Florida State University Officials Identify Alleged Shooter

Gunman injured three before he was shot and killed by police.
17:52 | 11/20/14

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Transcript for Florida State University Officials Identify Alleged Shooter
It is normalize studying and we heard. We heard gunshots a couple minutes before. I think he entered the building and we've we just weren't sure what it was and we are just kind of we're hesitant to do anything about it and then we heard an alarm inside. And once again we do we do know what to do we just kind of Brothers waiting for examining announcement assuming I sat and and then we heard gunshots from below us downstairs and everyone just kind of got up and you know just mass panic and ran out whoever whoever we couldn't. Students at Florida State University describing the panic and shaken after a school shooting. Three people were wounded before the gunman was shot and killed by police. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen and New York a police officer fatally wounded the gunman whose identity has not been revealed. That shooting happened early Thursday morning at one of the school libraries where many students were studying for exams. Two of the three wounded were taken to Tallahassee hospital the condition of the third victim. Is still unknown we are though hoping to learn more about that and more details. At a press conference at Florida State University officials. Are giving right now let's listen in. Or state university. So without further due I think we're here to and I think you're here to understand a little bit more about the investigation. And yes chief toll two respond to some facts that he isn't cover. Since this morning and provide you with some additional information. And in chief Barry will also do them have reports that university. Good afternoon. Burst as as we talked this morning again. You know as the investigation. Continues. And that further details wolf the F unfold that this is all you know early information. We've had investigators obviously working for since 12:30 this morning since the incident occurred. And the eyes more details emerge we'll continue to share that information with everybody and rule shared much information as possible as it becomes available. The first thing that we'd like to do is confirm the identity. A suspect. Myron that Sean May. It is our suspect that who was killed this morning. As a result of his actions. When he decided to shoot. Our students then and attack our community. He was born in Dayton Ohio. In 1983. He moved to Florida as a teenager. And graduated from we hey it's a school. He graduated from at that you in 2005. Then he moved to Texas rate at Texas Tech law school and graduate from there 2009. He practiced law in Texas and New Mexico. And he moved back into the area approximately three weeks ago. One and recaps and they beat the synopsis of the event as we have established a better timeline of the river events from this morning. As we all know at this point had approximate 12:30 AM. Mr. may start achieving students. In front of the shows are library. He then enters a prime area and the library where he shoots one employee. And tries issued another woman who's affiliated with the university. He then we lose his gun. And he never proceeds pass a security measures that are in place in the library he never leaves he front lobby area. He then exits the library where he's confronted by at that she police officers in Tallahassee police department police officers. He refuses to surrender. As a result of this hat encounter mr. Mays hadn't killed by the officers. The to Tallahassee police department officer that was involved in the shooting his office for Wayne stats. And he's been he's working with us for fox me three years. As far as summoned to addressing the questions are asked this morning is as we've uncovered more details I just wanna go through. Some more indications. We have no prior local criminal investigation captors. With mr. may that we are aware of either through Tallahassee these apartment or Leon county sheriff's office. He use a 380 semi automatic handgun and he had additional ammunition. In his pockets. Investigators have conducted search warrants on mr. Mays vehicle. And his cell phone and were reviewing evidence as a result of those search warrants. We have invested that we had investigators have interviewed twenty to 25 primary witnesses who actually witnessed the actual shootings. Mr. may had a written journal and videos or expressed fears of being targeted. And that he wanted to bring attention to this issue have targeted. It for a preliminary review of these documents and videos demonstrate that mr. may was in the state of crisis. Further detailed review we'll continue these documents to establish more facts. We've not found any information at this time to indicate why he chose this morning to act. Or why he chose to show their library as the place for his actions. Based on all the evidence this time. We continue to believe that mr. may acted alone and there's there's no further threat to the students. The university the workers from the community. And that she thank you. This just just want to say one other thing our entire board is been involved in. This matter since happened this morning back we floor state university we'll have a board meeting tomorrow. Led by our chairman chairman Alan beens who has been here since our early this morning and chairman I appreciate your your hard work and all you've done. To help us in this through this crisis. That are in all of our borders here and there will be here tomorrow. Four or a regular board meeting and I think it's fair to say I think I can say this Garnett. That we're gonna get back to normal tomorrow our our university is going to open our classes are going to be held in its treasurer library is going to be opened early in the morning. So we're moving ahead we're moving ahead. Were continuing to pray for of those victims. Right before state university. But we're gonna get through this with a great famine we have now I'd like to introduce. Our chief who's been so helpful in this chief period. It was not. Good afternoon. Additional information on Marin disarm made. The pursuit police department has to hold our cases on disarm which are now public we have a case from 2002. Involving. Of suspicion of marijuana use some of the case from 2003 where he was the victim of a vehicle burglary. Both of those cases are now public and made available our website if anyone needs that information. As president breasts or indicate its closure is right now being reviewed and assessed by our building maintenance and facilities of staff. We plan to reopen first thing in the morning and we will have. Visible presence for students so they feel safe and so comfortable as they return to some sense of normalcy. We do keep our victims. And our thoughts and prayers we understand the two were still at BR hospital receiving treatment. Our officers who responded and who were actively involved in that situation have been placed on administrative leave. The officers involved are number one sergeant Roy wiley. Were while it has been with the officer police department for fifteen years. The second officer is officer Daniel corrections he's been with the efforts to police department for two years. There are also involved is oriental Sloan. He's been with youngsters who police department for what went years five months but he has previous experience with another sheriff's office. Mix ups involved this Beaumont nations has been with the efforts to police department for one year and five months. In the last officer involved is Paul Rees Adams he's been with the efforts to police department for one year and two months. I think it's appropriate to note that thirteen days ago the official police department conducted active shooter training for situations or incidents just like this so the officers had. You know good memory marker over how to respond in what was appropriate. Before this type of situation. The easy button as a term we use our campus two highlight our efforts to alerts system. We're proud to say that we have more than 35 methods to notify campus community in the event of an emergency. And it worked for us today. I will reactivate that system sixteen about systems automatically. Begin the population and share information instantly with the campus community. More than 55000. People received information about today's incidents within five minutes. I do on a close by saying. Huge thank you to the community to. The United States literally because we received hundreds of emails between us the people standing Whitney. From colleagues and friends from family members who truly are thankful. For our response and the things that we've done so thank you to the community thank you for the food the water and just the outpouring of support. A we will get through this as a as a community we'll get through this as a university. I get through this with the help of the city of Tallahassee. I think we will take a few questions at this time. What they're looking to the media. View you and senator record mentioned that he thought the response was so quick today in your opinion was is that there response. An actor you're mr. I think it was an appropriate response in retirement call comes in and so anytime a call comes in for. Something of this magnitude. It demands a prompt response and that's what our officers provided. Couple with the city of Tallahassee offices football legend Julio I didn't know what do you believe that he was paid. Target. You know we've just groups. Got the documents and things. The U refer to government targeting and was very general nature it's that we just conducted for preliminary review. The documents and videos it can take more time even deep felt really. To to fill out all those kind of question mark right now. It. For more thoughts on being crisis that that someone who's struggling he'd either psychologically. Emotionally. And you know it could be for a variety of reasons. Because helping people have crisis situations in their lives all the time that and then people he deals in different ways people who go through a divorce from going through crisis situation. So know until we have all that all the information available it's hard to say. But it based on our initial review some the documents in the videos and and is postings it's clear that. Mr. Mays he you know sense beans and place in our community was now. What most people refer to as a normal status he was a sense of crisis and he was searching for something. Our relationship with earth excuse me but more like her. Most of them are now know that our net of current known him. Not that I know of at this point. It's cute make. We're still work and and it. The shooting part we still have more witnesses to interview that includes and the officers who involved initiating so we don't have all the facts of that investigation done yet. And his. Again we're so in early stages like I can take this point that we eat their words over thirty rounds fired. In total that includes. From mr. may and the officers. But again we're still. County grounds and very early in the investigation. It is that we saw in the piece of the officers were involved so apple is the house's earlier net. 31. Oh you. This isn't certain that you can't because our timing that we've looked at. So far we still have more investigating to do but it appears that the a missile call came in at 1225. With a report of a gunman in the library between 1225. Our officers around responded. Addressed the subject and sites were reported fired at 1227 when something was down. And got a friend alive outside inferno lobby. He he came out he came outside on his own. There are a lot of conflicting reports we're or few days. Neighborhood things that we had said there are some victims who were outside in some victims who inside and out front lobby area. So that they were Steve they were students outside the library. In this the courtyard area and there were some victims who were inside that front lobby area to agree totally with you write the history second only when Pendleton where it was it was. It just in front and that and that front lobby area when you first opened doors that did not pass that this security measures in place and various him. Are you. We had we had three people who are injured. That that were injured by gunfire. We had a litany. The we we we had one gentleman that was shot inside the lobby area and two people chat outside politely. In. It. This system. Between the male. You. And here earlier reports. Are. That is that sentence somewhere students and one was an employee. This the president signed over that and believe me it was office. He was a graduate of the university was employee. Yes theater. And if you're as as far is that responded overall. That there had to be probably. So similar neighborhood at fifty it is heavy fire officers that were here last night people. The well they were all here for the incidents terrorists yes a government the actual cheating part of it as far as the officers involved at this point that's the total number officers that involved in the shooting. But that did it from their as you please format in the month and allies this week. Routes and jobs are. Is there any indication. Forensic evidence of what they get sick I said we got it that's of that that's it that's a round count that there was at least thirty rounds fired between everybody involved. As far as the details and everything else we're still working that part out within a year starting January to have as you. If you and then indicated it negative. There's no indication he impatiently at this point why he selected. That that the library here to do this on the campus certain uses money from earlier reports was fired off. I answer that question previously that no way this time we're still early on we still have officers to interview we don't have that investigations that included yet. There aren't learned they just a couple of more questions and parking the people are. That we have no information seen anyone was targeted for a specific reason and thought I would Rutgers. University. As you know it's why. It went up there. It when we open tomorrow will have not only police presence but we'll have our president what about programs to several administrators who will be there to help welcome a student's bat. To having some sense of being normal and in a safe environment these a lot of campus there and where we are. He he parked a few blocks away and walked over to eat and you know the injured student. They're still that I that you carry coverage there's still the hospital seeking receiving treatment for their injuries. We we can't discuss is that there and that is that earned them record of that person. Bill it. Or restore concern for the well being of our students they are still being treated and we're going to be sensitive to the the family and allow them to receive the treatment. When it closed by saying the support that we received from acute care community is phenomenal but the law enforcement support from EMS fire. The public safety officials has been astounding. Are at dispatchers who of the first persons to receive calls for service performed. Flawlessly to get the information out timely so they were the first ones that helped trigger the response it allowed the off law enforcement officers to go and do their job. Protect those more than 450 to 500 students who were still in the library at that time. We thank you for your patience we'll give you more information later at an update thank you very much like you'll hear it could. And that is Florida State University police along with Tallahassee police. Confirming the identity of who they say was the shooter that went into that library at the university today identifying him as my Iran may. So that he once attended Florida State University but had moved to Texas and recently moved back said they had no. Recent interaction with him but going over his records say that there are. Certainly signs that he was in crisis and more information about that coming up Florida State University meanwhile says it will reopen tomorrow. And we'll have people on hand including counselors to help students you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app. And starring this story for exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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