Train overturned by Hurricane Michael's strong winds

ABC Senior Meteorologist Rob Marciano looks at a train that was toppled in the storm.
2:55 | 10/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Train overturned by Hurricane Michael's strong winds
I'm wanna give it a meteorologist rob Marciano -- also in Panama City with a look at why that area. Was so hard hit rob. The little guy and it is de Chile here in the aftermath of hurricane Michael and among other things. They've gone off the real cities network and now if you want me training track they say which here at the crossroads of disaster zone would beat Panama City this gives you an idea of just how strong these flights are. We'll sets. Flipped over in some cases that we've cargo containers. Killed right off them and pushed over these things according to CSX can be anywhere from thirty tons empty. Two way over. A hundred times. Full tonight dish and I did just how strong his. These winds were measured her overall 120 miles an hour potentially as much 555. Miles an hour so this train. Goes on for about a quarter to a half a mile and beyond that there's a bit of a break. And there's another set of real cars that are left over in a similar fashion just imagine what that must look like. When this storm was coming through and when we had those sort of hurricane news. A disaster zone no doubt about that you can kinda hear the traffic. Flown a little bit better today at least on the main road mom on the main highways. And those are the ones that they clear off first they were littered with the debris littered with power plug holes and power lines and trees yesterday. Now it's gonna be the secondary roadways so. Cruised inserts go when their utility crews start to work on some of those power line. But it's going to be weeks I think before they get power restored this area and certainly months of nine years before receives some sort of complete recovery this is not just that. Beach down Panama City is. Is this city in the in the Florida Panhandle probably the second biggest next to their next of Pensacola you've got beach towns around it and some fishing villages Mexico beach. It's the hardest hit for one thing. But these are highly populated area and there are hundreds of thousands of people that are reeling from this well Tyndall air force base just to our east. That really got hammered nine you know Yemen him again on that bases its military installation but some of the pictures we've seen posted by. By media personnel there is certainly certainly striking. We Stinson gassed. Containers of gas trucks. Flow in one direction that she's in power going on a little bit yesterday and in Panama City Beach so already a bit of some progress. And as Scott my shooter pointed out from New Orleans who's lived through Hurricane Katrina unfortunately. We're. We're getting better at this season coverage of its third and so. Hopefully that's that a media cases we recover it's going to be a loved one here Panama City from hurricane might sit back.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"ABC Senior Meteorologist Rob Marciano looks at a train that was toppled in the storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58463564","title":"Train overturned by Hurricane Michael's strong winds","url":"/US/video/train-overturned-hurricane-michaels-strong-winds-58463564"}