Jodi Arias Trial: Judge Sets Date for Closing Arguments

The defense asks for lesser charges as the Arizona murder trial nears an end.
4:14 | 04/29/13

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Transcript for Jodi Arias Trial: Judge Sets Date for Closing Arguments
The -- is finally new year for the -- areas trial closing arguments are expected to begin this Thursday and here -- give us a look at the day's head is prosecutor and -- -- and glossy. -- -- -- thanks so much for being with us today are so go into this final week what can we expect from us. This is silly that people waiting for since January you know we're gonna finally be at the end of the -- -- the judge has drawn a line in the sand and she says that Wednesday will be be very last day of testimony no matter how late they -- into the night and then she will give her final. Jury instructions to that Jerry she says on Thursday and then both sides will give their closing arguments and she's hoping that that means Thursday and Friday and then the Jerry finally. Gets their chance do their job and hopefully come back with a verdict in this case in east. Final few days there's been some very powerful evidence that has been presented do you think that is changing the dynamics of this case because it has gone for such a long time yet you know I think that's powerful about it is the timing is that really win the prosecution came back to now rebut the defense that case that they put on. They really kind of very quickly hit some key points to really show how incredible and by that I mean not believable. Some of the defense arguments have been about what Jodi arise as happened. At the time she killed her boyfriend that the defense asked for some lesser charges and I want to get your thoughts on that and that the charge that was request it was manslaughter by sudden coral. Or heat of passion. Smart move by the defense. -- I mean anything for the defense that is off of that murder in the first degree which carries the possibility of a death sentence here is Smart for the defense and that's what they're going for I mean sure would be like to get an acquittal yesterday don't think there actually counting -- anything that can take the death penalty off the table and sometimes. You know lawyers will say that the more choices you give the -- the more room for compromise. So that they just have murder one murder two will then -- -- and up with the murder one hammered too but if you go down the line to lesser included charges such as the manslaughter. Maybe they have a better shot at them and murder and second degree or even what about the decision to put areas on the stand herself was that a Smart move. The reason I believe that the defense did that I don't think it is so much to really don't think they believe -- hope that the jury will buy a lot of what she said but it's really to -- the jury get to know it was unprecedented this with on the stand for. And so what if she is found guilty in the guilt phase -- they're hoping to save her life and so. There is definitely something to the fact if you hear someone and get to view them and have this exchange watching him speak for not one not two which is the norm. Eighteen days that the jury will have a much harder time coming back of the death sentence if that happens in this case that they go into the sentencing -- You and I -- talking -- us a little bit earlier in the fact that Arizona as one of only a handful of states that allows the jury to actually questioned those on the witness stand. Do you think that that prolonged this trial -- it complicate the did the duty for their attorneys in this case. I don't know what has not along this trial I mean it's really. Four and a half months is more than I've ever heard of for any case such as this and certainly many more complicated murder cases in -- But it's an interesting question because you know when I've heard a lot of the questions of the jurors have submitted here they really are getting at some of the the crux of what they will be asked to decide so -- it helps them it's a great but it certainly. It creates a different more complicated playing field for those involved because now they're dealing with issues that they did not necessarily them -- see when they were putting on their case on both sides here. Going into the final days now who is in better shape. As a prosecutor based on my view of how I've seen the evidence before they really believe the prosecution as I think they've really put a very tight case the case has gone on and on and I will hope. And I -- because we've seen lots of things happen in different cases recently that the jury will seep through all of the Harry uses stories in the different excuses hearing get to the heart of -- he -- evidence. Did prove her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and then they will have to go into the sentencing. It is an it project is -- is a case that is certainly almost on predicted yeah make any -- don't know I don't know a lot of twists and turns Tennessee in the glossy thank you some experience and we certainly appreciate it. And of course stay with For live streaming coverage. As the case continues.

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{"id":19067761,"title":"Jodi Arias Trial: Judge Sets Date for Closing Arguments","duration":"4:14","description":"The defense asks for lesser charges as the Arizona murder trial nears an end.","url":"/US/video/jodi-arias-trial-judge-sets-date-closing-arguments-19067761","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}