Tropical Depression Forms Off Florida Coast

Storm expected to strengthen, bringing large amounts of rain as it pushes toward the Mid-Atlantic states.
1:42 | 07/01/14

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Transcript for Tropical Depression Forms Off Florida Coast
Double whammy for millions of holiday -- Seb veer weather -- the midwest and now a new tropical threat it follows a day of violent storms that left at least one person dead. ABC's Molly hunter has the details. It's hurricane season and were about to meet the Atlantic's first named storm of the year. Off the East Coast of Florida a tropical depression has formed expect -- to become tropical storm Arthur. It will take -- strength pushing north towards the mid Atlantic states bringing a whole Lotta brain. Already in the midwest a messy night. Thunderstorms shut -- and Chicago O'Hare for hours. Airlines canceled more than 250. Flights Monday night. They just canceled a second not third flight. So my son -- there is not a happy camper that was supposed to be home already. Look as lightning strikes Willis tower there in Chicago. And in Iowa one killed under a collapsed building in the town of Fairfax. Watch here in Cedar Rapids eighty mile per hour winds ripped it TARP over veterans memorial stadium. And injuring eighteen staff at Monday night's minor league game. Also in Cedar Rapids another scary incident -- teen stepped into storm -- -- still missing and won narrowly escaped. The two boys were playing frisbee in the rain and -- search continued overnight. And the rain isn't going anywhere anytime CN if you are on the East -- and planning a beach vacation for the fourth of July you may need to -- that barbecue indoors.

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{"id":24379358,"title":"Tropical Depression Forms Off Florida Coast","duration":"1:42","description":"Storm expected to strengthen, bringing large amounts of rain as it pushes toward the Mid-Atlantic states.","url":"/US/video/tropical-depression-forms-off-florida-coast-24379358","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}