Police react to NYC Pride March ban

What does the move mean for police and how events are organized around the country?
8:49 | 05/18/21

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Transcript for Police react to NYC Pride March ban
In just a few weeks pride celebrations will kick off a cross country to highlight the struggles and the fight for equality and to celebrate what it means to be LG BTQ. It's the largest pride parade in the nation it takes place every June in New York City with over two million people coming out to march. And participate in the events. But as edition continues to undergo social reckoning on policing an American organization in charge of running the pride parade in New York City. Making headlines ever after announcing the police they say. Will be Brent from participating in New York City pride events through 20/20 five the next four years of for more let's bring in. Former new York city police department chief of detectives and age news contributor Robert Boyce and Brian downing he's president of the gay officers Action League. Thank you both for being here it's an interesting. Subject and an important time so Brian let me begin with you. Heritage pride released a statement that says they're the ones running the brave they say their decision to ban police officers was taken. To create a safe space. For attendees who do not always feel safe around law enforcement specifically trends and by popular communities in what do you make of New York City pride organ is organizes excluding police. In this way. Well first off. Clark thank you for let me. Join you today. You know. I were on the gale is actually a New York weren't organized. LTQ. I hate us we're just the professional friends allies arm. You know I I think did arts and armed unarmed people. Don't know he's you'll see. Around the least. It's. It's pretty clear I can get its you know I've been running you're gonna be 2016. And we have many many times acknowledges. That. You know not everybody has the same experience. With the police are to promote justice system I think unit are organized region. One of them that big things that we do as we train Allen nine LG EG UYA or out of art. In sensitivity and awareness are imminent sure Archie Boyce and attacks that you know Rees air routes as Alice he advises. The best practices. Or lone horseman executives. So. We are members of the community who we are. Larry you know actually BR edge gender all we bring that struggle in few. Into the agencies into the you know every day struggle that we had we were children what are our sexual or gender identity is we're bringing that struggle into its system. And historically. Hasn't always been trucks. So I think to be chief. The people. That are doing that work out of out of this marched. On the last Sunday in June is an estate. And it's and it's and it's hurtful to suit these people who don't so much where. To advance. Our backcourt. Brian yeah you're referencing this in some way many LG BTQ and Michael DNY PD police out there's actually march in this parade every year. So I'm curious if you've spoken to the officers. And how old they are feeling about this decision. To ban and my PD from the parade. They she'll Paul. No one gets to own stone wall and them as a moment Nora movement that moment in that room and belong European community. I period I'm hearing from my members now. You. My phone hasn't stopped since Friday. And it's been pretty pretty. Consistent. People. Jill said people are arm upset would be putting it lightly. And some people feel they'll terrified that they feel like they're being. You know stormed out of their own community and and I think that's a very dangerous message where does. You know let's also look at. You know we have five democratically elected district Ernie. In the in the new stadium New York RRB. Invited as well or is it just be gay officers action. You know isn't the FBI. You know there are there a lot of people are ailing media. And you reduce our unit are about it on your show about our. You know Israel and Palestine root Beers very very strong sentiments and image and a lot of different speeds are we gonna ban. A Jews whose net. A robber near say pride is a huge event that spans multiple parts of the city over several days. Should people feel safe going to pride this year if police are banned from participating. I you're going to be here so loved solution is still feels it like you have some some issues with it. The talk about a tribe. Trained private security. They don't have the depth of knowledge experience and resources of the NYPD to two runs parades and I'll tell you just go about to write a more than people call you probably are only gotten about treatment that's okay. One of the issues I had what is his outrage. As I know how the goal obligate offices actually works. All of them are detectives were from their greed courageous people. And I and I sympathize with them back to go through news. It's a group PH OP our heritage of pride that runs right. They should well know exclusives aren't treatment had to do this to a offices. Is just is is an outrage and I'll tell you are having more so when he abused or is partially. No one gets a bigger share. Then again I don't exactly when it when we watch while. Did makes no sense on so many levels who's not known what they've done and how they prefer the LG BTQ writes how hard they work. And what kind of heroes they don't hold it right cops. But they're great unity humanitarian as well. So this this is just a failure and amid middle beginning I should say crazies in New York to sell our Salvatore time. And happy try to exclude the NYPD anyway it is clearly a mistake music Regis. I'm Bob thinking back to the origins of the gay rights movement in our country. The Stonewall riots back in 1969. When LG BT. Q I eight plus people in that bar just wouldn't take it anymore as that police tried to bust up there they're gathering. More than fifty years later and now we're seeing protests. You know by people would simply don't feel they can take. The kind of policing. Of people of color in this country the death of George Floyd and so many others have died at the hands of the police so. It just like we do have these crises. Do you feel that we move forward do you feel that that whatever lack of trust there is between the gay community in New York and the police. Is is is better than it was a must be right. Of course it is and it is a result of years we've assault bar. Suzanne and I really is citizens are possible Morton's works out forward how we worked in lockstep. With PH OP on this parade. Our I'll tell you. Up until about two years ago there was none of this sort reducing interchange and an organization that has been asked and as we're trying to get through nuisance news. And certainly speak on at least mark mantra it's not working crime is going through the roof. There is a real Karl here on city right to change cities are concerned we need all quality color we need new leadership due to. Hopefully the that Merrill had his understand that most don't do. Please don't want alien pulse that we have to get past these things all things go well or which we have Ryan has been a great detective. Prolonged hot. Salaam and I think he represents coal and any. So to be exclusionary to have all these things not just doesn't make any sense at all and we begin this I'm to do it. This stuff greatest coop and Leo Burnett were still in mayors expect it ordered a Millbury is don't change Wiegert. Also we're still have time to get this chase I really hope we do. It's a really important story and we thank you both. For helping us out with that former new York city police department chief of detectives and ABC news contributor Robert Boyce. And Brian Downey president of the gay officers Action League thanks very much. IQ BQ summer.

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