Government shutdown cost $8 billion in first quarter of 2019

Also, new sanctions announced for Venezuela, the shutdown takes an economic toll on federal workers and the U.S. GDP, Kamala Harris announces presidential bid, and Howard Schultz "considering" run.
15:25 | 01/28/19

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Transcript for Government shutdown cost $8 billion in first quarter of 2019
Hi there and welcome to the briefing room on ABC news political director Rick Klein joined here by defeat for the director. Perry Ellis park's the first on a 41 days a briefing from Press Secretary Serra Sanders also some news. Right of the top order to talk about the the possibility of another shutdown now that peace has been reached for only two and a half weeks or so about first Mary Alice some news that that was announced just moments ago by the the administration regarding Venezuela. The Treasury Secretary the national security advisor saying that there are new sanctions in place right now. And something of a threat. If the if that we don't presidency is not allowed to to proceed. And really threats of military action if any American assets or. American personnel were to come under physical threat that was very interesting and stark. From the national security advisor bullets and there I was also struck by the fact that he said that vice president patents had had. Personal when I'm on conversations with this new interim president that then that the US government is acknowledging. And a lot of concerns about what the impact on the economy would be particularly as for coming out of this shut down a bit of a perilous up period we should note that. At as of this moment negotiations are about to resume between. Members of the conference committee or he's in the house in the senate trying to decide how to proceed on a potential immigration compromise the president sounded pessimistic on that over the weekend. I'm not a lot new right now from Sarah Sander she's mostly says she didn't want to negotiate. On any of the terms one I want to ask Meredith McGraw was standing by at the White House what what your sense is right now about where negotiations stand and whether the president. Is prepared to put down any other markers before this conference committee commences. Hey there. Right now it's really uncertain about. Went 88 compromise between the White House and Democrats would actually look like the president yesterday seemed to expressed some doubt. Over any fruitful negotiations happening between Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill now got a group. That bipartisan bicameral group. Has its work cut out for them they have just eighteen days to try to come up with a deal that would sat side the president's demands he said yesterday. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal that he's still committed to five point seven you. Billion dollars for his border Walt wallet Democrats say that they're hoping for a more permanent fix. For immigration. And we're gonna get the view on Capitol Hill in just a moment of the Mary Alice is as you know the fact that workers are back at work today in the federal workforce 800000 who have climbed up HS more than a month. Now we're going to be back at work. Want to take a listen to this are our folks from around the country have. Gathered some some interviews and some material from federal workers who were impacted by the shutdown are now very grateful to be working again. On this very. Thankful to be back or thank from my job I'm very excited it's been an all sound ready get back to acquire hitless. Scary year in. Just I don't like being off schedule you feel for you co workers and you know people you know who. Just weren't prepared for something like this nobody's ever prepare for anything like this relief on some level that the immediate crisis is over. But that's coupled with the just a strong determination to make sure it doesn't happen again. They want to try to do in three weeks what they can doing five weeks. So anyone allows the Oscar what do you think's gonna happen they're gonna shut down the government again that's what we all. They then do it again in all because of what a candidate Walt. And as we hear did the White House can't rule out the possibility of of another shutdown nets' heartbreaking to listen to that anxiety again. Over the possibility that we can be right back in the middle a checked out in just a few weeks and they're sinners really did a little TU. It discourages rain any of that kind of fear it's currently serve persistent among federal employee in our man on Capitol Hill standing by John Parkinson now what what is the sense as these. Negotiations. Get under way we'll can you tell us about this conference committee what they're going to be working on. Who he is on it and what kind of voice is there going to be listening to. Derek. Well I think he can return back to the question about the scope of this committee the conference committee what is can actually be talking about. And when I keep hearing from sources really close to this is that it's going to be just border security it's not going to be this broad immigration deal. Where there's doc has thrown in there are temporary protected status or chain migration they're looking at what can we put money down on for border security. Whether it's a Smart wall whether it's money for a physical barrier whether it's for sensors down on the border. Border security patrol agents that kind of thing. And they want to look for specific appropriations and you look at the people that are on the conference committee and it's filled with appropriators and not people from the Judiciary Committee which would. Pride be more involved with. Deciding some of these other policy questions on immigration reform. So does that limit the possibilities of a compromise how could that get wedged in there where you you have the White House not really setting down a lot of for markers here. The conference committee itself you're saying won't be enough. Well I think that it's good that they have negotiations going on at this level to deal with border security. I think that as you seen on Capitol Hill there's always potential for this sort of grand bargain to come together with players that are either right center stage or even people that are. Working in seeker negotiations that are separate from white what might be the main topic at hand. I think that in this case. We'll probably see a border security deal. Right now looks like Democrats and Republicans are still dug in on this impasse that led to shut down for 35 days. And I don't think that. You really see much of this movement beyond the scenes on undock addicted party got an extension that looks like they've got nine months or so from the courts. Really worked through that issue to. So lots. The the financial impact of the shots on an aerial some new numbers out just today from the Congressional Budget Office that put. Increase our view what this has met with the shut town met eleven billion dollars in total economic damage. Through that the shut down of course they're not calculating about what another potential shutdown would mean that's a big number that's but that's twice the UK for two walls on the president trumps. From the right more than the president asked for was interesting to listen to members are. The administration. Totally refute those numbers they said they were inflated. Stacy said they just did not agree. But dating knowledge that there was highly personal hardship as well. I mean the whole take on individual families struggling to pay bills whenever any guess now Kristen Brody a economics professor and Alabama and M university thank you for being back here. On the briefing room and and professor can walk us through. Why their didn't damage is real why the damage happened we heard a lot along the way about. About workers who missed paychecks for the White House kept saying that the basic functions of government would continue. Why is there are why is it fair to assume that there was actual damage to the economy. Are eyeing me first La. That's the CEO Ripley and are they angry at total eleven billion. Rebellion in the fourth quarter when he eighteen and another eight billion in current wearing. So that rarely ever lacked money I understand that they were saying you're surely not there. Ali I means that it wouldn't happen backer act but you rarely hear about equal did not get it and are those barrel. Bernard where you yeah I'm bitter and act like it back it up. So what about people who are your home your heart it Erie error. It they may not be able it back into their act and it does he eat bigger we need to consider an army individuals in addition you. Eleven billion Al macro number. Is there a certain part of the economy that was most impacted. By the government shut down. Well when you look at arrow federal workers those located at an EC and elsewhere even here in Alabama where we have great Ers now. No I hate government area and is. And then go to theories federal acting. I'll expanding trade and it goes to bounce. Seeking a. Just wanna dig on this point because we heard from Larry Kudlow the president's economics advocate advisor that there would be no damage is a long term damage is the economy he acknowledged. Personal hardships and he tried not to diminish that but he said quote. This which goes right back on is that true hour or other services that were not rendered during this time. That will linger in terms of economic impact. Somehow I agree yes this wish is that client Aaron backed a we're kind of people quietly you look at eleven billion network lack eight billion is is and I'm back what about the other three billion land. And we're looking there at a macro point of view you may not think that the three billion as a lack. But again Atlanta he he will laugh your cars that you're not going to be able to get back my network lapsed. I'm of the area's homeless shelters when they're yours and dining area where most people associate it cannot get I'm. Though it couldn't. The government and now it is no way you get backpack and eat law. Kristen Brody from Alabama and M university professor of economics thanks for being here really appreciate your your insights on this. Thank you know. And Mary Alice eat you could tell concern from the White House they're trying to reset the Texas first briefing in 41 days they're trying to sale of the economy's going to be fine. After the shot down that that the president said he wanted and that ultimately. He he caves in the negotiations stand. And they tried to avoid answering questions about what the impact could be another government shut down. Sarah sinners repeatedly saying that it was not the goal to end upsetting to down a government but again doing very little to. To say definitively one way or the other. The is that we will single look at what people are saying about all of this are ABC news Washington Post poll was in the field. As you know Mary Alice last week gauging the temperature of the American people on this we saw the president dip. Muir his record low in terms of his approval ratings we also so saw it as a vast lack of confidence in the presidency. Decision making abilities only 35%. Say they they trust the president. To make decisions the right decisions the country's future two thirds of the country almost say they do not trust him on that most basic of tasks was interesting to me to another number 39%. Said they only 39% say yes. The temperament needed to serve effectively these are just really am difficult numbers to get over. You look at an aunt Bessie gas goes even allow our only 33%. Of respondents saying that they think the president understands the problems that people like them face. So you can always. Sort of assume there's going to be big partisan divide east pause but these low numbers nonetheless that really gets you. His personality and and and temperament and we should know that in there wasn't a lot of us for Democrats of their decision making news in all of this I think it was that. Pox on on both your houses feeling about about all of this not a lot of fuss of Washington overall. I'll but I was struck by how much of a drop off we saw in the president's numbers on the issues that really drove him to office the economy. Jobs that deficit this was discussed here with new numbers from. The CBO on the deficit. I just a total collapse in support for the president's decision making on the purchase actually an every single. Issue area the president how to gap between how well people expected him to do. And how many people expected him to do well Neil to improve. The economy improves issues of the Dennis and or. Fighting terrorism more immigration and a gap between our expectations and how they thought he was doing today in every single issue areas seem to respondents thought he was under performing. And those expectations are fueling lots of speculation lots of movement on the 20/20 front rang I wanna talk about Connell Harris and her big night last night but first Howard Schultz the former Starbucks CEO. Making a lot of ways with his announcement last night. That he is in fact exploring a presidential candidacy take a look of at some of the video that he put out in talking about his. Exploration. And I am seriously thinking of running for president. I will run as a centrist independent. Outside of the two party system. Outside of the two party system Mary Alice that means a third party candidacy that means that there's going to be a lot of people upset about that a lot of them are letting marshals know about it. Rendell lot of room for businessman or woman to make waves. In the democratic primary we are just saying there's such distrust of Washington someone that could bring in that outsider appeal. But here he's doing something different than running outside of both parties and it's bad part of his candidacy that's getting a lot of blowback today. As Democrats data he could siphon off votes and they would need to. Had a chance into seeing a president and a stinging review from from Michael Bloomberg who himself has thought about running as a third party candidate a couple of times hold on it extensively. For this campaign cycle. Ultimately he is said he would only run as a Democrat if he runs and he says flat out. He can't win and you're gonna let trump win if you go forward with this arsenal's I was also struck by the Washington State party in the Democratic Party there. The chair was out very visibly today saying that she had never been contacted by hard -- obviously Starbucks. Headquartered there in the city or anger out and and that kind of personal blow back you know he can't win your hometown. That doesn't bode well going up for a German national debt. And that and it's things they party won Twitter over the weekend with their message on offense teacup don't do it how do we do it at. We did we did mention O'Connell Harris she a week ago. Today actually she announce her candidacy on Good Morning America. She has had quite a ride since then not culminating in an event last night in Oakland let me just look at those pictures Mary Alice adding that is a serious event. From from Kabul Harris and that to me was a statement about her placement in this field. Absolutely that and that took a lot of planning. Also should showcase to enthusiasm clearly people have in her hometown for her. I it was a diverse group a bigger estimates that 20000 people were there and her speech really commanding and that way we hadn't yet to see another. Potential democratic candidate. Command. A crowd like that those look like Bernie Sanders style crowds and she was really hold here on out there. Yeah I and in no other candidate. As you've been pointing out their analysis coming close to this by far the largest crowd front by far the biggest attempt. To try to draw a crowd a lot of Democrats have been telling me our last few days that whatever senator Harris is done they wish they could do it as well because this has been quite a roll out. And it's actually not over she in the town hall style attack exactly and that and that continues along with the 20/20 discussion all right. That does not that doesn't in this edition of the briefing room we just get some news in though there there is a new date for the state of the union is not going to be tomorrow it's a week for tomorrow February 5. Instead so mark your calendars will be here for the whole run up for Mary Alice parks I'm recline cut a six time.

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{"duration":"15:25","description":"Also, new sanctions announced for Venezuela, the shutdown takes an economic toll on federal workers and the U.S. GDP, Kamala Harris announces presidential bid, and Howard Schultz \"considering\" run.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60686961","title":"Government shutdown cost $8 billion in first quarter of 2019","url":"/US/video/government-shutdown-cost-billion-quarter-2019-60686961"}