Anti-abortion activist explains why she hopes to change the way America views abortion

Christina Bennett explains why she believes women are disempowered by having the right to choose.
14:07 | 01/18/18

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Transcript for Anti-abortion activist explains why she hopes to change the way America views abortion
Hey everybody I'm on the and a host of uncomfortable welcome to our next episode the goal here is to have honest and in depth conversations. About the issues that seem to be dividing America right now costs each week we like to host a thought leader. To give their ideas that generator shake around and this week I'm really pleased to say we have Cristina and it they that you are a self described. Pro life feminist yet so much for being here thank you some action I'm honored to be here so I wanna give and that self description a rigorous shaken around you. Here about how people come to believe the things that they lie to you believe what they do and you have this incredible story you hold it still many different places you speak about an off in. Specifically when it comes to your views on abortion right. About how your mother had actually scheduled an abortion she was actually EU in a very dramatic intervention in the clinic. Which kaptur from doing that and and that's it's an incredible story she able to go listen cheerful telling them it but I wanna hear about what happened after. How. How you were raised what was important to you except. Well IE my parents did get me after years. My mom had scheduled the abortion and she locked out her dad tried to make it Warrick and gotten hit two kids at that time. And it lasted for about a year and there is various issues and so they ended up getting employers that might act on his in my life and my mom says and on active supported Kennedy. And moved and a lot restraint second grade third grade fourth and fifth degree different schools. And I just think of the divorce and I moved to California ad gimmick and attacked sickens me back to kinetic cantons. And who drowned a lot of as a reader. To read. I think the here this guy who. Apparently a lot to Matilda as a young person has she is just. Locked and and she'd find her refuge and books and and libraries. And she's misunderstood and on the tiny and OK it's its spirit and that's exactly I left her and I just find refuge he meeting ski in reading. I had a wonderful Emma have a wonderful game strongly and and finally I think maybe fifth grade sixth I settled in kinetic and and then just continue to grow up and go to school it was pretty normal except for of course. A blended vehemently. And all the clothes with fat. Aside from unstable and Stanley your mom went on to get lost it and I got married right to have his stepmother. Whose wonderful and I have either stick the Batman six K okay. And cement has been great about keeping us together and connected everything again and an avid gamer and I moms and an awesome and so in my papers. Multi racial ethnic papers. Vehemently interest my cousin's car. Because intact directors in nineteen and so unique I have. I love my family and separate them to eat please vehemently. And so I hate. As a pretty normal person in high school I broke the teacher saying it was impetus to him. Yeah. A look at but you're married confession. About student but cheerleading went to my grades that. Did you really. I just ended my home. It suggests one way to go home and just last year do whatever at a Tyler. I struggle is being disciplined. Account acts that the does but it's amazing night that some things I've done how especially being an advocate of personal aren't yet has going epic struggle at. Discipline and greens and and and a lot of kids I mean 18 AM in particular let's be honest we did everything is when they got there. I want to talk about how you came to do that for the TT tech and and you share this story often as well but in your it was a nuclear twenty's right out she learned about the experience that your mom went through. A what was that like for you to learn about that. And he's got sort of where you Trace your origin story in terms of the at the Cassini activism that you now do is that what was the pivot point. And Christians. And Turkey and on the I'm the time and some men approached me in church and and mark. And or something. It's. Member. She. Angel. I. School for each and the it. A oh. I. Them each action thinking. That's going to Kentucky on city. Or. Working in Kentucky. And American city. It. It just seemed like something was. Mean GE. I. She met. Some. Time some how some Nazi like and some. Cheap points. Should it matter when she news. For me in the hall. And up to the epic. Eat on the eight yen. And use heat here and I hurt. Actually. Upstairs on your ranting. And it each. Time. You. Eight which. She. She. And it was hard here. In the ski next. She. Need. Partner he. After. Me. And it. God save my life mean that was my thought I'm not gonna take my life. Paying. It detector reflect in ponds and wonder why me not. All of the other women and why did my mom lock out in my in my here and why did I survive if the need. You know scheduled abortion and tried to make sense of is that what became. The moment that you decided I'm I'm going to devote myself. To this issue now that's an and it did I didn't know what to do with the story honestly didn't think about abortion that mine which. At the time and yet friends at abortions and and and of course and now and you abortion but I just wasn't something I talked about a lot of thought about a lot. And Islamic activists or anything letting your twelve. Means valley as you said you need you knew people who had a word yes. May be other people who face testing decision and hadn't how did you view it is honesty faith is a big part of our life. What did you think talked about it how did you view it like not what did you think at that time I was taught anything what did you think when when you knew about different circumstances. I just. And often times though circumstances. Our combined with other things and so I would often focus any other things and so. The guy at the end and my girlfriend and now she had to go in abortion and tacky but she neither option and abortion and thinking how horrible. That she was a band and how awful that that she could go through that. Now she's dealing with Tim paints and post reported pain and she's crying and thinking wow. I wonder I can help or someone else can help her there or just recently had an abortion in high school in as a secret and I'm wondering wow. How to their parents find out about the acts in Connecticut we have parental notification line zone in Connecticut you can be fifteen and sixteen have an abortion until your parents. And so oh. I didn't necessarily have what people would think of maybe it's a judgment. And even my group and church abortion. And can that it is different and maybe how it's different in new England and it is in this out now. You talk about abortion in church in Connecticut and New England the talk about it in the south. Eight. More than in June and the north. What because it's more prevalent and the Bible well and just mean we're very liberal and not that liberals can't be pro life because there aren't you can be pro life and anything. Means just. It's not something that I ever talked enters into its. Ingle. And he's the first person her talk about abortion in pictures yet now as. So let's talk this off and we talk about the issue of human falls into new. A label writers when camp out there are you pro life pro choice. And and you identify as pro life so that would mean for you east. Being right means honor light from conception to excellent. From the room into the tomb the cradle to grave and saying it. I expect. Every individual life as it hasn't found dignity. And I. Want to prisoners it is much house seat. This issue this issue as human rights issue that means I mean. Because yeah people who are Royce laboratories can honor a place that is fairly distinction in the two. What do you what do you believe in terms of policy and legislation what does he want to see happen and so when he's so I am against. Taking human. Means which is abort. I liked to end. Latin record one who's easily and it seems McCain won. And people. They for the rest of their life actors their cases. They shared their manipulated and used by. People and places of authority hired an empty lot reviewing overturn it. All abortions should be and I want abortion chancellor's. Yes and act separate things like topic. Okay YE. Because that's that's not considered abortion. And explain to me uncle when it's going that the looking to writers no possible way that we need and ability to feed and right. Okay so are you let's talk about the other part that we as a feminist is yes you are often that not everybody is looking at that I'm any. I. Or I don't like me. Welcome. Catholic. Let what did it mean to you to be feminist. It means that the quietly when it. Care crisis. And I want them to succeed. In every possible way spiritually emotionally. Financially physically on. Then. Writes for justice. Wants to be whole. And day there's there's a lot of issues connected to bat. Listings and now expects. These. Work when it. And work that I do domestic violence situation. And peppered against me something on. Them. And lean it's. I see women myself and those hardy. Lot. Just. Happened to you of the best place that they possibly K. So how do you reconcile that. Because obviously. Love and honor. All other women mean it. At the same time you'd like to take with them believe. Is a right that they would like that as an exercise he reconcile the two. Climbing is nine history at them and understand. There are currently in season and women considers them house to be. Why it had term time they're against abortion child killing her. Ways it happen and it's we have history people that there is even joke and in line with its skiing and it went into and the Anthony's house at the end cheese by talks about abortion and and it's awkward and funny and an up note her. And I don't know living in a time before there was a Supreme Court decision that green for constitutional right that moves. Women now support. Them. Statistical. Majorities support and it really all and I think it is it's just. There's also lays the Jennings. They weren't living before timely and we would do abortions lately due today and sanitized way I think people don't understand. What abortion is because of incest and that's why it's easy to say I support abortion but if you ever really looked. Looked at the instruments looked at what has to be looked at how after certain time if it even flinch away from the instrument at accountants. She's a pro life advocates constantly. Planned parent and she watched and ultrasound abortion she is. Some interests of disconnect it and the work went their pregnancies and talk about abortions just. I think at the RT XY I'll get written into law. But still went there was a hundred years ago against child killing its mountains and against abortion. It's still the same thing you know regardless how it's done our. Having abortions today are very different than they were done in the time Susan B. Anthony we can yes I mean that's definitely different. Still critically downturn they're definitely done in a much for us in it and had regulated away I want it depends still women. We don't other stories but they're still when he died from. Seek legal abortions they're still absolutely and there's a woman who die from like healthy pregnancy deliveries that there are those are absolutely true that you're still out liars that. Yes but we hear about those and often hear about abortion and abortions often talk about SE used to be safe legal and it's to safe and legal but. We don't hear about the women leaders is a pact for heated. We don't hear about the women have at least two. Do you think he closed rat learns more about abortions that you don't think as many women which supports. Our last half I mean you don't you think absolutely because mature people I talk to you and I mean again he didn't close friends who have had apportionment. We'll tell me I never knew you know an average told me. And whether that's the pain afterwards known ever coming emotional side effects yes or no one ever told me that ticket leaf beetle remains incited me and I have to go back. No never told me those things again and so. I mean that's what the most frustrating things that something that bothers me so much is that. Women are not educated women are not all that you advocate for education. If you when it comes to that building you're advocating for people further loss of the right to exercise that well I don't advocating for education and actually and the things they do at the center is we educate and inform women about their options. I went into now. And she did that day right now until a lot changes they had a legal right to do they not name but I want him to now. The worst thing is an element that I had no idea here I had no idea that it hurt his plea and he did discuss possibly happen. The worst in mind. While ad agency that once in person but one of the hardest things for me is Cuban woman. But that met women have friends and inferno. And they never told that there's a possibility becoming infertile because of a botched abortion. And so they made a decision thinking. Women that I've worked at that I've seen in twelve years of doing this work. Look being you know if it's their first kid and I think. I have this abortion hoped to have going down another child and many times they do you mean. In no way am I gonna pretend every single woman has an abortion is going to have a botched abortion prep rated uterus or die. A lower anything house or have a negative experience in the center they leave and Sam's traumatized. Now I mean there are women who attend to this day I was at the Supreme Court once and instead hit at six abortions humpback. And I said OK you know whether or not that's you know whether she spied emotionally and I mean I don't I don't really know I don't know her but. I believe that there are women who you'll have these procedures and and say that it bettered their life. At the same time I think that's what we hear the most that aired at the same time of the stories that we don't often hear in Leicester and then apparently the man. Are the women. Were traumatized and even you know post abortion stress due to its patents has. There they are the minority I mean it adds that the rate that abortions are are conducted these days are still at historic low gas right in recent years the vast majority. Are safe. And the vast majority are conducted in procedures that end up being you know successful by those standards and that doing your talking about go through incredible pain and and many people have that kind of trauma and and experiences but those aren't the majority of the cases. Is that we don't I think that we don't hear about it because women aren't comfortable talking about it every time toppling of women houses and comfortable talking about health and and it's around. Surrounding women's health and pregnancy and and delivery and all those things there's a lot of art talk about it and and that's trail and I understand act and act in my case to agents tell me that she rain until it is my twenty's but every comic literature to talk about abortion every single time. Somebody will come to act sometimes they have great hair. Inner portion was thirty years ago and sometimes they're nineteen and two months ago annual count me a painful story. And symptoms that. We'll come up to me and tell me their stories because it's not just women humor acted by apportionment men as well. And I think to myself actually if we talked about abortion more in charge. And animate talked about abortion and I don't mean you're from the pole day now put your thing that women shaming women tilting women and not about the education and letting them out here in the church and letting them know god the use of light and value human my. And his role as a creator and everything else. But also offering man. What I call post abortive care letting them now if you're hurting if you had if you actually he'd never talked about pastor's life. And ministers and people say I never totally English when he here just let you know. You can't talk about it feel like you're in pain you have a place to come to outdo not a place to come to I mean I hate. Work with women and offer and the ability happens east Bay's. To share and I. You know you're working. And what they mentioned this earlier in something fascinates me because I haven't seen a lot of conversation around this an an M interest it. You talked about it the civil rights issue yet and I've noticed in eating your educated documentary. Called hear from happened. You've shared her story and that you talk a lot about the disproportionate effect that you think abortion rights have. On African Americans yes Helena about why do you think there's a racial element to while I mean Margaret singers writings were ones she was the founder of planned parent and she Unita is Google Margaret Sanger and you can see excuse. That should lead to new objects that she a lot of people say everybody believed that back in the day by. I bet it was it was widely that lesson and I anybody. And they did you know I'm maybe there's retirement slavery was widely accepted their wives we know that he had just because people believe in something that's right. But should we didn't happen it just you know. Ocean Lehman and genetics which is not necessarily. She may have been every right it was a nineteen hundreds she accidentally may have been but that wasn't about race that was about she seemed to be arguing around since it would not rise is she accident of the negro. Yes yeah and my race and he was. Old study on the outs about how they wanted to try too. Influence communities where there was abject poverty and where they sought people not being able to exercise any birth control options and if she was out there trying to it was about abortions act and write it was about birth control just after experimenting with phones and all kinds of things to try to say. If women get to exercise. When and how would they have kids. And this help to uplift the family from poverty that's been enforced on hand after decades and decades discrimination and crash. But she also met with the kkk and spoke on there and so there is another story going on it wasn't just that she was trying to reach the black community and help them pull them out of poverty me. On Amazon today and you can look a man mean Europe's stock you can kind of book caught the rising tide of color against white supremacy. Here's an affair early report ours. Stay got to wonder and he wasn't the only enemy did history I. I don't doubt at all that they were very racist individuals why all day at birth control efforts in the very beginning not just one I don't know I don't doubt that at all but but the idea that it was. Two two. Eradicate an entire population of people I mean she would advocating for birth control in the white communities as well it wasn't as if it was targeting. One American community and I'd stating I didn't some of the academic often people believed dead about her but I but many people don't mean. Her writings she said they don't want Hillary to get out let me let us irony in lottery and the consensus to see that there are people who have a particular point of view. About with the movement should be who interpret certain lines of and this is 1939 letter that she wrote to certain people as and her writings were just that I shot a plea what I see and correctly so me if I'm here but I sixteen individual lines. The same. One line again in again. Talking about this argument in making the argument that she was racist in her intentions with experts can tell Africa and that one line when I went back to the original source latter. Seems to me like it's been taken way out of context I I don't. It was the one line about how she's reaching out to a minister. To an organization she's going to in the south and she was saying. It's my hope that the minister can help to. Like it get really I rebellious members of the black community. Been no there was no with a line about how the idea that what this is running out acts are meeting black race. I hope that the ministers and helps to dispel this instantly and totally miss going out even I don't look at I don't think I let it out there you can do that. But is its and a longer letter talking about the goals for the program. Look the whole point in all and I think our idols were to. Decrease the black population and not just that disabled people means talked about him being re it's a catch Atlantic started its hangar at the first berth in Britain in nineteen yes now we are now in 2070 yes so it's fair to say the organizations like all institutions in America has evolved in many different way why officers say adding that over 7% of their abortion facilities are lower income minority African American women. That issue of Planned Parenthood apparently act but and asked artillery Planned Parenthood is just a small slice of places where people can get celebration in America don't 3% of the vast majority. Clinics abortion clinics in America plays including cared parent are in majority white paper. While there are more people than as or minority yes but black women are three times more likely. To get abortions and race two in about thirteen residing on an anxious Latina women are more likely. Black and black eye right that is black women the most that's my statistics that. It's by women I don't know it's growing earn it let him but where this idea I've got rid this intercepts in this is a whole other issue that it. Ties into this as you mentioned it never happens alone as a separate. Incidents. It's about us economics to write that the vast majority of women. Who in your right black women are more likely than nonhispanic. White women to get abortions but there's also an intersection to say that low income and poor women in America are also more likely. To do that in a fortunately in America women of color. Are we more likely to people are the teen. And that's why we need a lot has changed a lot account in a lot of the systems because it's. Women don't grow up. Wanting to have an abortion and I understand how women don't need that little kids in there saying what their cows in the evenings. And he now. No little kitten of course that about abortion and their little bit even your teenager no one necessarily growth of wanting captain worst record. But. Often times they let that certainly an option because. Make it their preference pressuring them asked to do with pressure from Matt which is part of the reason I'm feminist because. I've seen over and again air. The woman comes in and she's thinking having an abortion in the guy and if there's a state says you know. And stick with you can do it as a healthy whenever possible. I would say in his own little stat the eight times at a ten element in the UK. And but the majority of women seen over the years that I is gone or he's telling them. I just talked to element two days ago. Cayman by itself from a plane and and emotionally abusive situation going on in that I said you have to get an abortion you have to do that. And she did she call it parenthood she's trying to do to just couldn't go through it and such came to our patent sentenced. There's so much. Abuse that hit. I stood outside of abortion clinics and I've seen guys dragging girls into this manner and then. The chocolate abortion of these terms like liberation power and shout yeah abortion under. Have people scene but goes on inside these senators is icu deep in the earth trial. To believe and control experts think exists I believe. Not ice and adding eight steadily in Britain tiny breath until the complicated thing. I personally am opposed to birth can. And it's partly because of its anger and her belief system and choose and came up went with her friends with her wealthy rich white a leaked fragment. They were the ones that came up with the birth control pill and she's the clean phrase and again at the negro project is pushing birth control at the black community not a crusade necessarily to take. You know to go I. I have a different to open them in the context of the conversation we're having. Essentially abortion exists because there are unintended pregnancies. Right for any number of priests yes yeah and I wonder if if there were some way to stop those from happening. Thank you we wouldn't even have to be having the count me I have to let out of there were better efforts me. Torrents. Providing contraception where it's needed towards sex education towards actually at prosecuting and keep being. Rapists and and people who assault sexually you know off the streets and it. In my office what do you believe for people who for women who who want to be able to -- acts. And dual one innocently but they say act and each. In Littleton. Wasn't talked about home now I'm on which conversation. And a lot of them network with grow up in Littleton and yet so they're coming into this week. And I am. And because they. Each or when they possibly can. Actually not so he became pregnant when my knees. He about 20%. Of the time he actually get pregnant and so a lot of limit biggest they've never an educated and so. I'm not or you know when he's just seeing now with Spain's. And I am for educating and concerning how this on your body this is near Gosford. Holistic health care I think that's important to how that now we more important than ever problem. I bet. It wouldn't. EB got. Also outlets probably be done because of more important than ever before in the morning after pill is available over the Stop & Shop or Steve yes. Yeah by the morning after twice in nineteen mean that out for entries than it's ever been an abortion creatures ever Tina but don't tell me. Not necessarily honestly because they're being connection. Connection but it doesn't always partly peak as. Women. A lot of women are on earth. But that doesn't mean they necessarily always used properly birth control and a lot of ways can be. It just seems dubious safety. Because they don't understand birth control is not a 100%. And tipper for. Obviously CDs also it's and so. I talk to women feel as an. I have to choose to Everett and I have to use the getting pregnant and then sales. Her summaries and it fails and it all. Talking about let you talking about the less than 1% birth control is night when it's used properly at 99% effective. You know. I'm I met a lot of win. Who have had received we legislate on anecdotes I understand you've had personal experience it talking and the tactics are talking about what. So me an and they are not without value but we're talking about what we know to be true about a medical. Fact right when women take their birth control properly and when it's when it's that the right pill for them. It works. Right and and the fact that his hat on what women can do about opening control they can exercise over their body to be able to say. I want to wait to have a child I I want to be able to engage in consensual sex recreational I want to be able to have. This control over my life. He's had enormous act on the workplace and careers they can have on the on the coach who exercise in society. Not that much as I am not saying that you know women are not able to do different things because they caperton a Mac and denied Alan. But the seemed timing you have to think about that pack again. We have more birth control to me ever had before. Actor and we're still have fewer abortions and we've ever had before. Leasing agent or working when they few. Think about it Planned Parenthood. A little alone. Is doing over 330000. Abortions a year yes so. That's not okay with me and me that's completely and sadly the numbers are so high and I don't think that. Contraception alone is the answer to changing that because. Abortion pass to be seen as something I'm thinkable otherwise you can take birth control how kind and how I. And infant happens to fail. He will still go towards abortion because abortion is seen as something news. Empowering. You know good. Or maybe just new cultural it's not seen something can be devastating to its taking a human. And that's passed and changed I think that my hat is keeping an adoption and that as well I do. I know that every one and treats it as cavalierly. As he seemed to be accusing I don't know I don't I don't I don't need to its employees at very heavily on in the millions of women. Who half to Wayne spoke at the end I I'm not saying an outlet and I'm from position of privilege here have never had to be in the caption read that was a decision that to me that from my understanding African got an intense here when women have to make those decisions. That is not something that he's done casually. Are done on the Wii I wouldn't that's not saying any act. I do not think that at all and I it was done and we're done with the idea that this is empowering for me to some well paint it depends on who you're talking about because that's. That's the that's the language. That is the linguists now. I totally that there's a big difference between. Liberals eat celebrity's. Hands. And I everyday people we talked about the breadth. No let him from abortion rates. So I'm just getting example of the different because those talking about abortion politicians talk about when you when you turn on the town and or when you go on FaceBook are social media who do you see as the bases there talking about abortion it's usually jest. Politicians spiritual leaders are celebrities for the most part and then of course women and men that individual stories but mostly. They're the ones and it activists and advocates for either abortion or against abortion. And so they're very strong seeing yourself and that group right yes there I minera activist and an anchor OK so. I feel that we have very strong messages and a lot of the messages here from code Chile's Belize. Aren't judges say that abortion is empowering it's Lipper eating. And now there's shame ever I have never. Heard the idea that there's a notion that her that all the titan ever write his power I'm I. I've heard that he the idea that is a legal right that it is constitutionally. Available two women that is what I've heard in terms of empowerment meaning that it's a choice Allen about the the second that are way up. I went in China I think most women Nikes I I know exactly iced it with a cry with them. I talk with them. I know lame say it's an easy decision for them to me what I am trying to say is that. Society. Has given these messages to win and because of that what he talking. A lot of my body my choice. Not just don't believe me. Well the message in itself is it's all because we're talking to body's not just one I mean. The the fetus is not just a part of the woman's body. The fetus has its own individual heart bead and sometimes gender that's different than women and its own body and I'm not attached to my I was growing inside of her purse and mother. Act religion in a commitment to human being on the a wonderful show like this and and various other things that I have been able to do and I mean and Agile person and so at least today. My body my Chile's. That's not to do it it is your choice that's right it's your choice because you've been given through new movie wait until people and by. It's not just your body and so. I see women just repeat that just because that's you know we. Through the power media in the arts everything we get people. And they hold onto act and sometimes. In a moment when he heart rate and are. Members talking to African American woman and I'm. She had an abortion she regretted and she was crucial moment. And she's I don't. A lot of I consider why did because as opposed abortion and I had arsenic and member can figure out why did and then remember. That in. High school. Another group of pro choice group Cain. He gave it is linked spring and so in her moment where she felt it that came back to. And just an OK and I mattress and she she clung to act. And then mentioned it and at her because. And comfort her after the patents used in. He opposed abortion pain and you know you're thinking of women alternative language and dare I do you know talent. But at the same time you're looking for the loss he sees my body my choice it's not fully mind body. It's still my choice and ruby we need. Rendell and it wouldn't be but not shouldn't happen to all choices mean we without consequence. You know I mean of course that you think about our law I have the choice to use steel friends you hurt you. You know kill someone I have the choice and Mellencamp he actually but those choices are not without consequence and so. Just break the law. Loans choices there. I don't even know lots and 1973 Emmy award in 1980 life and so just because. It's the law doesn't mean it's just like so many things mean missile rights movements later Amy. Just because it's the law. Doesn't justify. It and I think about abortion like I think about. Slavery like I think about the selectmen. And some things that my ancestors and forefathers. Because. Like you have no other rights at my mother had kept her plane and gone through it and was a born again. I'm not. And it just disappeared my body. Taken apart into little piece is important. And it's gotten whenever knows my name had no destiny and I'm erased from history. And therefore I have no right to vote our right to go to whatever school it like to grant from college Mary Karr all the things that are. You know women have offered her for centuries happening at things are taken only a means so. This is. An excellent the most important civil rights issue a card it's important that we because you have. Nothing in the act that. Abortion is the number one cause of death in the black community he said that Britain's me so much because this. Our Brothers or sisters or children. Where. We're allowing them to be destroyed by an industry that is not for us that is taking advantage of that is taking our money and leaving us. Brooke and pain and rooted in hurting and I want to change that I want women to know that there's hope there's other options you know going into possible. It's not only in the coveted women's part of your work people com TU. Because these two to. An. Entity but I also depends. Okay women do to work and we should Clinton as you working it's at it's source right. Ronald you know say I'm pregnant and what to do have questions about. An abortion are or whatever is. One of your services can come up and say we can help. Direct. And I also work with women here party made it to you can come and months pregnant and will work with you to parenting programs. To constitute that's not only them and making decisions. But it is women mostly with and I. Probably. More women who are in the parenting program and we due. Out in the hype and need extra house yeah like any. Horses but there's. Across the country there's thousands of them so. He tells them. And they stay. I deal. I. And I'm asked questions. Understand why is leading them toward the decision is it. It's house. Has really popular talk about we talk of these things a lot of eight hours is all the timing is right you know my parents and now my one. And housing connected to people with people's minds that switches. You can't get pregnant and stay so that's unfortunate. What happens in that well it is that. We discussed. Hadn't talked to here. Have you talked tune your plea. And he happened discussion. We can and she's been well. It means to abortion. And this moment where a woman is thinking and abortion brings up other day she has. When a guy is saying. Q you if you that the works and yet you're getting kicked out support leading. Abortion well. Isn't deeper issues. It out. Did you witness. Oh yeah of course you put them into the relationship counseling. The fans early and we have domestic and shelters. And homes. Concert that weekend for them to do resource. Hole one and it. A control. When it comes to abortion and tell them do you because. Because. To do an in this particular situation is not. And did so. Keep at it come in EU council century make it clear what your views are what you think is best suited for them who also Utley then I made it clear. You you don't you're reason and now because I can imagine me saint element. And cues to deport me that she did. Yeah you literally do battle with you got into or. Out of millions of Hugo every act. That nobody knows me and outside of this contact nobody in your no serious very. No you comes into the place that I work because people don't. Isn't it disconnect mentioning before they win when I work with girls and women Akon and they're like. That plays that I went to you you know they're like. I'm here rob don't know like. We know that has more in this war answer Dickens lived her life but they don't know the politics that they don't know. Which senators pro life that which ran I'm not trying to dismiss them I mean like if it's college students they would a lot of working women mom's home like. They are trying to live there and how they don't like she. You know she's making important decision as it did August Pollock and letting him does my twenties and again so that Sabena I'd never ever and you know for years let's years of working equipment never ever had a lamenting. I saw you on the show read this about you and I am able to keep my use. Separate from an idea. Announcing this let's don't be able to do any park. Site uncomfortable who. You. Advise and you try to guide into every resource is actually in the context of that. Do you said earlier which is that look that that the pregnancy is one thing the abortion conversation is another as a whole set of circumstances. Around. How old people get pregnant why they get pregnant why they want to make the decisions they do afterwards and your organization in the work to do it really touching part. And I absolutely yeah and the rest every. Henry. Every and you know I mean we need. But what are you doing to address every so. We can only do so many NRC hasn't the woman comes. Angie how. They're making connector which resource would have to pregnancy home in maternity home. Unfortunately that is exactly she can stay for the rest their life. I mean of course not right so how does that actually fix the problem. Well. This is that you coached youth for him in the year two years that really helped me doesn't. You know whether it's counsel laying in a people. Dancing counseling for the whole life be you never say because they weren't counting from one here that it wasn't out it didn't help them get them land based acts need. Sometimes are giving people stepping stones and help them get from this the next and if they aren't in a situation they. You could sit and think about domestic violence shelters and you people don't stay in domestic violence shelters for their cult like because. They're not supposed to play they stay in domestic and shelters for appear at time when they're in crisis due to help and then day and enable them to other resource has. And what it's going back to school Arlington. Getting jobs that they can carry an icy women who you forgot he said he'd help the kids it is apparent in her two years all right and then and then you can hope is that they've made enough contacts and you and an argument and so and I personally. Act as a partner. So as a believer person I think that the local churches and in the past and it does not registered synagogues and mosques because it yet but most people that are pro life. No wonder what what you're well yes but if you don't want any election well if you act friends and nonprofit organizations and others also. Pro life organizations for. For example there is an amendment is an atheist so there are a lot of research is out there but when I mean it heartening as that. You you sent them on a journey and and you give them resource block alongside. And help them and Q2. Grout and so what can look like it's your principal and now who when she first came in. This is actually abortion situation she. She abortions are achievers image had an abortion. And she that you want to die after she said she'd suicidal thoughts she came in for instance it was a negative attacks. I sat if you wanna stay you can its day and weakened beacon talk we can just have kind of membership in talks that she did. And she had a quake was. Pushing her she was pregnant he would've said you have to get an abortion issues because it happened before she stated the times is typical situation with the mother. And that she and patent and shouts act and we helped or at that whole process she is in the same complex and I just impact day her daughter get knocked the bus and watery and to me and it the data will depart acting an artery into me. But she lives within compacts that I she's working and so just. Posted conversation accountability how are you doing it resonates kept as a means. Mr. incredible works or where not all the other accounts of interaction I think pending an idea in Africa but all the things that are necessary to support them and hold them up and walk along that path if you stay past the age if she's actually passed the age to. All of those things. Sadly and unfortunately don't exist right now that's not the society that's real that's not where we've been putting our resources that is not the part of society and 88 when I'm saying the world be leaving I'm not. I'll. From one specific perspective on and if they're women out there who have a two year old who may be under fire since economics and circumstance is right and and they don't know where there and maybe there's a domestic that you. Why aren't you helping her with the kid that's RT alive. To get to the next place that she needs to get to my rather than trying to stop some line. From preventing getting in that situation well I don't say that. Years of doing ministry in calling for help him in the situation yet mean that that's not your lights where you're you're pro life activists but. But her life and throw it means getting creative and board pro life for me. Mean I'm expecting in defending. Them. To and from the create a victory but. I he man where the act of abortion I totally a powder machine did but that doesn't mean that I don't help women. Who are not in the situation. That you needed each is not about helping this amendment passed each tune your organization helps them accurately it comes to actual. Q other. Our older years. And we did Hastings. And getting ready to. Me. Is from all sorts of agent like the job and in the different you're working also and helping that's not the mission of your work. That is not where you've chosen to put this incredibly honored its energy and care and love and oceans have a lot of it is that's not where you choose to. The K because won her. I'm not a social worker at I wish it could be and is it time to go back and get my master's degree or money at pavements in Atlanta underground. I wish I could be you know but you have to and I know what you can can do otherwise you'll. Burnt out in so. I have to put social workers have to look at the adoption agencies and not have to relate to work with and domestic violence counters you haven't I. Abrams heart. And so if I like to certain BMD. I want you. I wanna go to Africa and then spent months in Mozambique and wanna go at it today got to take up everything and go work nor than two hours and be. My husband agreed to it took I would go back and do that but. I believe that I was. Rescued safe delivered for this particular prayer and so this is my work and do it. But that's where the partnership comes and that's where working at other organizations come and I am optimist right. I guess I'm but I think there's not as out here we start to change things that my friends and Sharon's record newly feminists. And she's making an app called I'm help assist her and so that app is for women who are in these situations so. If they're pregnant or if they have a child they can go and to this app. And they can find resources Alter our keynote there they're statements. Fairly might help centers is all these organizations that are out their trees just wouldn't mean we have. It may sound cheesy but. We really do have what it takes in America when it comes to money and resources and time and energy. But we just haven't. All their efforts towards helping whether it's women making a pregnancy decision where there was women. Are not making pregnancy decision and they do have a for another five or other sixer world. And there on section eight in their life for ever and there are stuck in the inner city or they're stuck in the yes I don't know. The killer apps you're absolutely right here right could this is none of these things happen is as. There's connected individuals and I don't here's that why you know my not to think that you aren't. Across the board opposed to something. It is very blocker right position right and that's what we tend to do and me talk about abortion rights either you're this idea that everything happens we all live in the right. So. See you're twenty something right the vast majority of abortions. Bar. Given to women who are in their twenty's and to stay here a twenty something year old you go out on Friday night. You are raped on the Friday night you take a morning after the next day you opposed to. After. I know you know yeah. I'm asking you make of him it. You and your whole life acted don't have an outlet on ballot when he's on you know raped should have a say over what have my the next day. I have a friend. But it have to make up did you. Asians that was her situation and she was raped and and the agent when he is she's older than outsiders really violent. And the lecture in. Hotel Ian either serial rapists in here. And she. Had actually sitting good morning after panel and for whatever reason she didn't it wasn't necessary. I have a strong pro life views are not doing that they think it was just. From what I've doctor I think positive that the chemicals and not knowing that it what it was ending comfortable at that forever maybe just in shock and thinking I don't think jacket at a department anyway so she didn't take. And she got. And she. Suffered a lot. Just. Judgment and people in name only because she decide to pay her. And she has a beautiful little Bologna. And I then and he's so sweet and she's a wonderful family and their highs then they have other kids were dug into its but they accepted. He accepted disbelief s.'s own son and she says he's not just. He's not there it is the EP you know he's nice guy and he's my tie look and he hazard beautiful blue eyes. And you know she unlocked yeah answering that question. I'm not used only at Gemma men went through mutual starring was terrible used the what is going on yeah right let's look when I mean I'm. The stories I think sort how to play I really do and this is my house. I think story because we hear about these issues like when you hear about let's have another hard topics women who are. They have a topics are down ten you know you often termed. Really the story we're willing his rape chooses abortion. And you rarely hear the story of the woman who's read. Who chooses I am I say is that you don't think they should have the choice to take the morning to know what I'm saying is that. These this gray area. Needs more stories that this gray area residents are. Well what you I mean I'm play on any night answer your question but I what do you I if someone is I in his race to they get to take the morning after till the next. I'm. I don't incidental I would say that I don't think again kind. I mean he. So there's a lot of you throw light. Either did little to hopefully not that I mean. You have to agree area and it's not that OK it's that there's gray I now consider. Sausage yeah I'm. I in a lot of areas and who won't get octane engine with different things you know there let's just say. Raised an abortion and black eyes matter how it's different things. I'm still. I still processed through yeah. She still processing do you feel about someone being raped and being able to take a morning after you're not your do you feel any IA it. There's certain abortion are birth control forms I considered important speech and I don't necessarily consider the morning after pill and aboard each if you came with the morning after being available unless. Any it's already oak. Available but you wouldn't abdicate for taking away the morning after I'd rate now don't do. I don't do what if that person draped on a Friday night waits a month before electing to have an abortion. I. Mean would you right now the abortion pill. I'm talking about a medical procedure. Union surgical yes lean them against those show them that time in the month would be too long for you out I mean I can't win. There. When a child is conceived now and I'm not graded science I say there aren't things please forgive me I flunked science equipment and I think I mentioned something about that in the beginning with bakeries that. Wit and life is conceived and against the Tiki pat. So what if that what if there was a life conceived on Friday night that the woman was raped. Well then that that probably make up my mind and then I would say that I'm against my after elected and still processing and there's some things that. You know you don't out of your mind about. I'll speak I. All of these things that we discussed means no wind. Lape. Pro choice I don't think switch when you say year pro life it's not needed it download every single question what do you think about this and reading about that and that the download comes these. Pre prepared answers announces passing are preparing this is about advocating for choice that is right now available. She women and advocating for taking that choice away. That is that's what happen you that's. Yes and I'm not ashamed and I'm think she knows it and is saying to say that this doesn't fall in line with that. I'm thing doesn't bomb not. All I'm saying that the that would mean that you are against the morning after pill know what instincts used and I don't know why it's hard to. I understand it and and I'm making myself clear. I hang with every decision when it comes to let's just read for example. There are a lot of people who are. Pro. Life but not her life when it comes to right now. There let those feet. But there are a lot of people who approach. But today have a real issue wing. Third. Trimester abortion late term abortion sure his people yes in Italy are talking about before which is the gray and ready fall. And there's a lot of people who aren't. You know. Figuring out the question and I'm not one of these people you know blacks. Where it is like began wind is that began. You know what birth control methods there are what our board of patients what are not aboard each and and so when I'm singing.

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