Squash on the rise

Squash world championship comes to the U.S. for the first time
3:04 | 12/21/19

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I Mets I would ABC news alive and here in Washington DC at one of the most prestigious squash tournaments in the world. World squash federation this whole world team championships guarantees yet at top of the line facility called off on fire. Located on top of the fire state. Since the name and Dalmatian logo. Despite the swanky. By here there's a full bar. You can see. Full blast courts beautifully done. Despite that that this this model is really predicated on taking the sport. The expensive country clubs out of titan sports teams putting it in hand for ordinary. So you don't have that costly membership be here coming off the street paperwork or get a wee game in the way. Had a chance to speak with members of teen USA as well as one of the owners watch on fire about what's watches. And why you should there they go up my name is asking and pay and on the USA coach. I'm also this project which are Trinity College is a very successful program that we've done pretty well there over the oil. Only five years was or even longer. So there's the first time that this particular tournament has been held in United States and its since its inception right what does that mean. But I think it's significant or fuse she's so exciting to play at home. You know we can't say enough thanks to squash on fire and the need money and his family. It's a monumental tasks what's the difference between cataract quiet my question why should you. Is essentially the game as watches the game that's based on the retrieval of the dead ball. That ball and did call it warms up through friction from being hit repeatedly but it's a pretty much attending her ball so positioning. A much greater premium. Irreparable was a lively ball and so you know you can come right off the street and play racquetball gives them within its over the wild. Many of sleep when Yang and one of the founders of squash on fires of those Honda multifamily determined look important votes. We are all its for those who don't know it's 22 countries 23 countries competing against USA. Everything is being broadcast live on FaceBook so anybody can make it to the facility this week condemned to name just over the yes they website on FaceBook. Crist for Gordon. In the professional squash player and I play for the United States this actually much seventh world team championships so how that here. In the US is something really special it's one of those moments maybe. If you're lucky only got one's career. Com to get events on the world stage at home in front of local finances. Are really unique healing and something's gotta really enjoy. Now one of the things that kept coming up with the people I spoke with today with the idea that accessibility is really the key to the sports. Continued success and growth in the US. They're hoping that a major tournaments such as this being held here while so long way. Matt silent ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Squash world championship comes to the U.S. for the first time","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67864634","title":"Squash on the rise","url":"/US/video/squash-rise-67864634"}