California Chrome Vying for a Triple at Belmont

Only 11 horses have won the Triple Crown, most recently, in 1978.
1:48 | 06/06/14

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Transcript for California Chrome Vying for a Triple at Belmont
First the Kentucky Derby. Then -- the Preakness Stakes. -- tomorrow the final jewel in horse racing's Triple Crown the Belmont. California chrome a three year old -- with White Sox a white stripe down his nose and blazing speed. What you -- it. First -- 36 years to sweep the sport's top prizes. Only eleven horses have. -- Triple Crown. -- recently affirmed in nineteen sent me. Since then twelve horses that come here to Long Island with a Triple Crown on the line. -- fall short in what's known as the test of the champion -- -- mile and a half long course is bigger than the derby the preakness. But California -- jockey says his horse is built for the distance you -- his image in the beginning which is very important for me. -- amount is a long ways -- trainers a father son team say the horses inquisitive. -- posing for pictures and has made their jobs easy. It's hard to describe its. It's just been so much fun and this horse is just taken us on the -- of their life. O'Brien no one thought would lead to increasing royalty given the horses humble roots. California -- owners are first time breeders would -- jobs who invested just 101000 dollars to breed him. That's pennies compared to other champions. We just over gives the people -- -- him to go out and try hard. It's quiet here at the track today but tomorrow a record crowd of more than 100000 is expected. All hoping to witness history Karen Travers ABC news Belmont park.

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{"id":24030138,"title":"California Chrome Vying for a Triple at Belmont","duration":"1:48","description":"Only 11 horses have won the Triple Crown, most recently, in 1978.","url":"/US/video/california-chrome-vying-for-triple-crown-24030138","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}