Civil rights lawyer reacts to ER doctor's testimony at Derek Chauvin trial

“This was a pivotal moment in the prosecution’s case," Kristen Gibbons Feden said of Dr. Bradford Langenfeld.
5:30 | 04/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Civil rights lawyer reacts to ER doctor's testimony at Derek Chauvin trial
I'm hammering and civil rights attorney Christine given sped in for more on this as a christened the seem like a big moment in the prosecution's. Line of questioning to hear the doctor that treated George Floyd that pronounced him dead officially. Saying that he believes that what caused George -- hard to stop. Was essentially the spic CO what did you make of that moment. This was a pivotal moment in prosecution peace. He's Alice. Client data. Was justice association. Which as we knew from the media. Would because I had knee children's knee on mr. Clinton now. She is you know we'll all learn rushed. There was also a failure to eyewitness. He had been patient is at the Weinstein so shows also that duty and an. Element injury on. Doctor Who. As you mentioned announced mr. Floyd. I ultimately when that was not drunk nor the underlying condition. That was the latest on the stack. Rather the sexy Asian right knee on mr. Lee now that was a substantial once. You're in mr. Ali. Just a little good prosecution. Good defense check to counter that by asking. Kenton as amphetamines cause. A sixty you know I as as he turned it he said you know this. This we even are you using the word is sixty. Could it be caused by drugs in my show you that. That quick clip this is at the very beginning of the defense's cross examination of this witness and then get your reactions that. Hypoxia is the lack of oxygen to the brain tracked. Chris. And there are many things that cause hypoxia. There was still be considered asphyxiation pretty critical. Drug use certain drugs can cause hypoxia series. Specifically fentanyl. That's current Hubble methamphetamine. Combination of the two. Yes. So clearly the defense years trying to raise OK you just said he died by asphyxiation in your best opinion but. That asphyxiation does isn't necessarily mean will we you know lay people think it means it could have been caused. By drugs this is going to be huge part of the defense or how big is that moment. And how to do think that carried out as the prosecution came back. Out of that storm is an ounce to examine our lender is elements. On her again. In this ZTED. Video evidence relational as it was at C patient and her name heat on the net. These are very common sense things that he cherry Garcia age every year hasn't knee and neck and common sense out individuals to conclude. If an individual. Is is has and eat crashing his now critics and Syria times such say he then is able to resume. And then he comes on responses. It really counters any an allegation and drug overdose or sometimes underlying heart condition. I think also any direct examination. Soccer also kind of under mr. Nelson's cross examination. On in a number of ways but most significantly. I'm. A likes seating for one. He was told paramedics. As well as the ones that he actually believed were all of towards. Sixteen we resuscitating. Mr. police rat which again shows that. It's kind of the doctor was in NYC after he was motivated to help him we didn't gain oxygen the cut mr. please stand before him as an oxygen deprived. The. Now we should point out that the medical examiner said it in his own report and in court filings that he couldn't rule out that it's possible George Floyd could have died in relation to the drugs could have died were not for the knee on the neck. That that strikes me is why this doctor's testimony is so important because it seemed like the prosecution was trying to go through checklist. Of everything in defense is going to try to argue may have caused his death instead of any on the neck. And this doctor explaining why those were not. At top of mind as he was going through and ruling things out and why he thought ultimately it came down to lack of oxygen. Yeah I couldn't agree with you more and I think one of the also. Crucial moments of his testimony. Was just distinguishing. What we have delayed and on medical shall lead party grass isn't limited. And and in this instance cardiac arrest what is only see anymore. Oriental woman here. Which is why the prosecution is trying to insert is a substantial model. Mr. Read it seemed like they were going back and forth a little bit on how would its carbon dioxide levels were high that could end its Katie was caused by drugs. And I under the the prosecution's questioning the judge that the doctor rather than explain that. That could be caused by the cardiac arrest not necessarily the thing that caused. The cardiac arrest so we got a little technical there but it seemed like a lot was established their both by the prosecution. And the defense.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"“This was a pivotal moment in the prosecution’s case,\" Kristen Gibbons Feden said of Dr. Bradford Langenfeld.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76882959","title":"Civil rights lawyer reacts to ER doctor's testimony at Derek Chauvin trial","url":"/US/video/civil-rights-lawyer-reacts-er-doctors-testimony-derek-76882959"}