Greta Thunberg at climate change rally: ‘Humanity is at a crossroads’

The young activist spoke at the climate strike in Charlotte, North Carolina.
5:48 | 11/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Greta Thunberg at climate change rally: ‘Humanity is at a crossroads’
Today is Friday among many other Friday's. And well hope AG and young people. From all across the globe. Striking school every Friday. And Monday. Our deepest to take response T. Had to unite behind the science. That the people in Pollard hadn't thought yeah. They continue to ignore us. To ignore the card's best they double science. So we have no choice but to go on Flintstones this case. The Los help them months I've. It's to travel around often black out. I it is isn't so many incredible places and met so many Brian. It can be hard. Times like bees to find hope. And I can tell you. I have not found much hope. In politicians. And corporations. It is the people. You know are. Our biggest source of hope. People on right now. Humanity. Is now sending. Me crossroads. And we back at this crucial time. We want to name and say that we do everything we possibly. Right. And while we young people. May not be able to boats. Or make decisions today. In this site C. We have something just as powerful. And that is our voices. We neat to use them. I'm making adults and timing us to boats. And pressure on the people collar. Teaches. Us so us. Whitney is splitting Atlantis. And mom. Our own age. Extent you're saying. I think. If you want to speak with any person neatly you can do it. It's we have people who are huge. It is not enough time to wait for us to grow up and become that wants spots. This week and I think it could not see right now. And I. The adults. In color yet. You to. Realize that's that we eat it then. Doing now. Biggest thinks. He's our future. We will not let it be taken away from months. I think. That keeping clients where waiting. It's when we the people. Truly realize what we can companies to get back. And we know. That tipping point. Com. The question is tests when. Let's hope that the olds may be. We will method you up. Because that you name not. People. And hope. Honestly say unite and they don't know inmates to what we can't do. Because we are change. Change is coming when the lightning I'm not. Think you so much. Showing up today. And I am so on it should be act.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"The young activist spoke at the climate strike in Charlotte, North Carolina. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66855218","title":"Greta Thunberg at climate change rally: ‘Humanity is at a crossroads’","url":"/US/video/greta-thunberg-climate-change-rally-humanity-crossroads-66855218"}