Several deaths occurred when a twin-engine plane crashed while trying to take off from a Florida airport

The Polk County sheriff said the area was "socked in with fog" at the time of the crash.
7:10 | 12/24/17

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Transcript for Several deaths occurred when a twin-engine plane crashed while trying to take off from a Florida airport
I have reviewed. Some footage. And clearly. No one should have tried. A takeoff from this airport at 750 this more. The air force totally socked in with fog. This aircraft. Attempted to take off from the south to the north on the main runway. And for reasons unknown. Crash. At the north and at the airport. Not far from our aviation hangar. There all multiple deaths. And we or do in a death investigation at this time. In PSP is the notified they will certainly do the crash investigation. We were assisted by. Pope fire rescue which put out the fire. We know upon impact. It was there was a huge fire. One of our helicopter pilots was then the hangar. Heard the plane starting to take off. And fall through itself my gosh. I can't believe someone straw on the take off in this weather. And he said it was just seconds later that he heard the change in the edge. Of the blades. And the impact to the north end of the airport. Not very far from here. This is very sad situation. We are not releasing the ability of the pulling. Or of the occupants there are multiple occupants. I can tell you I know personally at least one of the people on the play. I'd have known for years and years and years. As soon as it's appropriate. We will reconvene and I'll give you that information. But certainly our hearts go out to the families. Of these folks who were apparently departing for some holiday festivities. And that's my assumption. And we're confirming. The abilities. As well as we can or the people that were supposed to be on the airplane. And as soon as we talk to their families we'll be back protections you. Breaux a won't release any other information as to the ability of the people. And bill we can't sufficiently. Tracked down who ol' what's supposed to be your place. It's very very awesome guy and you. You know as well as the plane was in the air and came back down the crash or have left the runway. Do you know I have not. Be. Plane crash investigator Bo from all indications the plane was in the air and came back to the ground. And though there was no survivors are chance of anybody survive. And there was no chance of survival. The what when you look at the crash. The the only thing that you conservatives. Nobody suffered. I'm not relation Harmon is on board by struck. Service I think this is. Tough press conference you don't have anyone an arms. Rob the first time for me when you're born and raised in a community. You know oops everyone or you know someone who knows every one. And this county's little over 600 wells no whole lot of people and it breaks my heart for anyone with a rather them not so. We are working. With our crime scene detectives. And our investigators are death investigation. Team to. Judy the initial investigation that thing I will be back in touch with key to give you further details justice. As we have the opportunity. To you. Make. Obviously we can't make a positive identification but. As long as usual ponderous of evidence of who was on the play and that the Kremlin's. One. I don't know how calls him. And the I can't speak for what FAA regulations or I can tell you that. Our aviation what's line. And the video. Clip that I solved that we process back on. Clearly indicated no when chip kept all of a small plane and that way. I think it view. Well actually a but we certainly. This thing will unfold. We are just theories. After the crash into the investigation. We want to be exceptionally sensitive. To the families. Of those who lost a loved one I mean it's a tragedy in the day of the week it is the worst tragedy on Christmas. It's just manifested by coming here in the holidays. But are firmly for growing closer together. And that's what I thriller about a argued children grandchildren a little higher. And say prayers for the family of these folks here. Well for gets clear of it are or breaks for or real. And here. And once again we don't we have not identified. Who all was on the plane exactly. We know there are multiple deaths. You know certainly we wish we could rewind this. And if if we could. You know our Breslin to the floor to keep him from getting a better place this morning. Others that you hear that. But I will later. Are you are utilities say what. The I know they initially set twin engine aircraft utilization flood. I've a plane was. Good. But of luck later. Thank. Regular match ever get that. I'll be in touch. We don't know when I'll brief few next do you really know everything officially that we because we've not identified the people. And but as soon as I'm comfortable. That we haven't been apart people and their relatives of they'll be back to give you further details once again I can't officially say who they are until total positive identification has occurred. But as you know we released the information we can't as soon as we care. And you know any of anything about faith right this second is subject to change as the investigation. I will not confirm that I don't think they can confirm that. Karen if they release that they shouldn't have. Thank you.

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{"duration":"7:10","description":"The Polk County sheriff said the area was \"socked in with fog\" at the time of the crash.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"51980214","title":"Several deaths occurred when a twin-engine plane crashed while trying to take off from a Florida airport","url":"/US/video/deaths-occurred-twin-engine-plane-crashed-off-florida-51980214"}