President Trump grants host of new pardons

President Donald Trump issued a flurry of pardons and commutations, including some with ties to his administration.
3:41 | 12/23/20

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Transcript for President Trump grants host of new pardons
Still for a deeper dive into what the president has on the edge and then the final four weeks in office we are joined by Capitol Hill and White House reporter Catherine falters. Catherine and I even talking to your sources what are they say about Republicans on Capitol Hill. And Heather going to handle this blow to the Covert relief bill are they going to get on board with bigger payments. Here is a good byes and ended. Tweet tweet out Eddy at president caught a lot of Republicans on Capitol Hill are surprises. Pointing out that leadership our senate majority there Mitch McConnell. Has remained curiously silent on this haven't heard from him so. The stuff is really remain uncertain we have heard from a couple or. Senator. Josh holly who has supported Hezbollah side Bernie Sanders and 12100 dollar and so a little under those dollar payment. They're urging Armani are also Lindsey Graham said he worked at Armani the same time he's urged the president sent signed this bill so this slowly. It aren't certain. And you're really laid out there or not this bill haven't hit residents asked the senate still send it. Over ham actor there is some procedural lives subtle way on the hope you're. On Capitol Hill is that he doesn't beat Edmonton in the end date assigned. Well the president is talking and making news this Christmas week issuing a slew of pardons to a long list of people some of them. With close ties to his administration and key players in the Russian investigation. Who sit in stood out to you so far. Yeah so George. As one of the angels the president art on Tuesday. Do you remember do we have a story at all our investigation. Together he started. Along when our congressmen and punter Chris Collins that's why our congressman our couldn't. Financial crimes and then. From the other exit out here whether or not four or are up Blackwater Worldwide military contractors who are responsible for that. The shooting deaths and fourteen Iraqis in 2000 and act. And we're also expecting more to come what do we know about when and who. That might being. Yup we've heard from some sources and the White House is said. Allegedly it expects more artist or Christmas we do expect the president issue a more partisan job on Tuesday it was just his first back so the but some names I'm here are imminent and floated for some time I regret its former chairman Hamid before we understand or insect and actually hit unit I the president hasn't receivable aren't yet somebody on the list as well us so we're told it will be. Longer lists of individuals com and it. Else. As well there's that that is something we known that his trump is faithful to his friends for sure now compared. Other presence that presidents rather as they exit the White House the number of pardons here a bit unusual what do you think. Is particularly on comment Obama hard on his final months that I is great and hundreds of art and mostly. To those however that the net and nonviolent. Crimes ice sledge and you're. That's the thing that's getting us some. Controversy. I and the nature of these pardons which overwhelmingly. Benefited his friends and loyalists. Going to be and the Angel watch C more British show. Lance but the nature and then not necessarily unused. Found they'll be a lot of news to come I'm sure in the next few weeks captain Bob there's thanks so much. Faith.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"President Donald Trump issued a flurry of pardons and commutations, including some with ties to his administration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74887860","title":"President Trump grants host of new pardons","url":"/US/video/president-trump-grants-host-pardons-74887860"}