Alleged mass shooter was a military veteran: Officials

Ian David Long, who allegedly killed 12 people in a Thousand Oaks, California, bar, was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, officials said.
2:58 | 11/08/18

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Transcript for Alleged mass shooter was a military veteran: Officials
We have identified the suspect. Approximately an hour ago the suspect was identified as high end David Long IAN. David Long. The birth date of march 27 1990. Was 28 years old. We've had several contacts with mr. long over the years minor event such a traffic collision. He was a victim embody battery at a local bar and he doesn't fifteen. In April of this year deputies were called to his house. First subject disturbing. They went to their house they talked to hum. He was he was somewhat irate at acting out the little irrationally. They called out our crisis intervention team Carmel health specialist. Who met with them talk to and cleared and didn't feel that he was. Qualified to be taken under 5150. And he was left it at that scene last April. Deputies are at their house now they have secured the residents and they're seeking a search warrant to do a thorough search of the house. The weapon is in this horrific shooting. Was a Glock when he won 45 caliber handgun. The handgun is designed. To hold in California a ten rounds and one in the chamber. This weapon did have. Extended magazine on it. We do not have not know at this time how many rounds were actually. In the weapon. Or how many rounds it that would the magazine could actually hold. Because it's still being processed as part of the evidence that we don't know if he reloaded his weapon or not we're still interviewing witness says. There's not necessarily indication that that happens. It appears he walked up to the scene we shot the security guard that was standing outside. He stepped inside. It appears that he. Turned to the right and shot several of the other security and employees there. And then began opening fire inside. The nightclub. We don't have any details to confirm across exact chronology about what happened. We will provide edgy as we bring all of our witness statements together. And we feel more comfortable about talking about. Of wit yeah where we have no idea whether what the motive was at this point. He is a veteran he was in the United States Marine Corps and aren't hurting it is. Am I I that was I understand that was part of discussion when the deputies went out to the call with the crisis team that. Felt he might be suffering from PT SD basing that the fact is a veteran and had been on the court he merely anymore obvious that he would not. The when sergeant he lets. And the high patrol officer went again. They immediately exchanged gunfire with the suspect. And that's when this certainly Hillis was shot several times.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Ian David Long, who allegedly killed 12 people in a Thousand Oaks, California, bar, was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, officials said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59057056","title":"Alleged mass shooter was a military veteran: Officials","url":"/US/video/california-mass-shooter-military-veteran-officials-59057056"}