Women's March board members respond to tension leading up to rally

Two leaders of the national organization say their movement is evolving and committed to being inclusive.
5:10 | 01/17/19

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Transcript for Women's March board members respond to tension leading up to rally
What move on to another big story that we're tracking in Washington coming up and a couple days the third annual women's march you remember the incredible sights and sounds. In Washington and around the country a couple of years ago when we saw millions of women across the country. Well now we got the next installment of this however there's been controversy this year and so I wanna go to the group's national organizers here we miss our soaring national board member and Rachel Carmona the chief operating officer for the marks thank you for coming on the debrief ladies. Thank you for have been asking us both in the last few days let's just cut right to the tape chase here because last few days. We've seen a bunch of organizations. Cut ties to keep the Democratic Party says it's not really affiliated with the marks but also the NAACP. Amnesty International she's a Human Rights Campaign the pro gay rights movements of critics are calling. You organization out for not condemning. Lewis Eric pond from the nation of Islam for his anti Semitic remarks for his homophobic remarks so what do you say to women particularly. Jewish women but all women to convince them that they are welcome. In this weekend's march. Thank you Brad for asking that just one correction to NAACP continues to be a strong partner of the women's march and they are actually sneaking out the rally on Saturday. This is or movement that is intersection and we are trying to bring together women from across the country different religious backgrounds different political ideology eased. And it's hard to do and it's a messy movement and that is why has never been done before so we understand that there will be skids on the there's going to be hard conversations that need to be had. But our controversy is not more controversial. Than an administration that cages children. An administration who has the government shut down where workers have not gotten paid in four weeks so we will work through this as a women's movement because we are. Focused on what the real threat to this country is an it is this administration and white supremacy so we're looking forward to a lobby day. We are unveiling an intersection a bold policy platform that you'll see. It is going to be a historic document that was created and led by women and on Saturday we will march and we will march in the street to Washington DC. Rain or shine arsenal the women's movement is here. That the leadership though of the group ways can you guys categorically condemn. Well Lewis Derrick Conner said in the past about anti end I think I'm not anti semite MI and anti termite things like that. We haven't done that many times I will welcome people to go to our website at women's march stock com we have multiple statements what we have unequivocally rejected anti semitism homophobia. Islam phobia trance phobia and that is the movement that we are Pardo. You as a group have condemned them but Tammy come Mallory to become Mallory has has not she refused to on the view will she be at this march will she be organizing style. She in fact has that would have welcome you to watch a breakfast club interview that she did this week where she unequivocally rejected anti semitism. And on the view she was put in a very hard position by Megan McCain and we were not and that position and I believe in to Mika mounties leadership. And that she is a woman that stands up for all people so she recently has unmade dole is. Comments on The Breakfast Club that I welcome mom everyone who has any questions to go watch that interview. When when the government the marks coming up this weekend we are seeing smaller venues being asked what we're seeing potentially smaller groups being expected by authorities. At this controversy hurt the movement is it a different movement what shall we be looking for this weekend. All movements are. Only is changing and evolving and things like that and someone we're talking about what the marches look like we've got over 280 marches all across the country and while our groups are marching they're doing now but there also lobbying they're also working with elected officials are also doing ongoing work in their communities. And so when you look back at the 1 march the 1 march was kind of the historic and you know that was that was where it began. But I movement now has breath and Athens with a weighted activism looks is is the very diverse just like the folks we're going to be marching with us and so I think kids and productive to say that it's just marches and end when we're doing this work and moving forward it's going to be tactics that are rising to meet the rising threat. You know the roll back some women's rights all across the country and yesterday gave an. Quickly grabbed Brad we we marched in 2017 and the largest single day demonstration in American history we made a declaration that we will win back the house in 2018 and that is what we did we put over a 110 women many of whom progressives and women of color. And 2019 with this policy agenda we have a tangible policy agenda that we believe wholeheartedly. We can actually past many of what we have for poll is or what we are supporting by 20/20 and it will be a conversation starter for Tony twenty. If you can't give me a position as a presidential candidate on these policy positions that we have put together then don't come knocking on the door a progressive woman across America so. The movement is going to evolve because this is not about putting millions of women in the street it's about what we do when we go to the polls. And women have proved across the country particularly women of color and black woman. That we know who our leader should be. And wit when they should be there and we're gonna make sure that happens is once want. I just gonna say that no question in two and 2017 was what kind of action will we actually see from this march and I guess you'd say between eighteen results speak for themselves and it was absolutely vulnerable. I thank you very much for being let us.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"Two leaders of the national organization say their movement is evolving and committed to being inclusive. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60446683","title":"Women's March board members respond to tension leading up to rally ","url":"/US/video/womens-march-organizer-tamika-mallory-faces-scrutiny-ahead-60446683"}