Security tight for NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade

ABC News' Adrienne Bankert explains the new security measures being implemented for this year's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
5:48 | 11/22/17

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Transcript for Security tight for NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade
Happy Thanksgiving eve right here from Manhattan mighty victory baker would ABC. Digital like this person can see where we are right in the thick. The route for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in 191 parade and as mayor of the Bellagio has mentioned. This might be has. The safest parade ever with higher numbers of police officers more patrols and heightened security especially in light of the October 31 truck terror attack. Right here in New York commission exactly. How many police I was figuring out this is just the ballooning. Blowing up furiously. Here featuring a lot from him. Froze then back down here you can see there are more officers are more traffic decided to block intersections this year with sand filled trucks. Especially again to prevent anybody from driving her and its trucks being used as weapon it there we'll have more control. They're going to be having some mutual's this year as well back. Besides the bonds didn't. Every single year they have a new security feature a new breed of dogs called buddy. For week it's actually read me. Steve Obama. Yeah. The part. Good about seven. Don't go out. I don't you can hear what I think she's actually asking people. Loudspeaker telling this area it's something that you aren't devout. Actual viewing of the clintons why an estimated 100000. People is a clear line at 8 PM and the earliest that she had come out. England up. And this is the most respected tying period. And back she's actually telling people this isn't a lady was buffalo horns saying get off the sidewalk near the museum area. Sure that they can shut down streets in time to hear for tomorrow's heightened security. I have anything that we have helicopters security kidnap employees saying vacate the you know tax. We're going to 8 PM is when they're gonna allow people to watch the Jack actually goes down. More blocks to step backwards and might actually walk on ice overnight product getting you via a scuffle but they have visas become weak jobs. It's cold enough vapor wake dogs. Again this new breed of animal canine that can smell the scent of explosives in the ears a rather than actually sniffed on a person we're back. The fumes from anything explosive their person might experience it would be detected by design I've done a little researching. Sometimes asked me to be about 50000 dollars a year to maintain these animals and to bring them out. Again another possible New York City decided was working to make sure hey everybody you're healthy and estimated one million T. We'll be viewing the parade tomorrow. I get to you expected to. Perhaps cutter rounds some of this traffic you know that streets are going to be blocked off across town that's east to west. I'm 86 street all the way to 34 street and that you will not be able to cross over Central Park west as the avenue the traditional route for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade we're gonna walk this way because I'm. Again. People are making it seems like people are listening. He's got a lot of that traffic I think they're trying to make sure that folks get out for that 1 o'clock deadline and it's still well. But one more thing to note this year you won't be able to bring your coolers. You'll get a bring any backpacks he can't bring umbrellas it was drizzling a little bit today at the weather's actually be really nice back I'm sure a lot of tourists coming out pretty thankful the weather's been. Fifties in New York is pretty warm. The late November. Can't bring cheers last year I came out to the parade he saw tons of people just lined up can't doubt his shares you're not if you're covering well and as expected to nothing delivering any alcohol to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. For people who are coming from out of town. They'd like to get here early but the streets are not expected to really be accessible. To 8 in the morning and we're getting kicked out we're gonna walk out. They can't. She's telling us to better move along and get. They're they're really trying to make sure that everybody knows they're taking this even more seriously than ever happen it's not just because of what happened October 31. They've been planning for security to be heightened. For the past year ever since the last Thanksgiving Day parade they look at what they did you look at what they can improve upon. The mayor as well as the commissioner in my DD saying that they are ready New York City is ready for this week. It with so many more people hear from all around the world. We never got friends coming in from Texas that of people. California are coming up to lots of great that people from foreign lands him just to see this. Landmark events. They are not taking anything let me press that New York City PD hot New York TV everywhere this Cynthia balloon blowing up staging area. Color Britney actually suddenly listening to this morning's out of the museum area walking down. I give you all. In the white woman's running for the Fed it's pretty come out here. But again 100000. People expected to just watch the balloons being blown up. We know a million people will be here tomorrow they're going to have that force of police officers and dogs and really it's just helpful to all of us if we're more aware of of the cities trying to do you closing down streets. It's not going to be the same as a regular Thursday at the holiday that he will be a little tougher to navigate in Iran and now. So plan on that have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks for joining us ABC news and ABC musician Dmitry thing.

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{"id":51329426,"title":"Security tight for NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade","duration":"5:48","description":"ABC News' Adrienne Bankert explains the new security measures being implemented for this year's Thanksgiving Day Parade. ","url":"/US/video/security-tight-nyc-thanksgiving-day-parade-51329426","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}