Results on Elijah McClain independent investigation

Report finds McClain was injected with an inappropriate amount of ketamine and police had no legal basis to stop, frisk, and choke McClain.
8:10 | 02/23/21

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Transcript for Results on Elijah McClain independent investigation
More on the results of the investigation let's pretty former NYPD chief of detectives Robert toys each and former Detroit police chief Isaiah McKinnon good morning gentlemen thank you both. For being here Robert I'll start with you this report says that Maclean was injected with an inappropriate amount academy now makes the decision. To inject someone on the scene at all and and and how they decide a to do it and B how much to get. It's made on the scene and it is good morning estimate on the scene. Are you mess that has now exceeded the social as well this is dangerous situation and as a senator who's should be used in next troll environment. Industry. Mr. cannon was earlier in the whitish UC media and one so I was an eight by all the police and India. And the and what was aromatic oriented. I think this practice tests and has the and review really dangerous other HC of country music. I think it's fine comedian actual situation. Not in the street not directly or ID additionally following. Directed video Aurora police are still using old doctoral assignments fizzles moguls I was in shock. Most please. Agencies a move that many years we stop using them EP nineteen in the real it's reviews. Just to rebuild things were. Call to choke hold cerebral whatever of those situations Sudanese. We're really just trusting in Newark on us and accurate in my. And Isaiah the investigation found that police had no legal basis to even stop McLean little and risk. Or choke him what do you expect will happen to the officers involved not at these findings are out there. That's gonna be too you know that respects and police department or prosecutor but I think this to me is probably the best chase. Those officers because. Parcells obviously as a said. Acting sexy sentence NIC is that I'm throwing things are trying times. Are committed premise. I think that indictment of oppression prison with those people what would record a tremendous difference here is being. Those people who need mental health professional. Can contract a person who is acting. Oh wait bad Kurds hormones or to. Or what's wrong or to other. We're hole that we had to be any blood horse and officer went beyond our. Priests and be administered to beat you reverend might be what we came out of the police academy. That's not the case obviously we can't do all. Having a person would it is in trouble so when that area and or a sleek. Hello and all those kinds of things that we do. And Robert Colorado's attorney general is also conducting a criminal investigation in this case the Justice Department is conducting a civil rights investigation. What do you expect to see Adam those investigations given the result of this independent. We've seen change or doesn't achieve the New York police are in she mutilate bench outside. I see. You know we right now via media is not it as a death. Which is hopefully DA to suit crumble licensees or if you watched. If you see what happened. It's arguable whether they had a right to stop and stop mr. and I had more as a suspicious us. Again sketchy should have been known shouldn't eat a little bit about eleven operator. On you look at that and respond to a call and in his column writer being. On midst of activists are so he's not surprising and he seems to happen. Do you see additional going in fact did. Austin if across the nation on his arms were still using recent Sachs all got challenges and Islam. And I as it let's talk about change because today marks one year since Aman. The three men involved have been indicted for murder and Georgia passed a hate crime lie after his death I think. That case patted his death change the conversation. Around race over the past year. We actually are number. Have been sites throughout Europe asked if you're. Having. Let you think about what's happening here breasted the most important thing or one. Kind of people we bring in Samoa. We have to do several terrible background. Of government and continue to do. Here. Middle accounts. Are you recent those officers were working. S law enforcement because we don't know what they're holding immigrant is resist arrest order what happened in Washington. Last month. We had a number I don't. Alternate run amok was off with the I don't know to what extent they weren't all three. Sort of responses we got into this over and Woburn ma a lot of us that all. Of their duty to serve the community to safeguard lives and property. It is an eyewitness prison arts in recent restricted constant source of all of liberty equality and justice. The bomb mind. Don't you don't breeze along wasn't in the continued training we have what. And robber you're ready touched on this a little bit so Isaiah I'll direct this to you it's been about nine months now. Since George Floyd's death on the heels are breezed death sparked a national outcry. While kinda changes have we seen in a police department since then and what changes do you anticipate going forward in addition to what you're saying in terms of scrutinizing better. When you hire. I think it is certainly. More training. Scenes read this we have to be mindful those people were supervising people who were involved nor was it. Most important. We sometimes. Clinton's goal Chris. We need to see you can see the number. People minorities or females. Are stopped by police are great reasons. When I was listening or are we won't regularly NC. People of color. Are really well written and offices are the kind of key factors in terms of kind of people that we have a their hearts are armed in our police departments and the things and they're doing to shop. And Robert do you expect to see more changes in training and policies like no choke holds unlike its better to be judged by twelve than carried by six. Every 00. We should be viewed in our opponent he escalation and understands indications that you would make. Oh lead. Well be able to yes late heroes. And Nancy. So resorted mentions it is so that's what he's been done he she knows those hills. Are we need to. On early bassist. He can be as a reason I'm here it is rich you can reach out and train Euro since. What's this common goal and east beat. Robert Boyce Isaiah McKinnon thank you both we appreciate your time today. As you.

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{"duration":"8:10","description":"Report finds McClain was injected with an inappropriate amount of ketamine and police had no legal basis to stop, frisk, and choke McClain.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76065110","title":"Results on Elijah McClain independent investigation","url":"/US/video/results-elijah-mcclain-independent-investigation-76065110"}