ABC News Live Update: President-elect Biden projected to win Arizona

Plus, new restrictions are being enacted by officials nationwide to combat the COVID-19 explosion, and the historic first operational flight of SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft launches Saturday.
18:59 | 11/13/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: President-elect Biden projected to win Arizona
Good morning I'm Diana stayed up thanks restraining with us president elect Joseph Biden is now projected to win the state of Arizona. With those eleven electoral votes stepping spite its total. Up to 290. Electoral votes. The president trump still refuses to concede and continues to make baseless claims about voter fraud. Meanwhile a full recount is now under way in Georgia where election officials are tallying votes by hand. We should know the law requires the race be audited by hand to check that the machines counted the ballots accurately not because of any suspected problems with the results. ABC news White House correspondent Rachel Scott joins me now from her home at Delaware. With more Rachel good morning president trumps trade advisor Peter Navarro said this morning that the administration is moving forward on the assumption that president trump will continue as president after January 20 pitch any reaction from the Biden team on the. Well abiding campaign is moving boarded the Joseph Biden is boys need an ex president. The united state they hadn't made it clear that they have won this election they do not see how many of these recounts are going to change that and here. For president trotman so what we're seeing from the body and campaign as Dari moving for not aimed at forming their administration at least odds of Biden come out and announced his sheep as staff Ron claim this week at a summit that had been a close advisor to Joseph Biden now for decades she would be a lot could be a bullet czar during the Obama administration and that's really reflective of Joseph Biden's priorities here to get a handle over this pandemic and we are told that he's expected to announce those heat cabinet positions later this month and sources tell us that. The we will only out these key positions in his administration it will be reflective of his priorities that he wants a tackle. I during his first hundred days in office that starts with getting them iris under the control and then also moving on health care died after. And Rachel I didn't said that he wants his catnip to quote looked like that country what more do we know about that. Yeah he does he is already glad to have the most diverse cabinet in American history he's already starting with these she agency review teams that are smuggling and working with the federal agencies that the president elect's could hit the ground running on day one I was just talking to senior transition official told me that outlook 500 numbers aren't those teens more than half are one inch. And 25%. Of those teens are being Latin why black people and you'll Joseph Biden knows that black voters were critical not only handing him the democratic nomination. Securing his victory. And the White House and now he's trying to make sure that black people that Hispanics Latinos that he is diverse representation. On his administration and in in the east sea walls and I want to say this will be a seismic shift between what you're seeing between. And the president elect Joseph Biden and the current administration under president drop a Washington Post. Get a tally just a few months ago they found a B sixty top members of the trump administration only several were people of color there was only one black person in his cabinet. Ben Carson Hud secretaries this is going to be a very very different make up what the next administration I am. And Rachel Biden is only the second Catholic to win the presidency yesterday he got a call from the poll what do we know about that conversation. He got a call in the hope die yeah he is only the sacking Catholics India and to become the next president of the United States what is clear here action in that world leaders are calling and treating Joseph Biden as the next president of the United States what we are seeing accurate home as. Republicans are in dingle was pulled towards this at this point they're not willing. Most of them to acknowledge Joseph Biden as an ex president electing a secretary of state like I'm hale kicks off a trip today he's visiting five countries the leaders of all five countries that he is visiting. Have acknowledged Joseph Biden and the next president. The United States even presidents runs allies like Boris Johnson air in the UK have said Bettie Luke Ford's I think some common ground with Joseph Biden but here back at home you are seeing Republicans not coming out and acknowledging that Joseph Biden won this election but we are seeing a growing number about come out and say that they do think it's time for Joseph Biden to start receiving those heat intelligence briefings and we know. It's not just an issue of national security it's also what the pandemic. The president relaxed his team has not been able to work with the current White House corona virus task force. All of this because the president. Has simply not conceded the selection yet Diane. And racially US has now set a record for new corona virus cases for three days. In a row what kind of information is Biden hoping to work with during the transition and how does he plan to tackle this when he takes office in January. Yeah I'm a backwards he was out on GMA this morning eighteen member of Joseph Biden's corona virus task force team in which he really did say the emphasis here is going to be on taxing and getting that testing to critical areas he says he feels like that's something that has black. And the last month under the trump administration. Again as does serve as a very stark contrast we have been here before we've seen these cases rise and we heard from the president president trump on this subject yet he has been out of view we have not seen him in several days isn't the longest period that we haven't seen presidents come out before the cameras and speak to the American people -- wild chases are surging in this country we know that up prior to today he really hasn't been in a corona virus task force breathing. A little bit of hot and so what you are seeing again is to marry start in different ways that both president trump and the buys for the president a lack Joseph Biden are approaching I how to tackle this pandemic a body and making clear that he is not going to be waiting for trump to concede the election to get a start on this. He is made it clear that this is a priority to him and he wants to give this pandemic under control. I have to write Rachel Scott general that beach Delaware thanks regional. And November is on pace to be the worst month yet for the corona virus in the US California is now the second state to surpass one million cold cases. As more than 67000. People are currently hospitalized with Colvin in the US and with less than two weeks until Thanksgiving the mayor of Chicago is now issuing a stay at home advisory. Urging people not to gather of the holidays nearly every state is seeing a prolonged increase in daily and recorded cases. And North Dakota is one of several states hitting a record number of daily cases yesterday each. Stephen -- in the mayor of Bismarck, North Dakota joins me now for more on this a Merrimack and good morning thanks for being here. Laurie big you know. At a county urine has one of the highest rates of infection in North Dakota it's one thing one we report numbers but how are you seeing that impact on a day to day basis. Nor are they were working on right now and trying to keep it fourteen from the rolling average on Guam. Originally deposited any rate which cast cocker rook. Early county is an eighteen point seven Steve North Dakota. Were 21%. On an article remember we carry out. Beers others charities. But are fourteen year rolling out virtually all his thirteen points or so that's what we're trying to pick up on lower that number because as long as we wouldn't she had number. Below the fourteen rolling average were. At least you will have a handle on it. So this week north Dakota's governor said code positive health care workers can keep caring for patients. If they're asymptomatic because hospital staff aren't such high demand there have you had to resort to that in your hospitals. Yeah slowly armed men joined meeting regularly with our local health providers are one of the things we're seeing not just. In early county in North Dakota and around the country it is. It's past the issue when we're dealing with severe sincere cases. And what were running two years. Nothing so. There's flexibility to cream or hospital road. Our in his bed shortage when it comes won't error in New York health providers or running into is staffing issue because Austrians. And we may have quarantine and have to be out we're really running up against gambit. Out of balance the health providers with. The needs of the community. And a few weeks ago White House Kobe task force doctor Deborah Burks slammed north Dakota's last lack of masking usage that's an after that you imposed. A mask and mandate is that helping. Com. We don't have a masked men in place we strongly advised. In. All the people will do the right thing great situation. What the right reasons. Part of the problem announced Randy in our situation is. Enforcement issues our room. It's unenforceable on the job or bureaucracy. So asking people you're directing the right reasons it is look out I seem destined this time. I think according to do any mass mandate. That would. Make a difference any company governor's and he's McGuire and his BM a blanket across entire state. All right Bismarck, North Dakota mayor Steve buck and we appreciate your time today thank you. You. And a new study shedding some light on the role of restaurant in cold nineteen exposure using cell phone technology to map people's movements in ten metropolitan areas the study found restaurants are among likely hot spots for spreading the virus Jimmy took a closer look at how safe people are when dining even when you're eating outside. And how the type of structure you choose to dine and could impact your level of exposure. Just came a hard time. As concerns remain about dining indoors and temperatures drop outdoor dining chuck shares are popping up everywhere from the elaborate to the simple. But setup should you look forty dying sea fleet can reduce your risk of howling wind is outdoor dining Seaver. That indoor dining room and have to do with ventilation at the ability of this virus to be able to dissipate in the air. As you see more tense popping up what are your concerns tents don't have ventilation the way an indoor restaurant while it. So these. Outdoor settings are not actually outdoors now when he GMA investigates exclusive teaming up with Virginia Tech engineering professor Lynn Jamar. New 3-D animations show how the virus can travel from table to table depending on the type of dining structure you choose. So if someone is infected and they are sitting outdoors in one of these tents then as their breathing and talking their release saying viruses into the air. And just like cigarette smoke the air can easily flow in any direction says there's no walls and lets you start adding walls do you potentially block that win once you at four walls you kind of lose that benefit of being outdoors. And while dining he'd lose due isolate you from other diners. There's a downside if you're with someone who happens to be infected there's really high potential for buyers to build up in the air for everyone in that little bubble to be exposed I feel like it's only prudent to go in there with people in your own house older people in your own pot also marks cautions make sure there's enough time between seedings at least twenty minutes to give the igloo a chance to air around. Her most ideal scenario. Dining under the great open sky. Because she says that outdoor air it dilutes the virus that maybe floating in the air. The wings carrying it away in all directions is still want to follow all the guidelines that you do indoors meaning that the tables should be far apart. Ideally ten feet between people at the nearest tables. People should be wearing masks when they're not eat gang you want to minimize contact with the waiter and practice good hygiene. Kyrie DOC in Los Angeles they turned their parking lot into a dining room under the open sky. Ensuring tables or at least sixty depart the infectious disease expert Ingrid Boyne says there's no zero risk scenario when it comes to dining. It's open your dining like this isn't available what's the second best option the more hair circulating that federated and so someplace that has an awning had signed walls fronts. Is definitely better than a place that it's completely close Stan. She also has a recommendation for restaurants turned down the music loud music means you have to speak more at loudly. And we know that that creates an opportunity for to expel more virus. I'm Diana something else you'll likely see an outdoor dining space now. Heat lamps and our expert says that one of the heat from those lamps might prompt a little more air movement. It won't dilute the virus not so much as access to fresh outdoor air. That's the key. And you're dining with people from outside your household remember that distance is a factor in transmission is so our expert says. Looks larger table try to spread out as much as possible. Diane good tips that thanks to Caylee hard time for that ash and for more I'm joined by infectious disease specialist doctor Todd Eller and actor Eller and hello again how safe is it. You think to dine outdoors at people who are not in your household how does that impact exposure. Rice sugar Diane when we think about our risk we are dependable people place time and space there's no question that thing called towards is better than being indoors but what we just heard about this segment is as you're outdoors in the news you're surrounded by four walls not. Opened to the air and that really is indoors still so you wanna do you really careful when you're eating with someone that you're gonna be. You don't from more than fifteen minutes which is most meals OK if you can't get your Odyssey typically within six feet up person so those are risk factors so. I really wanna cautioned people better eating together outside of their pod this is another example where you can plan for you may want to test if you feel like you're going to dine with someone outside your interests are. And based on that investigation what would you recommend for indoor and outdoor sentence for those gathering for the holidays. Yeah this is so hard Thanksgiving is that the ultimate holiday when Stanley comes together. I really think we have to think twice about bringing vulnerable people the elderly people with chronic. Heart or lung conditions diabetes obesity we have to think twice about bringing them into our home and remember as you heard me say before most transmissions right now our current in the home even much more than occurring in indoor restaurants. So I I think that it's so hard to say it and in this is such emotionally charged time in general I think we have to separate from people we've all over the holidays it hurts me saying it at the same point you know we have viral store right now role the United States and we have to do something you know very extreme to try to get it under control. Right doctor Todd are we appreciate your time is always thank you. Secure. And NASA is scheduled to launch its first operational flight for space X crew Dragon Spacecraft tomorrow the launch a long awaited launch follows a successful test mission in May that launch astronauts from the US for the first time in nearly a decade which ABC's GO many hasn't Cape Canaveral. With more on this Jill good morning we're just learning now that. There's something going out with Elon Musk possibly testing positive for Kobe don't what can you tell us. Yes or Diane he actually just weeded out few hours ago he said he was tested for Covert four times today to test came back negative too came back positive same machine same test same nurse rapid antigen test so right now what they're doing is obviously we don't know if that is particularly. Reliable because it was the rapid antigen tests which the FDA notes can deliver both false positives and false negatives so it's not as reliable as the lab run PC Nortel so we still needs to go ahead and take that the one of the things. That they are doing here at the Kennedy Space Center is they are initiating that contact tracing not necessarily for the astronauts themselves because. They've and in quarantines for weeks they wouldn't have been in contact with Elon Musk. But for the support staff the people who helped dressed up and the people who helped put them into that capsule on launch pad 398. So right now they're looking at that to see if any support staff a may have been in contact with the on mosque all right you mustn't let another potential lots of local and others and concern over tropical storm aid in Florida is the launch still hope for tomorrow at any worries about the weather. So they're going to be doing some more looks at the weather today they're going to be looking at these flight readiness also but I just look at the NASA forecast and it looks like it's a 60% favorable chance so that's good news this. Hurricane moved passed up pretty quickly here so it may deliver some good skies by tomorrow today. All right here's hoping and me and GI assuming this launch happens as clan is still the importance of this moment. Yet you know what this is what we saw in May that was actually a house run to us everything to make sure everything was ready for this launch tomorrow 7:49 PM tomorrow it has to happen at exactly that time or doesn't happen at all until Sunday or than they delayed again until Wednesday. A but what's so important about this is that this is the first. Operational mission this is the first real mission to get astronauts up to the International Space Station brought an extended period of time. One of the astronauts Victor Glover it will be his first time going to space but also it's going to be. If he when he gets up there to the eye and says he's gonna be the first. Black astronaut to be up there at the ISO. For a long term mission so it's very exciting for many different reasons also -- he is the astronaut from Japan and she is actually going to be making history as well because he's going to be the first one and three different. Orbital vehicles he was on the space shuttle he was on the Russian Soyuz and now he would beyond the SpaceX crew dragons have a lot of first year ads will be usually happens. At NASA. Very cool GO Benitez always great to have you reporting thanks GO. Oh and be sure to tune in for live coverage of the shuttle launch LB tomorrow. At 7 PM eastern you can watch it here at ABC news lives and that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane as you remember ABC news live is here for you. All day with the latest news context and analysis I'll see you back here 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran. For the great.

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