What the new CDC mask guidelines mean for returning to normal

The CDC now says fully vaccinated people can ditch their masks in most situations, even indoors.
7:38 | 05/14/21

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Transcript for What the new CDC mask guidelines mean for returning to normal
Are we approaching age you may return to normalcy here the beginning of the end of Q well right now more than 118. Million people are fully vaccinated that's more than a third of the US population. Some of the 24 states that still have mass mandates are now looking to lift those restrictions. But some businesses have already said they aren't changing their rules yet I want to bring in physician at Stanford children's health doctor look Patel. To break assault sound forest doctor Mattel thanks for being here your reaction to the CDC's new guidance this announcement yesterday. Well ahead. Tear reactions and a first one was really applauding the underlying science than you data about the effectiveness of vaccines. Because we seem to be kind of overstepping his back to be presented new data cited the vaccines really do prevent symptomatic. And asymptomatic infections and also. If you're backstage in the rare chance you're actually getting cub in nineteen you must much less likely discredit someone else or severely off but regarding the new listing. The mast mandated same vaccine individuals can now to grass. Saw each other party endorsed that isn't it CDC went from zero to sixty in my opinion it seems a little rushed. And now a big question coming out of his new guidance is. Will there be some kind of vaccine enforcement right if your business how are you supposed to handle this when there's no way to tell by looking at someone. Whether or not their vaccinated. That is a great question you pose it is a question that have a lot of us. Indeed it is eight really highlights is back and now the onus is going to be placed on local and state leaders and all those businesses out there as he has mentioned Tony foresees mass mandates. And you can look at headlines right now there's several states have said let's go to ball as he sees guidance but then there's other states Hawaii California. In two New Jersey whose every team activities in place right now and you know I. I feel pretty individuals out there or immune compromised or under the age of twelve people who haven't been able to get back CDX and what this means about their help because guess what the honor system. And saying that your vaccinated and and you know what to Wear a mask. Doesn't really enforceable and I'm not sure how much a lot of people trust that you know that a vaccine pats are probably isn't gonna work it must parts of the country. Now the New York Yankees are also reporting an outbreak now at least eight fully vaccinated members they got the JJ vaccine. They still tested positive for covad nineteen other infections are mild or asymptomatic. So is this away oh lord now we're we will still see outbreaks but they'll be mostly mild or asymptomatic. It's. Possible and I want to make sure that people really understand. The what you just mentioned right there is that you can still get the infection your vaccinated it's not nearly as common but you're much less likely CA severely sick. So people shouldn't be overly surprised that he seemed greater inspections remember these vaccines from Johnson Johnson batsman Darren are all above 7080%. Affected. Important you know part of me also wonders if maybe CDC should have presented this data on the effect is of vaccines and instead hey if we reach a certain number let's go and that those mandates may be in a few weeks or in June for example. And a lot of people have been posing this question anecdotally end of could they have tested positive. From the vaccine not from the virus itself is that an apostle. All. It's not and so I will devolve to things right now you're not a test positive. From actually getting the vaccine is what your body is doing seeking a blueprints for a vaccine and not actually making the virus itself and also just since were debugging things right now Diane. There is knows seeing as shedding the virus from the actual vaccine itself as a Christian more Americans to get vaccinated recently to make sure debunking misinformation that seems to be spreading every single day. I love the myth busting allowed it I think her question no great I have a two year old at home a lot of people having onions at home I'm vaccinated. But he isn't so I don't want to risk getting him six show how do parents like me. Handle this if we can still get sick is my low risk plus his low risk for being young and not forging the rules not apply to me. It should be enough now remember you know I first live plot you. Are actually be doing a response holding a looking out for your little one I have a newborn baby girl on the about the same stuff right now you know you're vaccination grant less likely. They hear and that's why C Democrat Diana. That's also why are much less likely to slow read the virus in the rare chance easier getting. But again I'm hearing from a lot of parents are there are saying hey my elementary aged child might be he's not only get vaccinated for at least several months if not early next year how do we see protected from -- else out there. Who may be inspected and may not be wearing a mask and that's a big question that's a responsibility really does fall on the individual. And would have a little questions right late Byron go into his store up until today I would take him with me he has his mask on everybody else does too so I feel comfortable with that but. I'm gonna take him into a store where people aren't matched that makes me a little uneasy. And I don't blame me for going out and what I would tell parents are there're someone who may not be vaccinated if your wits and as you know compromise is whatever may be. This is think about community transmission in your area the good the actual business you're going to is it. Kind of spread out indoor if farmers market or something or is it really you know crowded. Bar or restaurant and you might want to take into consideration we're going right now and I guess what we keep talking about. I think this is an it vary from state to state you know in New Yorkers is in Francisco vs Alabama vs Louisiana there's different vaccination rates. And that's what I'm seeing certain businesses. Local state leaders being paying attention to when they're deciding whether or not to lift these masks. Many itself at resented what they can't protect themselves I think I mean again the important thing to pay attention to. As of the vaccines. Absolutely. Worst. And these guidelines release do you work themselves assuming that everybody's vaccinated so that seems beauty gala. But asked Americans out there she does realize that there is a reason why cases are going down. Right now I stashing places where vaccination rates are high our clients I want to my two year old took crowded bar. Maybe not BS yes no kind of bar I did think of David's like a gun no car something some you know cool pseudo child car and into yet that might be back. Admit women panda something will invent that together. I'm one question though because we know that and I hate to be a Debbie downer here but things are looking good in the US. But you know you look at places like India where that's not the case we keep hearing about the potential for new more dangerous variants how concerned. Should we be about that in this context. What you're not Denny downer at all in fact here a realistic Regina I just made it out. But I think it's important to pay attention to the fact that yes things are going very well in the United States but again and this is a global pandemic. And you can actually see other countries such as Brazil and India what can absolutely happen to get a combination. I mean lower vaccination rates plus a new variant so even though we're lifting mandates are celebrating success the United States all it takes. Is a low vaccination rate in this country and some area plus. A variance or the introduction of more virus from other people have been apps we have more Al CC this happened in the past that influenza with measles within walking calmly gaps we see this happen in the future with current virus is that you must see to me make sure that they understand the realistic finish line it really does look like. Lifting amassed Manny does not mean that route of the pandemic Purcell seeing thousands of Americans getting sick every day hundreds dying ever seeing operates all over the world. All right doctor Patel great to have you as always congrats again on the new baby and whatever your tips after hiding your sleep deprivation we will take them all. Break bring winds should a competitive thank that's.

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{"duration":"7:38","description":"The CDC now says fully vaccinated people can ditch their masks in most situations, even indoors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77691828","title":"What the new CDC mask guidelines mean for returning to normal","url":"/US/video/cdc-mask-guidelines-returning-normal-77691828"}