ABC News Live Update: Millions travel for Thanksgiving despite CDC warning

Plus, many struggle to put food on the table as food banks are overwhelmed nationwide, and President-elect Biden’s transition is now finally underway.
17:53 | 11/25/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Millions travel for Thanksgiving despite CDC warning
Good morning I'm Diana state and thanks for streaming with us in today's update the White House transition is officially under way. President elect Joseph Biden's team is now on direct contact with every federal agency has a stock market hits a record high yeah. Now he's preparing to make it Thanksgiving address later today after declaring that America is back. Also ahead Mexican Markel reveals that she suffered a miscarriage and a powerful New York Times essay what we now know about the moment when a reporter asked her if she was okay. Thanks for asking this not many people that time okay. How she says that moment and helped her move forward. And Black Friday it will look a little different this year so how you played safety and save big. We're to get the biggest deals right now and navigate shopping in a holiday season like no other. But we begin with the travel rush ahead of Thanksgiving despite warnings from the CDC to stay home tens of millions of Americans are hitting the road for the holiday cash and air travelers have already broken records during a pandemic should take a look at all of these flights over the US this morning. This as the daily desk told from colored nineteen tops 2000 for the first time since may. GO Benitez has the latest. This could be one of the busiest travel days of the season with air travel is already breaking records during the pandemic. More than four million people hitting the skies since Friday. Now TSA administrator David Kofsky telling ABC news he expects even more traps. Go between 900 and a million passengers. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. And they're probably the busiest day of the entire weekend is going to be the Sunday the return. Under TSA lines have long been considered one of the riskiest parts of flying so many people packed together touching those billions. Koskie tells us this week TSA has opened more lanes the whole idea is to allow passengers to social distance. Other queued up for TSA screening Sara Kuhn his flying from Ohio to Pennsylvania to view their family. Cincinnati in Philly airports relatively empty people in masks. Has made it through security. You're my man. But social distancing at some airports can be horror just look at these images. And don't expect those empty middle seats on most flights you may see some crowded planes like this with Thanksgiving around the corner testing sites across the country have cars lining up for hours as families hoped to test negative. Before gathering together. But health officials are warning against a false sense of security if you're now. It is today. You can be positive by Thanksgiving or Friday. This as the Covert crisis worsens across the country another day of record hospitalizations. And for the first time since may. Deaths surpassed 2000 per day the midwest getting hit hard Montana Idaho Iowa Kansas and Missouri now seeing the most positive tests Montana at an eighteen point 71%. Positive that he raped. A glimmer of hope in Iowa we're just last week the governor implemented a mask mandate. The stay seeing a slight decline in the number of new cases and the CDC considering reducing the quarantines period for people exposed to the virus. Instead of fourteen days down to seven to ten days the government hoping to change will get more people to come. Why and we know about 48 million people are expected to drive this holiday instead of fly that if you're doing that the CDC says that you should travel only with the members of your household. And that you should go ahead and make as few stops as possible to limit exposure. Die and. Hank she emanates has get tips there. From LaGuardia Airport thanks GM cash. Infectious disease specialist doctor pat Halloran joins us now for more on his co in nineteen risks over the holiday doctor on good morning you know people. Are traveling for Thanksgiving what what are they do once they reached their destination or what should they do. When they get there and when they get back home yeah. Good morning Diane it's always good to be what you sow. And here's don't want to help people remember. Are indeed important prevention measures next Thanksgiving. Day visitors matter. So the T and Thanksgiving is tester. Ideally you want to be tested before. You reach the family. Before he reached a household and then after when you return. TD shouldn't Thanksgiving is here in Washington. We've been saying that prolonged time. NJ Thanksgiving Day that GE is distancing physical distance and is important how can you can't in her car right pitcher with another person but when you get to proposal to tables ideally should be spread apart no one table people around Thanksgiving Day visitor is does he is ventilation. Open the windows and cars as your mind open the windows in the household work earlier go and then Thanksgiving Day visitors battered. And is masks. Masks indoors the very important note from multiple studies masking can reduce transmission by as much as 70% that's a big number. So we remember those things you know we should be eating eating and good shape. Thanksgiving Day visitors mattered by doing these things we can show the people Wear around. That they matter right so how do you anticipate this. Thanksgiving affecting and the so called. Curbs. How can gatherings affect other upcoming holidays and when we talk about the curb of course about overwhelming health care system many thanks. Well Diane one of my concerns is despite everything I just said before is that Thanksgiving isn't time wouldn't you know ultimately gets together and bush you know you're as close as possible as a unit and I'm just afraid despite our. Our own you don't cautioning god. A lot of people are going to be close eye distance unmasked inside and and so remember we've seen after Memorial Day after the fourth of July we she did after Labor Day there's been major surges and right now we just heard we've seen over 2000 deaths in the United States in the single day we're seeing around 200000. Cases in a single day. Our baseline is unacceptably hi I'm really afraid over the next months in between Thanksgiving and Christmas we're gonna see some major surges. And what do you think happens come Christmas time many don't know but for people who are making a sacrifice for Thanksgiving. Are they gonna have to do this all over again and amongst. It's a really good clean what you're saying right what do what I do affects you when you do effects and ease some of us are going to try our belts by if we gave it. Do you know if infection prevention measures are uneven it is inevitable that we're gonna be and a potentially our place come Christmas how I'm really afraid if we continue with business as usual were releasing some shut downs. How are going to just. It's just or sonar can damage fatigue and our kingdom of frustration. The CDC is reportedly going to shorten its recommended Florentine time for people exposed to cope in nineteen as we heard you mention and this and get since efficacy vs effectiveness write a quarantine is only affecting the people gonna actually do it so what do we know about the changes and what do you think. So I'm I'm blue in Massachusetts so well on our stages shots change its marching guidance from fourteen days until. Ten days and I'll explain that she's so I think in this is based on what they knew this CDC was what is going so. The improved audiences aegis quarantining people don't quarantine of Cuba quarantined thirteen and frustration. And does not helpful to hold is by decreasing. From fourteen days down to potentially ten days or or seventy attending we have to see where the CDC oil and ash that more people to it and will ultimately be more effective OK so what we know that 90% of people developed symptoms by day talent. That's important so what Massachusetts has done things that you test negative. By 88 C need to test by mediator. Does that many of us in Tyngsboro 48 hours to get to test result and biting and you Kamal quarantine assuming. That you have no symptoms. So they're not just arbitrarily shortening the time their doing in a way where they think they'll still get a good amount of people limited. And they will know why and then if there's an. Exactly right they're trying to find that sweet spot between what's going to protect the public. And were people actually going to abide by it. All right it's a tricky business actor Chad and I we appreciate your help and triggering a sell out Clinton's guiding us have a great holiday we don't see you know thank you didn't and she. And during the pandemic millions of Americans are struggling to put food on the table this holiday season and that's cleaning sued banks overwhelms. Victor commandos out of the bank in Miami springs Florida. With more on that picture good morning. Hey Diane you're looking at what is the beginning of the lying here for the for distribution site in Miami springs but this is just a fraction of how many people are out here in total take a look. Down this Shreve. A line of cars now stretches more than a mile we actually shot some drone video see an idea of how many people around here this morning. Simply waiting for food they've been out here for hours and the organizers tell me they should be able to feed about 4000 very grateful people. Ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. Feeding South Florida and the parent organization feeding America. They've provided more than four. Billion meals since the beginning of the pandemic and they tell me. That the demand they need for food. He's only growing here. But there are some problems there's growing concern that they may not be able. To meet that growing demand at this point here in South Florida they tell us are only receiving about 10% of the food that they use to get. Compared to what they had. In March and on top of that the funding for the food banks it is set to be slashed in half. Relatively soon here so that means that they're worried they might not be able to feed the millions still desperately in need Diane unbelievable to see this happen. In our country Victor can know in Miami thank you. And the transition is finally underway president elect Joseph Biden's team is now in touch with every general agency and Biden will soon start receiving national security briefings. White House correspondent Rachel Scott has the latest from Washington Rachel good morning. Diane good morning militants sixteen days when Joseph Biden seem is now in contact with every single federal agency. And some still refusing to concede an election that he lots for the transition now fully under way and the president elect said. But the cheapest after the two administrations are now in tides that he'll soon start receiving those classified national security briefings. Tennessean is also working with operation warp speed on plans set. Petition critical rotavirus vaccine when it is made available and I didn't wasting no time unveiling his first cabinet picks there making some historic choices. Meanwhile president something was back at the White House he announced a last minute news conference that lasted 64 seconds he took no questions. Anything according cameras in the stock market that he repeatedly insisted would crash that Joseph Biden were elected the reality isn't the stock market distant that new high and Wall Street analysts say the transition. Helped fuel aid and we are learning this morning that president trump. Planning to go to Pennsylvania to meet with a handful of Republican state lawmakers today we are told this is being pushed. By the president's personal or your Rudy Giuliani. And that close aides of the president have trying to convince the president out of it but this would really all just be first show here in the president and his allies have lost thirty cheese's. In court a Pennsylvania judge throwing out their case they are for lack of any credible evidence and Pennsylvania has. Ernie certified Joseph Biden's victory Diane Rachel Scott and Washington Boras says the story unfolds thanks Rachel. At six months ago today George Floyd's death under the any of the Minneapolis police officers sparked a national movement prompting hundreds of thousands take to the streets demanding justice. Police reform. And an ends to systemic racism she. Now one plan for major police reform Minneapolis is at a crossroads. City Council members had voted to dismantle the force and remove it from the city's charter but the Minneapolis city charter commission rejected the changed. The proposal may now go to voters next year which. Meanwhile activists have launched an effort to preserve the murals and art that popped up on thousands of boarded up businesses during the height of the protests against flags to match. Initiative saving the boards to memorialize the movement has collected more than 500. Psi would boards from around two Twin Cities. Organized he now working to make it collection available republic stealing. Switching gears now to a Black Friday and like no other with so many people shopping online there's already a shipping crunch so how you navigate the biggest shopping weekend of the year during a pandemic. And still did the best deals. Becky Worley has all the details. Black Friday now. Last Friday ads soaring yen but any year filled with online shopping instead of the usual shoulder to shoulder crowds experts say play it Smart 22 when he. Is the year of the Smart shopper doesn't seniors is going on line at your taking a moment to be strategic what you're buying. Campaign foray where you're buying it from and when you want. National Retail Federation predicting at least at three point 6% rise in total holiday sales. But online sales skyrocketing twenty to 30%. A number that will strain the culprit weakened supply chain and already overburdened retail shipping systems. The first planning point stores are front loading the best deals to give themselves more time to get products to you. Many door buster deals are alive now if you see something with a seemingly good price. Check it against the historical lowest price on the tracking tool Kamel camel camel. In a few dollars and where you think it should be go ahead an. Example this. 127 dollars at Kohl's. And it clickserve to Kamel camel camel says that's the lowest it's ever been priced grab. Now there are specific stores that had time door buster deals Wal-Mart to advertise deals are dropping to ninth at 7 PM eastern. Kohl's bringing door busters online at 11 PM eastern tonight. And best buy with new deals Thursday and Friday including news stock on line of those coveted gaming consoles sold out. Everywhere. Let's talk about Amazon their little different because they rarely advertise their discounts but there always competitive. So either check their site before you purchase elsewhere or is a price checking tool like pop cart. Automatically scans other sites and alerts you if it finds a better price. One final tip if you're shopping for apple products the apple online store or their retail brick and mortar store rarely offered discounts. You're bigger chains though like Wal-Mart target best buy they often do have the best prices on apple products for example the air pod pro earbuds. Our 249 dollars at the Apple Store. But when Wal-Mart steals go live tonight at 7 eastern they'll be a 169. Dollars that's eighty dollars off Diane. We will take those eighty dollars Becky Worley thank you and you. And a few more things should know before you go Megan Markel has revealed that she suffered a miscarriage. In a parcel New York Times as say the duchess of Sussex writes that the experience of losing a child means quote she's carrying an almost unbearable grief experienced by many. But talked about by few. She describes a moment she knew she was losing her baby last July writing I knew as I was clutching my first born child I was losing my second's. Then as she lay in the hospital she says should accept famous moment when a reporter asked her she if she was okay. And realize the importance of those three words in helping someone she'll. With so many now struggling maggot is sound urgent all of us take the time to asks ourselves and ask others a simple question. Are you okay. Her answer we will. Sure we have an update on the owl who traveled to New York City in the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree the Al now dubbed rocky was. And imagery as crews were preparing to decorate it after a little time in rehab she has been released in a forest in upstate New York. Ravens beard wildlife center says she is a tough little bird and we're happy to see her back in her natural. Habitat and has our week. And then missing a giant metal pillar. You top public safety officers just down this being installed in the ground in a remote area. Brad rock during a helicopter survey of being born she they have no idea how it got there. Pilot Brett hutchings says it looks like the monolith at the beginning of the movie 2001 space Odyssey. Police are still investigating. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update and Zito remember ABC news glad he's here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll have a new update for you at 11 AM eastern season.

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