Single mom working her way through school is now homeschooling her 6 kids

Johanna Torero, a mom of six, has been working her way through school and is now homeschooling her kids during this unprecedented national health emergency.
6:29 | 03/18/20

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Transcript for Single mom working her way through school is now homeschooling her 6 kids
And finally here the story giving many of us hope the single mom working her way through school, now homeschooling her six kids in this unprecedented national health emergency. You may have first met her on ABC's "20/20" special coverage on Monday night. Tamron hall tracking working people who are having it really rough now bringing does moment. What is your number one concern today. Right now is the schooling. I only have two laptops. I can't have all five of them on two laptops. Who gets to do their homework first in you have your laptop. Everybody used mine. What scares you most now in. Me? For me, it's -- if I were by myself, I would be able to end hale it. The babies are still growing up, they're really important to me. Joining us now via Skype -- there's so much fear out there, people struggling with six kids at home. How are you and your family doing today. We're doing pretty good. Yeah, how are you balancing everything? Taking one day at a time. That certainly seems the thing most of Russ doing. Balance your schedule with home schooling six children. Well, it was pretty hard yesterday because I have my classes and I have to virtually be present. So I have to be on my laptop so my kids would have to wait for me. Right, because you're taking 15 credits right now, you're a full-time student. I'm a full-time student and I'm also working as a nurse. You're juggling so much. What's your biggest concern right now with home schooling, what's your biggest challenge? It's getting them online, for their learning, and have to do like help them with their work and then me doing my work. Just one son took me all day to help him with his home work while trying to do my home work. He needed my laptop soy couldn't do it. I had to do it at night whileworking. You're not getting enough No. Well -- Because I have to do my work when they're asleep. My goodness, because you only have so many resources. Johanna, mark Miller from los Angeles also heard your story and wanted to reach out to help. He's also joining us via facetime. Mark, thank you for joining us. Tell us about her story made you want to reach out. I think the biggest thing about her story was that it -- I came from a single mother home, six kids, when I saw Johanna and the strength that she showed me and then saw her children struggling with the ability to keep up at school I wanted to -- it was an instinct, I wanted to figure out a way to help. There's something you'd like to share with Johanna. What I'd like to offer you, I'd buy the children laptops laptops and have them sent to you. Johanna, were you able to hear mark. He's going to be able to send laptops for your kids, you won't have to stay up all night doing your home work. Everybody will be able to do their home work individually. I'm so thankful. That's really a big help for me. Very, very thankful. Can you tell me how your children are going to be using these computers? We're in this situation where we're doing these online schools, so give us a sense of what your day will be like now versus before? Once you get these computers how does it change things for you? They can all sit at the table and doing their work together. They don't have to be alternating. That will really help. Also help me, too. Because I can work with them and do my homework, too. Emotionally, how are you feeling right now? I know you probably want to say something to mark, too. It's a big weight off of me right now, and I'm very thankful for his generosity. Johanna, it's a pleasure to be able to help you. Just tell Tamron's group what type of computers. I don't have a lot of words right now. I'm very emotional at this time. Yeah, it's a beautiful thing and to receive mark's generosity I know is tough sometimes. Mark, I'm hoping people who are watching also see stories like Johanna and say how can I make a difference. You know what I think it really comes down to, take one situation and help and if everybody looked at it that way, take one situation and make it better I think it just multiplies. Amen. Mark, thank you so much for what you're doing. Johanna, we're rooting for you and your family. We're excited things will get a little bit easier for you. We wish you health and happiness and you'll be able to get some sleep finally. Thank you for joining us thank you. The power of the inning isle act of generosity. Hope is contagious. As we wrap up here today, Dr.

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{"duration":"6:29","description":"Johanna Torero, a mom of six, has been working her way through school and is now homeschooling her kids during this unprecedented national health emergency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69668595","title":"Single mom working her way through school is now homeschooling her 6 kids","url":"/US/video/single-mom-working-school-now-homeschooling-kids-69668595"}