Oct. 11 is National Coming Out Day

The Trevor Project released a new handbook to help LGBTQ youth with coming out.
7:00 | 10/11/19

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Transcript for Oct. 11 is National Coming Out Day
And guy that he didn't know today October 11 is national coming out day why October 11 it's anniversary of the national march on Washington in 1987 for lesbian and gay rights and it's now observed annually to increase awareness for the community because. Coming out is a deeply personal decision and there's no right or wrong way to do it if a person chooses to do it at all and that definitely depends on the person's -- circumstances. So of the Trevor project just released a new handbook to support LG BTQ young people to explore. What coming out safely can mean for then. And I'm very happy to be joined by I meet paley. The CEO of the Trevor project and we also have doctor. From our ABC medical unit some guys good to see you can deceive the I mean I wanna start with you the handbook is out. What you say it's definitely not meant to be perspectives. What do you mean by that. Well there is no one right way to come out. If people are gonna come out at all if they're people who were coming out we want to celebrate them and support them. We also want to make sure there are many people who were not in a position where they are ready to come out or want to come out they might be in a place where it is. Dangerous to do so they might be at a time where there are not quite ready to share that with everyone they want to share with some people in their community. And we want everyone to know that their identity is valid so if you are LG BTQ young person. Was ready to come out we support you if you're an LG BT young person who hasn't come out. We support UTU and we also want to make sure that young people know. Sometimes people think well there are gay and lesbian people and there are. Trans people who are male or female and we want people to know those are all valid and true identity is there also a lot more identity is there people who work. Non dynamic there people who were bisexual their people with many many other types of sexual orientations. And gender identity is. And we want young people to feel comfortable exploring at understanding who they truly are and being proud and a firming up their identities and however they want to express. And love that like the handbook is really all encompassing. And you talked about that a lot like saying that they're coming out process is not just about. Being lesbian her day. Absolutely not the coming out can refer to anybody who has been struggling with something you haven't been forthcoming with that and now. For whatever reason they are deciding. This can specifically refer to anybody with. Chronic health problems in mental health boy this is a particular problem people schizophrenia for example. And then there deciding to now disclose this information because there are free the identity. That is attached but that. But I agree with everything that was said that these individual should feel confident even more validated because they look the confidence and be themselves and they want. In one thing I really love about the handbook is that it's for LG BTQ used but I feel like it's an education for everyone really because you really break down all of these terms that people may not be familiar with. Like gender identity sexual orientation the difference in those things. And that's really important the is sexual orientation is who you are attracted to you. I'm and your gender identity is who you are here as in your innate sense of what you're gender identity as. And sometimes people don't understand those and sometimes people understand them but they think of them in really by an area way. And we it's so important right now because young people are so much more comfortable now and open and being supportive and understanding that. Gender identity and such swordfish and they are not a primary. You can be anywhere on the stock German you can be off the spectrum you can be an eight sexual person you can be an age under person and so we really need to be. Teaching the broader can unique. About how young people are identifying because that is how they're going to get the support and love that they deserve so they can thrive and be their true selves. Yes that the support is what I want to talk about because there's an interesting stat that your team had saying it says. That just want it accepting adult. Can decrease the risk of the LG BTQ youth attempting suicide. By 40% just one adult that staggering. To think that some kids or teenagers may not have that so the support. Is crucial. It's critical and we I mean at the Trevor project. We Ron crisis service programs for young people who reach out to us by. Phone via tax and I chat. And we hear from a lot of young people who don't have. Any support and their lives. And part of what we are therefore often as we are there to be that support of person to let them know that there might not be someone at this moment in their life or in their community. Who is supporting them but that there are many many people in the world who will not only see them and love them and support them but be proud of them for being who they are. And so we really hope that people understand the importance of the statistic because when you think about what that Meehan. That just one person you to be one person and is supporting someone and saying. I see you I love you you were beautiful the way that you are. Doc can save lives and we hope that people. Regardless of what their political beliefs may be yeah I understand the importance of sending us messages of love and support ambulances and. And just before we go I just want you to hit us very quickly because I think it's no coincidence that or I think it's great that national coming out day is right after world mental health today yes what are some of the symptoms on that people can look for. In a person if there you know going through something first. Top public is angry with everything that was sad. In psychiatry the coming up period is well known to be associated with one of the highest risk periods for attempted and completed suicide. We really look for. Whether or not the person has attempted suicide before self injury so cutting her cigarette burns as a huge risk factor he can for example for someone in the summer months say. Wearing a jacket. People with these self injury behaviors are those are signs and symptoms that you can pick up that someone might be in trouble and help. And I mean. Trevor project has a number of resources that people can tap into which is why the organization is so good so tell us about those. Yes so for Andy young people were watching right now who need support or need someone to talk to. You can reach out to us by phone 124 separate phone lifeline you can reach out to us by taxed shot which are also available now 24/7. We run the world's largest city state social networking site for LG BTQ. And we have a lot of resources on our website. Www. The Trevor project dot org which includes. Are coming out a handbook for LGB. Thank you so what we want young people to know that they are beautiful the way they are that they are deserving of love and respect and most importantly that they are never called on. It's amazing arena passage doctor. Amazing message mummy thank you so much for joining us we appreciate that and I some of our only ABC news Stanley Gayle ash shared their coming out stories so you can check those out online.

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{"duration":"7:00","description":"The Trevor Project released a new handbook to help LGBTQ youth with coming out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66216179","title":"Oct. 11 is National Coming Out Day","url":"/US/video/oct-11-national-coming-day-66216179"}