Series of tornadoes strike 8 states in the South

At least 32 people were killed when deadly storms struck the South while communities were already reeling from the coronavirus pandemic.
2:57 | 04/14/20

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Transcript for Series of tornadoes strike 8 states in the South
A deadly storm system and ripped through the East Coast straining emergency services that are already stretched too thin a series of tornadoes touchdown in eight states from Texas to North Carolina leaving. At least 26 people dead the storms destroyed fooled neighborhoods would damage particularly bad in the town of Monroe Louisiana. Some devastating scenes they are of ravaged communities ABC's Victor can know is on the ground in Louisiana with a closer look. Tonight ruled that the storms slamming the northeast in the middle of the corona virus pandemic room. A family inside their home outside New York City when these tree fell. And just came crashing to the ceiling and then he's lucky to get out on life. One of many families with damaged homes amid do shelter in place orders outdoor rotavirus testing facilities shut down across the region. The high winds and driving range. Maybe conditions unsafe for both visitors and health workers to opened today. At that massive field hospital treating Tobin patients in New York's Central Park officials confident that tens can withstand the wind. You can CNN. Fine I. More than fifty tornadoes reported in the last 24 hours. Including this one northeast of Jackson Mississippi. In Lawrence county Mississippi the sheriff's department mourning the loss of deputy Robert Haines worth. And his wife Paula writing Robert left this world a hero as he shielded misses Paula during the tornado. Chattanooga Tennessee taking a direct hit from an EF three twister with winds of 145. Miles per hour. The decision of whether opened shelters amid the -- nineteen pandemic. Faced across the region. At the end of the date. Wildlife site that it pursues the males. And in Monroe Louisiana where hundreds of homes were damaged a picture idea my mother my mother that a couple of years ago. Police are Thomas and her daughter Cynthia don't picking up the pieces. They were trapped inside their decimated home with three young children until their neighbor Jerry Moore he bracing to the rescue. What was persons they. Any. Can begin. We don't give them I live in America make. Everyone meted out sea fleet. Grateful to be alive. And Victor Kenya joins us now live with more Victor how the responsiveness disaster impacted by emergency services are already dealing with the corona virus pandemic. Lindsay we asked that same question to Mississippi's emergency management executive director he told us that these storms could not have come at a worst possible time. Resource is already stretched thin. And this would greatly impact their response here in Louisiana they're doing what they came to start the cleanup process they're trying to get power back up and running and putting some tarps. Over some groups that can still be salvaged. For people who are displaced. That should help with social distancing. Lindsay can't talk about adding insult to injury Victor attend a thank you so much for that.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"At least 32 people were killed when deadly storms struck the South while communities were already reeling from the coronavirus pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70131147","title":"Series of tornadoes strike 8 states in the South","url":"/US/video/series-tornadoes-strike-states-south-70131147"}