'Being a part of the movement wasn't optional,' activist says

On this installment of the "Uncomfortable" podcast, Tamika Mallory talks about how she continued on the path of social activism her parents had helped to forge.
44:01 | 03/19/18

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Transcript for 'Being a part of the movement wasn't optional,' activist says
Eyes on the divides here thanks for joining us next episode of uncomfortable begins now with us in studio. To Mika salary thanks so much for being here thank you handed me see you are at the national co chair of the women's mark the historic women's march. You've been named live times a hundred most influential people. District call you an activist and you self identify. That. I am definitely an activist but that actually I was kind of adjusted to read. Goes way back in your family island here about. How you grew out what was important to you had to come to be the person you today. That personal and that's why and I happen housing projects. In Harlem with my suit parents my sister her. And my other brother and sisters sort of visiting coming in now they were actually older than me I'm in and they were. And so. I grew up excellent being. It's like an only child. Because my sister was older in the household that she worked and she was like gone to this just mean appearance animals are. Now what that means is basically and everything he says everywhere anyone it's a goal I had it. And the places that they went animals were movements these days they were organizers. And soul from me going to a rally was like surface some folks on the church on Sunday. We had to be all and I had to go to church on Sunday. So it was a seven day week that every single day I got up to do something that it was spiritual community bees. Or at least he schooling. And so over many years the movement so it belonged to my parent. And I fouled and then it was a part of it meet friends in not just was a kid animal movement. Whatever it mainly the it could be singing the National Anthem at the program. Or passing out flyers. Organizing with the other youths are a little we had a little guardian things like that but we were close to. Movement we're in we can hear the messaging and we knew that we engaged in real fights. His news be marching for real serious issues when I was very young. I didn't necessary understand nor care and and then when I became a teenager act completely rebel against Egypt Al. Absolutely. Nothing to do with it did in line suit and an island have anything do with it. I felt like it was that they were in polls Ing on me. They are lax and and and it wasn't something outline I didn't understand why I need to be in the movement because pop culture was like the thing right so like how come not. Somewhere singing been seen. Scheme. And enjoy in life as that'd be easily beat Italy adds it to ski can I was a very good skater when trying today. Applicants skate at the time. And I just wanted to have a good time everything was his hat find what I won't that we have sign in at these rallies. I seen them has been find some series it's that time I get to beat out seventeen news dole. I just left the movement. You know for wow I just you know denouncing. And that's where I got pregnant because you know nothing good happens at the certain time with no parents around the I'm. Got pregnant. And my son was lying while I was eighteen line and two years later his father was rumored. Cell I sort of I guess at that only wants his father died. And and we can talk a little more about all the circumstances but the movement so it became my own because of how heat I decided at that time. I understood what was like in the back of my head the messages that I was hearing in. Of leases if you know movements the east is in on that he is starts and resonate with me. And even built for a little while I've fought it. I recognize quick leave that in order from me to be able to process his death. The movement work was a place to me. And I start its immerse myself in eight. And in the longer was my parents' movement it became and asks artsy show up on my own without having Nancy take. When you talk about the movement wanna provide the infrastructure forever and understand your parents were two of the founding members yet. National action now our great through rev Al sharpton's organization exactly so when you were growing up take me back avenue Q what we the issues. That they were talking about what with the priority so. Police brutality you know before there was. This major police brutality movement then reverend Sharpton was on the police brutality issue and also racial violence because. The casing in Bensonhurst where Yusuf Hawkins a young man was killed he was stabbed by some white sheets Allyn and in and sinners. That was obviously not a per police shooting but it was a reach to. Racially charged violence. Situation here we will fossil involved in the Central Park five keys. We were supporting. Yousef and all of the Raymond and Corey wise and is all the young people who are arrested in that case I would see the appearance coming. To give a report about their children. Being incarcerated for a REIT that none of them believed in which we now know. They did not command plan the app you see Dell would gentrification because we were in Harlem and at that time Harlem was just trying to turn heat remains wards you know big businesses coming in. And so the taking up space if you will taking up space from people who were the original folks in the Harlem Erie to the feast was changing. Of our can mean eighty. And you know almonds and Abner Louima all these cases and soul. I feel like this is my parents they were two of the first people. It's a help reverend Sharpton start the National Action Network. And so many other movements in Tennessee grew out of yeah and I think it's just. So many different movements that people were part and networks that we're building. Out of work that was being done and it means what did they tell you about their work at the turn but why did they try to connect it to you to think this is why it's important for us to do I'm and I mean a link which they are always very clear with a mean that. Being a part of the movement was an optional because it is us is out is the only packed his survival for black people in America. That you be connecting it to a movement that is largely being yourself that seeks to. It's help. Not rescue beaches you can't really rescue people but it helps folks who are more dissing the it is being used. So they would always that could mean say the fact that you have two parents in the household. Home is clean you every day we have a car we go on BT seen. Yes family that loves you in other parts of the country to get to be easy thing that in itself is a privilege stack a lot of the young people evening young people who will grow up next door to me. Did not enjoy. And so of the air prospective lies we the we wasn't like I think we be doing in the 'cause. We each holds to Meehan movement. The movement chills every black person. And it was up CU weapon not you would add here and really be part of it or if you would fight fight against it. And one point it SA asked for and against it but once my son's father was merited I decided. That it was actually the place where I was supposed to be in it it was heavy work that I was responsible for and you spent. Years on the front lines and as mentioned and I want to talk about Islam later in context of what's happening right now on the headlines and about gun violence advocating for safer communities and legislation reform there. But I wanna go back to the women's march for a moment because that is the moment when it feel like a lot more of America came into contact with your work outside of black American and you've obviously been on the front lines for so long. What was it because iron batteries and any recently she found a little bit like of reluctant participant first yeah I was sure I wanted to get involved to tell me about that and why you decided. To join and you organizing efforts of the lemons march in the first. Well and that's interesting tactic. I'll save that waking up on that day after the election presidential elections when he sixteen. Finding out at 53% of women who voted white women who voted. Voted for Donald Trump is vary theory painful. And as. It's hackneyed. I don't think it was ever surprise. Except the fact that I thought might when it weak weak weak at least. Initially at home grown. Greatly ghastly act silently young girls run for office you don't like 94% of black women voted for her. Why you all in bowl for someone who. I mean out of been basking in readable for Hillary because we loved her legally because we knew something had to do. And so I was challenged buyout Y white women we do that and only me. The reason not to come with the only conclusion active com to. Was that racism and sexism. And homophobia and Transvaal B and you know Xena full and Islam awful be all bills things. Art school re. And you being upheld. By everyone not just might mean but the wives and mothers and days in cell. I have Hart's name. Deciding that that was the space that I should be and they were either black women constantly challenging me on you know saying. How. You know on the acting in that era since the trail. Saying that there was a sense of mystery acting it was betrayal but. It's not well you know it now. So we like to see it was featuring but if I really deep deep. Betrayal which. Which would assume that it was some protection in X ray. Or history and reversed and it was not the so real me it's just continue rule obliques. If it's continual danger and in fact some white went mean. Can be seen as imminent threat because you would side with someone who knew me. Wants to steamy day. You know that's what these policies and some of this rhetoric that's coming out of this particulate ministries and can actually kill people. Eyes already. So you had people coming to you in saying do not. To participate is not. It is not for us it does not speak. Exactly MED changer so I realized that. You know one active wary about the 53%. Number or acted consider the fact that the Amy B 47%. Of other folks who did not go exactly so that's one. Sons that was a small part of my decision. The other part was working with my sisters and this house or Carmen Perez. They're black hole organizes where coal troublemakers if you will always and everything together. We decided that we would not out convening. These major because the time that we got the call they were already thousands of people Simon Hanna and social media images each year of people we're going to be in Washington and we knew. And so we decided that. We could not Allah convening to happening we aired the engine that was set for women what the tone was set for women and women of color when I did innocence. And if it was going to be at table B bill. We weren't just lines to come in put art chair at the table we accident a bill that he and it once table with bill we would stand on top of the and become the platform for which deceived would actually start up. And so we where. Very intentional about being every congress speech and yet. On all fronts which is why. We were coaching here is not you know poll organizers. Even though we are organizes within a women's march space but we were specific about ensuring that a black woman. A Palestinian Islam. And a Latina Mexican. Mexican American element when means coaching as at this scene level as Bob land was the white woman. Who was involved from the very begin in along with two rhesus who Teresa ship initially initially called the march. There if this idea about. You mentioned earlier about the things that white women on me have been advocating for nurses women of color verses trains women members of the movement. Vs Muslim women and there were people even at the time there are catching the march. It's just. East that's how it's evil and and the diversity in scope and scale. And it was Clinton's time in remember. And it carried him and a Persian American man who actually happens to be an actor to. He gave an interview bachelor's and you with his but the sign read. And I'm quoting here I'll see all you nice white ladies at the next black lives matter march ray. That thing and I wondered if you would comment on that if he gave an interview about that in basically said I have failed in standing up for. Similarly. Disenfranchised communities in the past and I recognize that about myself I didn't at 10 o'clock last march matter mattered march until two years ago. And I want people to know that this goes beyond this day apps and this issue yeah was. Our I think that was one of the rules that. Many of us at people of color plea in the women's space he kept saying this is not a down. Theater like Donald Trump is not the beacon of oppression in America and stock and Ian McDonald found you missing them because there's history rights suit. The years of history mean creaky right now that he's not in part because they are states. Existing jewel it affecting he's liked the inner. Was it distraction over there and in particular states the working on oppressive policies and BP trying to get this work that he had already been. Wanting to do dime and sell for us. Donald shot gives us an opportunity to identify. Imminent thread. Me you know court is Alec target and how to wheat board hasn't outward and ask him and his cronies. But at this heat. If we don't goal in deep into the history of how me how not workshop was how he became. Who he is we are he is doing what he's doing we analyze that. Seeing the movement would not be as strong as it should names and we will come out with nothing because. Act I believe people. Get in the movements in excess something they feel sound right ultimately but this is there he's pushed back or. There is some tension at the are not sure how to deal with people on this green it but they have to find in. Retreat absolutely. You know can only way to stay in and sit in for us to sustain. It's what you swing knowledge that these issues exist already and we've wheat wait so long to deal with them. And now we have him home in which we all have to DK news lean. Let me ask you about some of the women who would not consider themselves to be allies in the answer who didn't attend the march. Because that large percentage of Americans and mostly white who voted for mr. trump. You mentioned all the factors which is a real actors and rightly lot of problems if race. As homophobia and with trans phobia and homophobia was absolutely. But fair to say that. On acts all those many white women who voted Ford Donald term. Are signing off on those things that that there are OK with it absolutely you can believe apps out there. Because why would you volt for someone that you know. No first bowl eligible for someone who is clear section. The things that he sing hymns. That what people say about. Cues with out his. He's accident. It's not just walk up to women act is Graham of China's leniency. And you know and it's OK that's not okay. It's not okay. When he involved with someone who comes out about it would have to reckon with news and he never. He never so that's one. All the types of policies he with its assessments. So you are the first time believed. So he traveled the country. At rallies where black people would be an abuse. Dis evil people would be in abuse he actually did a whole. Speechless speech but a moment with in his speech. Is we talked about how. In an epic day. The holes that people speaking hecklers who happened to be people of color will be re very serious concerns to he's rallies. He said in it back in ad in the day. Active tell you what would've happened today. And it was my. And we would she was speaking. So of you ball for a person like. It's in me is how we could see if use it apple if this means because he was talking about the great things they do with an economy. To outweigh its support and hit. He started to an insane. Muslim being on at least the cat is that he steady was going to sit try to be. Muslims who come into the city use it some. Obvious comments bragging about sexual assault coded language races homophobia and use our. For people to consider just call. It does beat me he he he speaks fluid. So it doesn't actually did squat. Actually. He was going line C news be that leader means that V truly eat. And fastest. You it as the old days when some instead. Freeze its. Old white supremacy. You blow it for me. You voted for me hold me it very clear that he is going to. And if you did not. Believe him and it he show Eddie. At me the wrong choice and let me join resistance I don't see much happening. He talks about sustaining. And it's out watch people on T say made the right choice via text EP. An instant view. When he went out it was announced he's free to point out me the prize of some lie he told for the week. People island news talk about the effect it has wings called El Salvador he AT and nations with African. He's actually called Africa country and we know it's not countries content but it. Ran. It was a gentleman being in tune in a pool hall. And they asked him. About some of the things it now says he says I don't see him as mean racist and he's gonna get jobs the economy -- invented the area I live in is that it. More people have jobs and they and the reported begin to tell him about. On trees in all these things he started deep if things that doubt has done and say here. And in May and looked at him say it yet that's not right but act can live with it right. That was his tax so what does that tell you it means that Donald Trump qualifies. For them. As being the leader that eight want. Well I'll push. Act on in this way only because of some of the transit supporters that I've met and interviewed over the years of the past couple of years has said that those things offend. Right that the things that he says the wheat he carries himself some of these comments are referencing. Find them offensive to you think that their horrible they wished that he would treat they don't think that he's the moral. Leader that this country knee. It. Should my four OK it's been doing so well. And you know behind someone who's going to be stronger and national security. And and I want these parts of the country that I feel like having been spoken too long time I want them to be addressed and this in speaks to me. On what you've seen. The person says that is in need media wrecked some lives. Because the things Donald Trump is saying in his suite senile these things this is not like jokes for TV is now like all it's just offensive now it's dangerous. People. Being deported. In mass numbers from this country full swing. Dole another at least to be or another country to be in being ripped away from the children is not just a thinks it. It is very dangerous and if you supporting you are a part of upholding. Because he could not a calm president without votes. So you became party in completes it. In his behavior which is dangerous to disadvantage commune. Let's talk about those votes for a moment because he talked about how you when it carry forward a lot of that momentum from the women's march. You guys have refocused now you just convened in Las Vegas for a big event to kick off our what their next stage to tell me about that why is this so important now. So I like to tell people that I loved aren't this thing that's action that has not slept argue that day. Bringing up an am radio argued that the every act that arguing with elected officials in the monotonous and her I think man to stand is dollars and votes. And so we decided that you know at. We're pissed off about as a keeps. We pissed off about. Immigration with pissed off about the economy we pissed off about sold me means voting rights violence police abuse. Just. An on. Spent all they argue with people about each of those issues outs have no time entity like for myself acted second argue its I was a day. Right. Some argue. Just hire inspire people and we believe. Will help to fit the bill and be morally conscious. On our issues we just hire inspire people work flats. I don't elected officials a hat we do we mean I had the money. Which we do but maybe we all want to put them. Hunts have backed these elected officials in the ways that you see some of these other groups being he would do in our re has dollars. In the pockets of these elected officials. We don't have money like ending we're never gonna organize an Amway Google we answer Campbell people in an off its. An act that we eat our our right to me is stronger when we keep up with that vote. And that's lap pallets at the polls is so important it's flat women's march is working so hard. To register a million people. And we believe will register even more than the definitely a million people across the country and being on top of that you know you have to do geo TV work out the voice work. He came Jess how people ranks. And instant hunk Noah education you've got to educate them and actually have to more. Them to physically get too painful literally rise in the in the black communities to charge me. OK did you actually pick them up yeah take them Devoe he asked if that meals on San. And take them back Hong. Where so what's the death is just before mid terms when a twenty techniques in which he held the event in in the that which is. The potential battleground staff that was intentional. In Italy Italy and what's the map where else are you or you regionally targeting Ortiz just across the country we're definitely that. Siblings the it's okay not clear where on apologetic about scene that definitely look in swing states where you Ohio. Certainly joy Jan. And North Carolina and IB CBC news important. In his list of its Texas okay. We talked about Nevada. Texas and that's exactly Tex Texas in play Wisconsin I believe we've been talking Michigan via. So we we have not taints the that we intend to chart OK and adored adored her Aires where's specifically. Focused on. A particular group. We ports whenever he went race in its high schools and out student if you largest personal net felt like you should be in the political process. And now we kept and you liked what the hell I need to get out what is that thing they said is called black voting Yemen. Let's go do a little bit. We child little bow in on the sat high you now. You go by hours this vote is. These people wore formerly incarcerated. People acts me comedic talents. And they don't know that your state allows them to vote that they actually they're voting rights have been restored. Where people whole your social programs are gallantly piece of time. These policies that are coming out of this particular administration appealed directly adverse effect and say all means they know. How much from three and lived experience they me dear their food assist. Still leave experiences. And we're looking at places that I'd vote suppression is real because if you vote count. Noble trachsel heart to stop you from voting. And B Rangel and was due how many times have you picked the evening action exits for. Oh by people from me today. Nolan that is not happening yet this country felt they needed rule. So that it could stop. People from committing this. House voter fraud that doesn't exist so we target those communities to say just because they put the east. Voter ID laws and other things in please try to stop you from all we have an aptly each. To be bad acts and shall I eat. So we had. A democratic candidate from Georgia a leader Stacy Abrams goodies and so she was definitely in support space so we talked a lot about her efforts to get out the vote in Georgia because she talked about I had no idea about the massive transition ecology demographically at last decade. And how many people continue to be disenfranchised because of those kinds a voter suppression. Efforts but we also talked about sort of like the fee that settles in when you hear about. Some of the links that people go to there are some very real very powerful force is. Across a number at state actively working to disenfranchise certain Kimi acts including. That. Folks that online. Right we've been talking about these sites I guess they call the box right. And in it was one incident was rushed acts hate insane Russia as soon as he sees opens up a box of your eye in a whole new level responded by and I hate it. They say that there were box on other whereas these B. FaceBook pages and instant Gramm's you know so fake accounts on Twitter analysts Eric count that when means. Things that black activists or you know an fountain that's exactly name but something was elected by class exactly something very some actually written willing Barbara saint Meehan article. To shell mean. The names of these different networks I know for sure I Sox team been sheared from those particular UI thought I mean your feet we saw them and I feeds. During the election where people were being told not to vote right you know also and and is that these were people who don't look like you we're not activist and all which trying to influence the election and they worked really putting pushing and messaging pioneer and influencing people not to show up to the Pulitzer this is the conversation we haven't leader Abrams and one of the TUQ when you are being told over and over again. Any really hard to vote your vote. Probably won't matter in the anger at won't count for something how do you convince people that this earning they need to. I don't know how to convince everyone but I will say that when I look in the eyes of black folks I remind them that mega and prison has died for them have the right to vote. On an again if people didn't believe that there was power in it they would be no away that folks would convene to trying to. Create rules and laws that was stop us from being able to exercise our rights evolved. We don't have a choice it is our responsibility actually paying it forward if you will be. Is showing up at the polls and making sure what that as these policies are. Put in place that we are so angry about that we not just argument. Right that we not access hat in the conversations. That would not to sharing things on social media gamut that we're actually making our voices heard because the local is more important in the national. And so everything from school board election so who was going to be you know your local City Council person that it. If you don't know what you're district attorney's and you don't know what your City Council person is that's the problem the problem is not whether or not you can can can vote in our how would change policies from the federal government prospective issue is not the lockdown was going on in your local community it's that comes up repetition and it becomes a part of your life staff. That being a part of the electoral process and taking your civic engagement seriously is just something we do and it's a generational thing that we are responsible for passing downs march and. So we've seen sort of the potential power that in mobilized. In the edged. Certain community in America can have specifically in Alabama in the special election in December right. Black women turnout on Macs I'm helped keep Alan Dunn Jones Ford in it do it but he was sort of unprecedented to a degree. So what do you think about today is that an example for how things go forward that. When he sixteen. In the presidential election. Black voter turnout rocked back precipitously. From the previous presidential election and more than attack as a more than any other group. Why do you think that life so I think. You know we talked about voter suppression ray asked very pleasing people like to put that out of the mix an ailment talk about the fact that. Those suppression laws important people's polling. Locations chains when he's not Bob Black turnout dropped on syllable suppression. Rose in terms of the different tricks that were being played in different places across the country. I mean even when you look at just what happened when Bernie scene and in Brooklyn. Volts disappeared. You know during the of the primary season so there is there is in fact an attack on voting rights. That stops people from being people to people now. Also us. It's I think both Democrats and the Republicans who did not recognize. That people didn't want either candidate it Justin. You know this too much history with Hillary Clinton and heal my. Obviously voted for her and asked. And in some police in but I stopped in some ways for her not forking paint. But I certainly talk to young people walk house campuses and let them know that gal. You know. We don't have a choice is is not actually like you on this team. What could happen here is get misty and it's not just devastating for you but what about in recent acting at what will lease about us at this time. And so I had those conversations with people but it would meet people at the time packed and eight would be able to open the block. On policies that the clintons have been responsible for what that of her and ease of college. You know what when people talk about the crime bill how many people locked up as a result of you see so many people all the that was Bill Clinton's bill and she does this as the prize so Hillary was responsible why ask her. What did should reduce its you've been in elected office all of these used to try to right the wrongs that he has the interesting thing you look at 2016. As unpopular as the candidates were right across all communities. Black turnout went down white turnout. Because they wearing they were inspired unfortunately I mean it's a scary phenomenon. That you just have to be uncomfortable about the conversation. It was at that mall me people sought themselves in the candidate. That the one. And we didn't see ourselves at all. We didn't see access apps. Sumi young black women did will be how successful we do we carry every struggle on bank which he'll Wear wistful soup we could be carrying. Mental abuse. Sexual abuse. Gun violence could happen in our community tonight before we might be homeless the hungry we meet hurting but we shall possess what equipment do you. Black men had been impacting. Gray eagerly. Bot bolts. Groups. Not and I'm not talking about candidates. This be clear that mixing alcohol and social Neil be blown up about ass and Hillary you know hurt black me. Although she did use the language sexual predator is somewhere Mena sexual president. So to predator somewhere which is very scary the how black and insulin themselves in relationship to her review plan but put at a Saks is not our heart it's about both parties not speak its. So full is on the concerns. Of these particulate disadvantaged groups. And now has been a thing that the Democratic Party and Republican Party is both parties just decided these are people. We have CEU in November. It doesn't always work like an acting at the Democratic Party specifically found out. That people we're not just. You know which is doing is they're gonna change their approach written already seen matching here's that DOT better. Analysts will Lanka's and a work for them even though my brother Michael Blake is a vice chairman. Four the DNC and I hope that there's some real work being done by. I had not had been physically seen it but I don't know everything I'm not an eight space IKEA speak to. I would like to think that if you which do that we know what perhaps I don't so that's fine but I no way they bed. They bet if they want to Ecstasy country that's. People need to be wearing a seat in your children that because this thing is gonna get to a point received death threats from Fultz who. Illegally like be happy and make America great again hat watts island meet it feels like throw. It's not. Funny and it's not Jess. You know Ulf and seen. By police and he's the moral no actually he's given license to people while white supremacists are dangerous. Would you ever run for office. Never I don't know never has yet asset and it moms this call me. Embassy never. Pick up your mom mom is what's most. I don't think. IA he considered would I guess I'll act had moments I wake up indeed everyone around me. All excited like you know lab. If today exit and now next week and I go back lacks some of the shenanigans at a plea. By these politicians and realize that I'm more powerful house. You spent years. On the front lines and advocating for reform and it comes to mention you lost your sunspot. To a fatal shooting years. And we're talking now in the context of just over a week. After at the last mass shooting at a school on top of the god and that we experienced every day in this country. So I just want to take your temperature and after all those years working on the issues what you've seen lately the conversations you are going on around you. Where it's is African and. Well. I think that children. There's something special about young people come again. And having beer voices. Be heard in these fees. His young people truly are an excellent in to section of gun violence then. DR DR impacting. In a waved it is acting is is that must wanna see speeds. In trouble. Kids aren't. Our kids Shaq. Actually attacking guns and should someone or even had an heart. Analysts is seen. But I hope that this moment does not eat Reese. The seventeen children shack in Chicago. This movement must include. That the meeting mass shootings in schools but on holiday weekends in certain places in the hood a mass shooting is just that the picketed draw. And I hope that this moment that we Ian allows both conversations happening at once because otherwise what we're doing one syncing is in. Inflicting pain and abuse on people who've been on the ground when this work. I've been in the gun violence awareness bees. For fifteen years of soul in my life. And there are organizations that I see on line to date are collecting. Bull pools of money. Undid the gun violence prevention sort of asked this of that there had never seen them in the species that Goves. They are only doing. Important me ins with important people three's important dollars to do. Why. When the grassroots leaders. To grassroots organizes. Who are often the only thing that's been missing in the trigger on the ground seating lattice on hospitals helping mothers. Sometimes aching to keep their lights. So. They are being McCain's loss to this daily there children. Lost success most of whom we never even get to hear their name advocates here historians. Does it get better it is every any get better is this just yet we and it literally millions. And that's what's happening that's why everybody's on comfortable. I'm of the names I can't use. It to them uncomfortable queen but the. Which is uncomfortable for me. Ali's sounding line. And in light of which are asking. This uncomfortable. Sound me along moment is going to create reckoning with and because hacks to hat. We can I'm a spiritual parts. And I am and an in I believe day. Got can make a mix. In what its history out. Theres a messy age in a mass. And right now we're in parts. But some late air. People are going to have to rang in with this and figure out what is it in the year that allow thousands of people for down embassy and maybe he's offensive by. Steal I appreciate it he's gonna do something for me. And my friends never mind. What he meat he doing to millions of people. There's gonna have to be a reckoning with because. Such is in the women's march. It would mean women being. Here that interest it in the it would never talk to. Work with ball and hit anything what. But all of this and he woke. End the racist sexist was in office. Any new day he did he doesn't have a bit respectfully. And Easton all hail. The neagle. Join the fight. Acting past comfortable in this is been Cree. Then once we all feel it because we don't deal with the we don't stock them happen. Is just as for. So the reason why people are jumping up and down right now about gun could series I mean watching TV. You. Just two years ago I mean teacher in AG you know within this bowl. And jump in and I mean these babies I'm going to gates straight actually it's going to be for his release he sent. Deer in people dying to the dime that's been witness against an army Steve. You know before. It happened ash shooting Easley but it wasn't this situation today. And we out the air challenging and our people didn't show now it has. And it's contained is so if asked to stop the spreading. Of the disease is actually come up with a cure and the cure or does not just get to me come on he ends of one person. Eagles into at that meeting different people have to work. It's laughable that in this moment we see hours societal issues it's issues that we have the plea in the afterward. Do you think people really care about things totally. Not everyone not at. And next week until an idea of action Floyd immigrant community. Not an immigrant I am and I am. Not because nobody acts anyone bring people. We Chile. A he came and got us. Here we built everything we get all the work ray SoHo. But I am an immigrant. And can't heat up it's. 60000 black people pleaded it's potentially booms there just add as he America. People. People. But it states a special kind of hers. Sid be someone who can do in the intersection work in the house I the year each and bleeding all issues are. All issues. Thank you so much for being here this act east she. Thank you for listening to uncomfortable. If you like what we're doing take imminent leave us the rating and a quick review it helps others define these conversations. And we really just want to hear a traffic. Plus we made it easy just click on the link in the description of this episode. If you have an idea for a show topic for a gas pleaded and they're used or tweet out after the baathist that's. And aid WA. DI FDA and Horry used to hash tag uncomfortable talk. Uncomfortable with the production of ABC news. New episode host every 2 weeks on Tuesday morning and I'm on in the five thanks for listening.

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