Are restaurants really safe amid coronavirus?

ABC News’ Erielle Reshef reports on how restaurants and bars are struggling to make dining out safe during the pandemic.
7:24 | 07/10/20

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Transcript for Are restaurants really safe amid coronavirus?
As we reported earlier several states are now reconsidering or outright reversing the opening of bars and indoor dining eateries is corona virus rapidly spread some parts of the country. And as you heard earlier this governor of Arizona just announce the state will reduce indoor dining capacity to 50%. So what's the risk. Aerial Russia has this report. Better. For restaurant and bar owner Steve Wegman that Kobe at nineteen crisis has dealt a major blow to business. Here comes from a virus knocking on the door and you go from you know a 100000 dollars a week in sales. To five dollars. Steve's bar the 507 was linked to an outbreak of cases in Mankato Minnesota. One of his employees testing positive for the virus after it reopened forcing him to shut down again. Since then he says it's been a struggle. Basically. Your world us collapse I mean you're going to be Martin's. You're going to be. You know what are the ramifications. Are you gonna be. Held to a certain account abilities and what not so I mean you just don't know what's going. With mounting reports of clusters linked to local bars and restaurants in several parts of the country and with images like these packed public spaces. The nation's top infectious disease doctor now urging that shutting down bars could beat heat stemming community spread. As new nationwide cases searched him more than 50000. Per day. Fundamental things like me asking distancing washing hands closing bars you do that. I think you'll be a giant step was interfering with the spread in your community. Some officials from coast to coast reversing course today at least 21 states rolling back reopening this. Florida seeing record numbers now exceeding 220. Housing cases since the beginning of the pandemic Miami shutting down indoor dining bars clubs and other establishments. He's schools her garments. Them. After terror and ending Texas one of the first states to reopen a surging cases surpassing 200000. Houston bartender Bevan bigger says it's a personal and painful balance to work as cove eight rages on. Could be. This situation and yeah I mean the musical. Already. Bed and says she also lost her job after she spoke out about cases at the restaurant where she was employed. I have sentence. Okay color content. You know CN. Didn't you know my job and the arts and there is pain youth that important and I. Risking people around me because you know I don't where I come back home. Yen yeah people around. Place so I think for instance in my region in Massachusetts clearly. He's percentage was down costs owns Asians down it made sense in other states there seems to have been probably rushed into early and open. If you're heading out to a restaurant is there anything you take it. I think obviously our math is vital and in we should be wearing as much as possible. Disinfectant. A hand gel for example alcohol 60% alcohol through to clean our hands and that's reasonable to pick a restaurant. Just a reminder that when you're in a bar restaurant in your drinking alcohol that you may become less inhibited. Increase the amount of social and physical distance thing. Which could potentially put you at increased. And what about all those touch point surfaces condiments silverware. Doctor Keller and says get out your disinfectant wipes. If your goal is to. There is no question that it is safer to eat or drink outside rather than indoors in fact when you look at our brakes around the world on an especially ones that have been analyzed in China injured hand. Almost all of them have occurred in doors. Studies out of China now showing that a woman who traveled from will hot into the city of one GO near Hong Kong and ate at a restaurant transmitted Kobe take nine other people some of whom were as many as fifteen feet away. This week a group of scientists also suggesting corona virus may be infectious in the air a concern the World Health Organization says it is examining where. Also looking at the possible role of airborne transmission in other settings where you have particularly close settings we have poor ventilation is important. That. I'm into more businesses. Restaurants bars whatever. Make sure they maximize their ventilation systems that may significantly. Reduce the white regular transmission indoors. When it comes to your risk the CDC cautions that the more individuals interact with others and the longer that interaction the higher the risk to spread told that nineteenth. The lowest Chris when it comes to restaurants. Drive through delivery takeout and curbside pick up the next best thing. Dining out where seating capacity is reduced to allow tables to be spaced at least six feet apart. The highest risk. Indoor and outdoor dining where seating capacity is not reduced and tables are not spaced at least six feet apart for his part wegmans says his restaurants we'll do all they can't to keep customers and staff safe as they navigate these uncertain times. I think we're going to be. In good shape. Aerial rash Jeff ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"7:24","description":"ABC News’ Erielle Reshef reports on how restaurants and bars are struggling to make dining out safe during the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71704748","title":"Are restaurants really safe amid coronavirus?","url":"/US/video/restaurants-safe-amid-coronavirus-71704748"}