Pensacola mayor discusses Hurricane Sally aftermath

Pensacola, Florida, Mayor Grover Robinson gave an update on how his city is dealing with the effects of Hurricane Sally.
3:42 | 09/17/20

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Transcript for Pensacola mayor discusses Hurricane Sally aftermath
And joining us now from Pensacola Florida by phone because of power is out is the mayor of Pensacola Grover Robinson mayor thanks so much for joining us we've certainly seen a harrowing images of your flooded downtown and a bridge with parts of it presumably swept away. What's the situation on the ground like right now and local residents in your city need most in the days ahead. What will bring you very much home they're for a governor told obviously the big challenge for this storm water column. Whether it was this search or whether it was the rain. This significant drink beer was water. So for all. The fact did not rain right now it's great for our citizens the challenge is much of the day the winds were still high enough. Cruise really weren't able to get in here Starker certain figure out how to get power back up the good news did. Compared Ivan which was sixteen to the day is sixteen years to the day. Ago. The most significant storm that hit Pensacola. We had much more down as Ford's. Mullah. And pulled everything else I think power will be able Cuba give back old faster with this then that it what's with I've been. Obviously the big part of this is getting the water out. And it in him being able to come back in its rebuilding to do all the things do we need to do. But Howard the most important thing right now but again the Gulf Coast where where Brazilian people down here were used to this we understand. We think have. Happen we'll get back out but right now the biggest thing we needed power. And a what's your message to people in the community who may want to assess the damage at their homes as the storm makes its slow move north. Well again. If you are assessed the damage of your home. Don't get out and did it in your home or target hidden dark now we have a curfew this evening we actually get back to your house. Cheryl Lynn from the night in and yes when you get up in the morning but please do not go out all one of the biggest problems is that our police department had today. Which gained. Cars that would drive in Q running water and get stuck so what do you people are trying to evacuate. During the middle of the storm it was people sightseers who want to get out. After the storm. Right now if you could stay home. Way trustee Purdue. I'm yelling in the region get out there to see everything we're at we're going to be rated general and get back to normal and in danger that's our whole objective. But right now we really first responders and road is could cap the priority don't own getting out and getting things taken care of us. And finally mayor what's the situation for those who may need shelter or a place to stay tonight. Yeah Eric Jamie county has several shelters open it's been interesting thing which shelters mean this has been all year we've been discussing this. But this been hard we really haven't been pushing shelters because the Kobe. You know even even throughout this process. We really did a shelter we're not where we want people to go well we wanted people who had. Either friends or relatives on high ground to Joseph they are first if you don't have anyone didn't go to a shelter. Big toe but it made it very difficult we used to pack a lot of people are new shelter we can't do that would coded so. You know that's. Stand that's perhaps been the biggest issue is sheltering. But I didn't think you're not a member of shelters are open. And we hope the people that that it did have no place says panicking get a bit at a place other than that figure to you we want them together the shelter. Mayor thank you so much for your time tonight of course you are in our thoughts. Wishing a speedy recovery for your city. Thank you very much we appreciate Pattinson in remember were coming back show we're going to be back. That's oh.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"Pensacola, Florida, Mayor Grover Robinson gave an update on how his city is dealing with the effects of Hurricane Sally.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73062026","title":"Pensacola mayor discusses Hurricane Sally aftermath","url":"/US/video/pensacola-mayor-discusses-hurricane-sally-aftermath-73062026"}