Officer charged with murder after shooting woman in her own home

Attorney Lee Merritt discusses the investigation of the Fort Worth officer who shot Atatiana Jefferson and how the victim's family reacted to the arrest.
5:03 | 10/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Officer charged with murder after shooting woman in her own home
And guys were gonna move two that deeply tragic story out of Fort Worth, Texas one of those stories that's very difficult. To wrap your head around it was supposed to be a wellness check but when police officer. Airing dean arrived he fatally shot 28 year old a top down in Jefferson. Inside her home while she was playing video games with their eight year old nephew Zion and Zion saw. Everything so yesterday. This police officer Aron dean resigned before he was fired. And is now been arrested on murder charges. A top down his family speaking out yesterday's or take a look. The fact she got shot from looking to her home window. This is there is the problem. Two of a lot of body benefit she did what she was supposed to do please still do that in your life if not thing. That's scary. All right so want to bring in on civil rights attorney Lee married who is representing. The Stanley. Lee it's good to see you again. It's crazy though because this is just two weeks after. The amber Geiger trial which you are involved in and then I talk to you recently about. The murder of Joshua brown and now we're talking about a topsy on I just. Don't know howl you move through these cases how does. Though the previous two cases inform how you working with this one. Well we know. How these early onset of the investigation. For the murder Ruble zone. Played notre. We saw police officers their hands on the skill. Trying to salutes as Bieber of their fellow law enforcement officer and so now we are. Demanding that the city of won't weren't. Take steps to ensure fair and impartial investigators will result wasn't given that and people or more so than ever dagger. Will Walt. Luckily we had a jury. That was reflective. The Dallas County community that was in the holder to some accountability over the elderly. And community certainly wasn't satisfied with the ten years and it's. All of them or who would do want to date your Renton who we hear this or law as it's been about outstretched. This sentence circumstances there's. Its horse even compares wanted it more charity you gamble. All or appears that your old Jordan Edwards league and a high school house party. It is these stories remain intrinsic need me to change colts. At. Lately and ate it it's it Phil's crazy to ask. How is the family doing but I'm going to ask you I don't know how they actually process this level of pain and move forward but how are they. You in. The proximity. Of this case through. Other. Cases growing interest circumstances. Is certain to help me understand how resilient beast or. Little ready this particular ready to fight. An advocate on behalf of this system before the test agree more book released. Justice. Gold of their ability to recover they don't get a chance of recovering more Agile Bentley didn't start to recover and more until after the guilty. So this badly is prepared to fight and lists all. Hope this one police officer accountable but to bring accountability to the department. This sent us what seemed to respond well let's call. And accountability to our department is settled so that they shoot. Well police officers and the less it smut that is that is unsustainable and it requires a systemic change. Yet you it. Called on the Fort Worth as police department one of the deadliest departments in the US. What do you think now on what is a family thing now for the resignation and now the charges of murder. Will the resignation itself with its Latin bassist and a lot of police officer. Or any person if you if you statues police officers a special individuals. Any person am proud of most property and shoot the blue back window of their own. In that all video. In that be arrested that night. I met beat fighters at least but city officials that or the next day to be given an opportunity to resign. Is that this slap in the face. It was a brief reprieve that he was arrested and charged in murder but he's. Already the in the Tarrant County district attorney is now. To ensure that those charges move Florida rather grand jury. And admit that this alzheimer's vigorously prosecuted and or lose and at my street and there calendars. Who hasn't checkered past Earl. RA definitely married I hate to always see you under these circumstances but I appreciate and you joining us today thank you so much. You.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"Attorney Lee Merritt discusses the investigation of the Fort Worth officer who shot Atatiana Jefferson and how the victim's family reacted to the arrest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66288837","title":"Officer charged with murder after shooting woman in her own home","url":"/US/video/officer-charged-murder-shooting-woman-home-66288837"}