Houston police chief on protests and death of George Floyd

Chief Art Acevedo said Floyd died in a “manner that was inexcusable.”
6:09 | 06/02/20

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Transcript for Houston police chief on protests and death of George Floyd
Joining us now as Houston police chief art also made no he wrote an op then in the Washington Post titled as a police chief icy Minneapolis as a crucial test of our profession here's how we can avoid failing. Thank you so much for your time she's. Thank yet so great beyond but it does set of circumstances on which were meeting. Of course is very is an advocacy website called feeling towners know it documents deaths. Involving police officers according to their database not a single day has gone by through the thirtieth of this year may thirtieth of this year without a police. Related death. Curious to understand why we're talking about the African American population makes up 13%. Of the American population but about 26%. Of those deaths let's just take a step back and try to understand the disconnect try to understand. The why and what can be done to stop that. I think that. When we've had our own issues here in Houston was. Lot of it's usually force instance but we've got to take on individually. And make sure that. Number 111. Happens it they're properly investigated. That when the investigation is complete it's complete transparency. And most importantly when. The criminal misconduct occurs. It is not justify. That we actually all police are accountable sadly what's going on our countries not just this corporate this portion now in terms of one bad policing occurs it impacts communities of color. Yeah American community anti Hispanic community. Disproportionately. Impacts our communities police student is probably the most visible cock. Oh what's wrong but extends well beyond policing we got a lot of work to do as a society. And when you say we've got a lot of work to do what can we start to do in order to rebuild these relationships. I think that first of all we need to have a an approach. Crossing country on how do you respond interminable usual force and let's talk about what we do. How we do it how we make it better this is our moment to come together and actually look to see how we could make policing. The investigation before the good cops includes community deserved those. Cops and George Floyd was obviously from Houston tomorrow the city will honor Floyd with a rally and a marching you've offered to the family a police escort when Floyd's body returns home saying. Give us that honor why is an honor so important and you believe it acted helped start a healing process. Well I think luck when when you when you look at a son that was taken from a family of brother. And uncle. Friend and we want the Floyd family to know that we. We feel their pain and we're going to help them do what they need to do to honor. Their loved one. And George can actually make sure that we secure than Cubans say but most importantly that we not allow anyone the hijack. The legitimacy but we're trying to do which is to put it that man's arrest in the respectful manner. The Houston Chronicle editorial board is calling on you to release the videos from the six incidents were Houston police killed a man in recent months. While each case is different can you commit to releasing videos of officer involved shootings that happened in Houston. I am committed to it but I wanna start with the family first incident a case where an officer gets charges as you said taxes. The most diverse city in this nation a minority majority city sure mom I'm by minority majority police department the last thing we want. Is if there's an indictment. Although police officer and I have released all the videos that because of pretrial publicity the trial is moved truly. To a part of taxes. That is not as diverse as progressive as our city. And all of sudden the individuals get off because we cannot have an opportunity for our community. To waiting and I'm the appropriateness of the charge I think that that is a they ate another insult to this community and that is way you have to agree with me but that is what does look forefront of my mind. As we navigate. And balance the east these different. I think these different priorities. He's saying your op Ed in order to move for their needs to be a commitment to accountability in the case of George Floyd the original report was titled man dies after medical incident during police interaction and says of Floyd quote physically resisted officers it does not mention anything about officer children placing his knee on Floyd's neck for nearly nine milk minutes. Would we be having this conversation tonight if there weren't video and and should the police report itself be investigated. I think it of course are you documentary port it's they're under they're they have to be factual. The government document I have never ever. Seen someone have a need placed on their network. In all these years a police. And someone asking like mr. Floyd did well I can't breathe. And asking for his mother. And then did not pick up your meter Apple's the other publishers move that officer awful cannot be sitting here quietly begging to 22 peace be let out. That's a problem. Lastly she if you said it we will not let people come into our city and Terre an apple with more protests planned for tonight. What advice are you giving your officers and also how do you balance piece of first is protection some trees your advice to officers and your advice to anyone protesting tonight. Let me tell you that I'm so proud of the young when Malaysia police department and our friendship comes out. Our response has not been perfect but it has been. Like my mayor told we nearest restaurant turner who calls has been exemplary so far should the ducks a two way street. So has our community and we ended up Megan's RS but can they would mean those arrests without any injuries I'm aware of any protesters. No tear gas no rubber bullets but west side that the bulls professional manner possible we have a lot to be thankful for your usual. And we hope things will continue to remain peaceful and stay safe and thank you so much she vows of and we appreciate you joining us tonight. They.

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"Chief Art Acevedo said Floyd died in a “manner that was inexcusable.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71010688","title":"Houston police chief on protests and death of George Floyd","url":"/US/video/houston-police-chief-protests-death-george-floyd-71010688"}