Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend’s attorney: Grand jury decision is 'baffling'

Frederick Moore, attorney for Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker, discusses the grand jury decision and why he says the officers weren’t justified.
7:03 | 09/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend’s attorney: Grand jury decision is 'baffling'
And for reaction to today's grand jury decision to not charge any of these officers with Rihanna Taylor says we bring Frederick Moore the attorney for brown is boyfriend. Kenneth walker thank you. So much for joining us tonight we learned today that the only charges against a former officer are for endangering free on a Taylor's neighbors. Your client was right there with Rihanna when she was killed he saw it all what's he saying tonight. Hum. Well. Thought process. On it has already gone through so much. Oh there is girlfriend. Well liked and arm I didn't know what was going on. I heard it won't all you are only willow. Days. This incredibly dramatic and I'll let it rest are in. You know. He's protected in need. The law. Get out. Here all he's pleased to death this year. Admiral Inman did you bring in Maine this speech that the RNC. And T yeah EST June 20 and it. Firmer. You imagine what he's going. We can imagine begin to imagine possibly the Kentucky attorney general said today that the shots fired up Rihanna Taylor worked. Legally justified because your client Kenneth walker fired first you disagree with that why. All done. And it is Arnold is well or action are you reap what you and you. If approved based on what lead up. And 100 looked as well. Is that someone who's the wanted to order paper I don't. Know where he practiced all he let it. In shock when. He he ordered. Actually 180. Are all. The officers however he's. And asked me. Right. You. In response one Argentine Schumer should moderate our feet warm and I. Someone shooting you shouldn't eat higher oil. Our own though. I'm open you how can run. Feel that officers and arm and it fired wash. And saw her. And sure to ensuring our interests are and aren't all thirty. Shop. How is that we. We know based on what is it. The officers burst in beat a remote. Once. There's no way it. So you reject. Whatever eat it. And state prosecutors also announcer dated their investigation of brown is killing has now been completed. What do you make of that particularly when they're still unresolved factual issues like whether the police actually did in fact not before. Breaking into Rihanna some. Eight Bettis. You don't as it EE fortunate really. And you're that there will ease the art. You actually. You know there are ways you gates even warmer. It everything he's Smart way. Home. And eating wondered if we dangers. Plot at least that's usually mean why are you or. It speaker he will be here are several hundred being well. They got to their currencies they were hearing more of their people. Are. Or. They do they want to reject the equal measure that more year and this case. Oh know nobody. Ayers it. You are the officer's. Story. They didn't. Look it is why are more whole lot more. Away all the neighbors also beating your officers. And if these ball speed record. It once did or did you shoot more. So eat the story that you presented today. Pictured it. He's at the officers. People that were actually. And being investigated aren't won't do. Well. Or. Ignorant. He said it quarry I want one. Only that our third and didn't earthy and 88. What's fair and yeah. I say you are. Import what he only written. Instead you heard him. No stated. I don't restated vision he. And I only. What what are they brought Bloomberg are what does that mean by get justice your way. Still. We obviously. It's not every file. Complaint Burr speaking. Yet actually urged breast meat or any U. Eight murder prosecution at this day. Aren't ready to be brought back. The degree. Related. Its own general Cameron's. Today eat meat eating rat that makes eaten number one more important. Secondly. We are an additional work and Williams did in eight year we are. What some whatever forms they got what they are civil litigation over all all red you don't negligent. A battery assault. They violated. You are. The boat weird one you all there. I don't show. And order a drop. Bet if you shouldn't reward was broke we know what. Com and were sure. That it a rest and ours are O or an. Frederick Moore we thank you so much for your time appreciate you coming on the shelf. Thank you.

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"Frederick Moore, attorney for Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker, discusses the grand jury decision and why he says the officers weren’t justified. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73205142","title":"Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend’s attorney: Grand jury decision is 'baffling'","url":"/US/video/breonna-taylors-boyfriends-attorney-grand-jury-decision-baffling-73205142"}