Amber alert issued for missing Texas toddler

Cedric Jackson Jr. had recently been placed in the care of his aunt by Child Protective Services.
1:43 | 07/11/19

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Transcript for Amber alert issued for missing Texas toddler
I'll primates then maybe he's a good boy he's quiet he's nice. We know he's a little shy. He is eighteen month old CJ Jackson and this is his mother hospital CJ's her only son and tonight. He's missed me. Just want everybody to know that we love our son and we just want him back. We just want him back safe and sound and unharmed. CJ's mom doesn't know what to think right now. She doesn't take care of the boy he lives with his aunt here at east lake highlands apartments voluntarily placed there. By CP yet but police swarmed the department's this morning Seagates it woke up and the little boy was gone and all sorts. Thing and the story gets stranger sources city another child in the home told police when he showed up. That she saw this man Harrell Johnson taking CJ during the night. Board police found him. He didn't have the boy Johnson is the father of the it's boyfriend. The 47 year old mother told us Johnson would never takes you in fact she took a little boy hung out at their home here yesterday. At home was searched but right now police say Johnson is a person of interest only he was jailed in Tyler and and related charges after police questioned. We don't know if that suspect. Is the person who is in custody. And Keller or if we are looking for a separate suspect that happens to be that same description. All the while the search for CJ continues his mother remained skeptical she doesn't think someone could just take him during the night. But right now this is her plea whoever has him attendance. You know this entire lot. In Dallas I'm Matt how port.

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{"duration":"1:43","description":"Cedric Jackson Jr. had recently been placed in the care of his aunt by Child Protective Services. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64265853","title":"Amber alert issued for missing Texas toddler","url":"/US/video/amber-alert-issued-missing-texas-toddler-64265853"}