Metro-North Derailment Initial Information

New York City authorities release the first details of the accident, not yet sure of the cause.
3:00 | 12/01/13

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Transcript for Metro-North Derailment Initial Information
Cal analyst achieve profitable banks -- -- Tampa detectives adult. -- and now commanding officers special operations division chief Harry -- Just want to reiterate the importance of using 311 or anyone. Who is looking for a loved one. It's it's a process we. Prevents -- such -- -- alleges that would appreciate the media getting that that word out. Right now the medical Examiner's office scene and shortly will be converting this 288 traditional crimes and it -- any earthquake -- As it that's a that's -- question is difficult to get -- 311 there is a number. Thank you can call to get into it and we are gonna put that out as proof that -- commissioner of public information I don't know that numbering system. You can leave water rescues from the scene NYPD -- -- -- it was a concern of the event V. Since -- cars are close to the water. -- concern that someone may have been injected into the water. We use our -- as -- divers in the water we -- helicopters to obviously check out the the shoreline we have. Cadaver dogs -- -- use as well looking for bodies. Everything has proven negative as far as that those services the falcons are written under an incident happened. You have -- -- sport now. He started and necessary for the starting the president of the country and people will fill those little. Audit process soon see incident the current. So interviews -- done witnesses who saw it video was so audited traditional investigation is conducted. It not to be operating -- -- -- Lincoln County. Vigilant attention to what do you do anyway here basic beginning approximately 12100 I was gonna escort so much from -- and the point here so we expect him in his opening hours. Yes yes yes it is BS -- or anyone and isn't expected this morning. Part of their investigation into the providing support to -- guys work for the failure. Now we provide support and -- -- so that we will. Keep gathering the the intonation canvases and as -- said. But that information will be made available that. To the National Transportation Safety Board you know anyone coming in under the agreement -- the we have used our for the guard dogs. Right on top of the train and there. There is so we don't think this accountable totally dependent upon him the most unlikely but Republicans say -- Here. And a hospital went into building into the for the about the you don't need some articles -- -- for the for the for the obviously they'll be. Interviewed by the NTSB people yeah. Indictment -- -- condition as he. He is in. -- stable condition Nathan's injuries -- Get banged up somewhat but -- -- conscious and his alarm. Accurately in this area is something going on with the -- here Karl called was allowed to -- from the NTSB -- -- it certainly. But importantly engine performance the end of -- indicate. Any potential. -- -- -- -- You know we're going to defense summation for the UN TSB it started and reported -- if -- -- -- him. And I'm on the position and confirmed with the are you aware that -- terms of American -- After the victory pick of the employees appointment after hearing there wasn't there were three conductors on the train and neither. The moment they've -- been. I believe located and I'm not sure if there technician. -- have a sense that people on the plane -- -- the train that is more accountable when there's an estimated. Perhaps isn't over a hundred people on the -- we know that we have a total of 67. Injuries now. What can happen in an instant -- of the people show up and hospitals on their own people as -- and detectives stationed at the hospitals. We we can't give you. Precise numbers on how many people -- on the strength. -- you can -- carried various types of tickets have no way to. Determine the number of people based on -- music. The Italian vinegar customer and employee concerned brutality is moving customers from her clothes are trying to determine you know female child. -- male female. I don't attend the management notified. He needed drive big cars and we're looking -- into an end up winning their client. I don't. From. Everything else. OK yeah. Bill pending news.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"New York City authorities release the first details of the accident, not yet sure of the cause.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"21061425","title":"Metro-North Derailment Initial Information","url":"/US/video/metro-north-derailment-initial-information-21061425"}