companies to how those votes on these tools is probably a Smart ideas law. And they're not saying that there's no Macs interval between the B Pfizer or lemon Daryn of vaccines between the two doses can that help. Part potentially by any again this is this concern that we want to just get as many people purses are holt remember that first those differences between 57%. Want everybody gets a second yes I do have a little better concern about messaging push because this is not about not getting your second us and also don't fully know what delaying their second just means for immunity so the best. Some solution is just to get that does the interval three to four weeks. Follow what the clinical trials have shown. But again. My other concern here is faxing messaging Ricci changing something dark and people are to be concerned about what that means in terms of their own personal safety to. Rent doctor John Brownstein always great to talk to thank you. UG eighties and Alabama fans are waking up winners once again after beating Ohio State for the college football national championship. When we come back the former backup quarterback leading the undefeated Crimson Tide to an epic season finale. And what he's saying. About last night's big win. Welcome back we have breaking news now the black box from the Indonesian airliner that crashed over the weekend has been recovered. That crash killed 62 people navy divers discovered the box it could shed light on why the plane went down shortly after takeoff. And a few more things to know before. You go the Alabama Crimson Tide won its sixth national championship in twelve years beating Ohio State 52 to 24 in Miami. Heisman Trophy winning wide receiver Davone Dave Smith was the offensive MVP cats and a championship game record. Twelve passes for three touchdowns in just the first half. Now with this win Alabama head coach Nick Saban now owns seven national titles and passing another Alabama coach Paul bear Bryant's for the most of all time. Quarterback Matt Jones threw for a record 464. Yards and five touchdowns. He talked about what it's like to go from being a backup to a national champion earlier on GMA. I think just an anything regardless of this border what you wanna do hum a lot of people are gonna tell you know along the way but if you really look something. You gotta put your mind to it and generally listened the haters this. I and a lottery jackpots just keep getting the figures 615 million dollars and now waiting for the lucky winner of tonight's Mega Millions drawing. That makes it the largest jackpot in Mega Millions or fourth largest excuse me fourth largest jackpot in Mega Millions history. Combined the tomorrow's powerball drying and 550 million dollars. There's more than a billion dollars up for grabs. And finally now our dogs can indulge in one of our favorite guilty pleasures. Ben and Jerry in and out with new frozen dog treats the doggie desserts will come in two flavors pumpkin with cookies and peanut butter pretzels. They're even made with the same ingredients used in the company's non dairy human desserts. You can find them in US groceries and pet stores later this month. And a programming note tonight ABC news live presents a one hour special 24 hours assault on the capital. That's tonight at 10 PM eastern right here on ABC news. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us. And remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll have a new update for you at 11 AM eastern. See them.

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