Climbers Near Summit in Epic Yosemite Free-Climb

ABC News' Aditi Roy talks to the family of Tommy Caldwell as he and his partner continue their steep ascent up Yosemite's Dawn Wall.
16:48 | 01/14/15

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Transcript for Climbers Near Summit in Epic Yosemite Free-Climb
Reaching new heights a live look now is to free climbers. Are scaling Yosemite is dawn wall on the brink. Finishing a record breaking journey their goal of cap attend a summit 3000. Feet. In this guy. Or when I'm Dan Cutler in New York. ABC's dean Roy standing by at Yosemite National Park for us watching neckline and a much different elevation a DD IC. I thought. I'm anything he's feeling a get out watching it from Downey care but I am not alone I'm joined by a huge how. A people who have been waiting and watching these men for dates now they include members of that. And families and the climbers are now up there. Their mere specks on along right now from down here but boy I can imagine that they are just as excited at Indy this. And here. Journey for them they had been trying to climb this offers seven here. We're told they come here every single fondly. Try to Klein. This epic Donne wall of the elk habitat rock formation here in Yosemite and they failed every time except this time they've been added since December 27. They're nineteen they ending a brave all sorts of elements from. A wind storm to cleaning onto need to razor sharp edges with just completely battered their fingers by the way. And at one point it looked like one of the men with the head and the other one with falling behind Kevin targets and but he really struggled. For six days eleven attempts at trying to get past this really tough action and on the twelve try he did it. He met up with this hunting partner and they've had momentum on their site ever since then now they're headed to the fitness. So now I. Sure exactly mean they're the ones we're doing the difficult climb but they do have to support staff up they're actually. There's a documentary that's being made about them that they alpha actually had people filming at their police are not obviously people who are well versed in not just I mean also photography and film making. Felt they actually do you have a lot of support step up their bad date alone are making this very difficult record breaking Klein still aren't they actually get also wanna mention. That we talked to the families of one of the men Tommy Collins just a few minutes ago and they're just so emotional as you can imagine and we want to hear from them as they talk about what this journey has been for the. How incredibly. You it. Point. I really extremely proud of course. It's been such longtime incumbent. We have been written preparing ourselves we're for a long time which is that they were they're gonna arrive. If you. What is what's going to hear. There he's fires history. This is something and then he never found him. Any game. Find me he did but if it's directed. It is impossible dream main bus. What he'd look at this and it's amazing how it. He's. Telling people would ever thought about my. And answers. You know. People are it to you for a whole lot of different reasons but. Somewhere along the line Tommy discovered that somewhere on the other side of sacrifice. And fatigue. Is there is it a joy there and it's not that there's. Not a good manager or undecided. But he's found something else on the other side there. He keeps going back to you and you know when he climb to fifth traverse would Alex O'Connell a year ago. He wrote about that rather extensively and I think that's what takes it another another several levels beyond. And some of it's like basic human beings that everyone can kind of relate to no matter if they find an honor not right for me. Have to do with about trying to keep persevering me that. And you what's it like seeing whether its time. I'm his older sisters I'm super proud. And one estate I'm is number one fan but I know he's got hit a wife yeah. Any cat hearings. I just very very proud of his night. You remember your writing right person you know growing up together and he was kind of to use hosts so nice and sometimes I. Sign. So I guess made them even more proud. He's never boastful. You're surely not that kind of productivity like apparently I ran it like that it's nice to see if guys. Spores to actually genuine nice guys are so strong. And let anything examples visits for years and so couldn't talk to you about what it really isn't what is it like seeing your uncle reads the time. Well it really neat. And you think wound him and make. I need. And who pitted diet but it finally. Just to speak to. Meet game. You want to do it. I eat out and I dance and it seems like you're pretty athletic grace do you do you look at here quote the act very. Would he think is suspects. Really and aids. He makes me mad at home. And Larry it's cold out here but you're here are the reasoning. Can help them. What's gonna go to your hadn't. Your couldn't. Let's one word that would be. I hadn't. It's okay they didn't know let me ask you guys didn't let it is that there's appointment that it was Dolly. 68. Minute attempt at but he had either. Tommy snippets but how many days but he did it. Because so few timing is Tommy has always cared deeply about and the people. In he's always put other people first. And so that's who you wouldn't think it. For Tony. Yeah let's get just go on to the next level. You know that the thing that. Impresses me most about this him decide that the real friendship. They're both displaying as he you know this is content on Israel he's done a lot of big wolf replied. For Kevin who adjusted capital boulder. That's really transcendent. Experience he had to put himself in Thomas hands. Learn from the ground up it can be out of his element in here. And and particularly when he got bogged down to fifteen to head to reach. Deep. In order to get it and that's that's the amazing story. Is. Considered for target. Another step but it's still in his room for what Kathmandu goes really. Super human and that's why this story because so compelling you know Don they think everyone is is it's not just. And after that they finished in the woods the top it's the struggle that went on before whether it's Kevin struggling with the swap. You know what that page our Ben just coming out here for seven years over and that's a system. Exactly sewed. Anything in life that you know. Bitch you set a goal for yourself that. It is. Be able to endure for that long today than it's worth the stories. Telling people it's worth struggling. It's worth for the struggle for the end result. What a great support system there idea for Kevin Jorgensen a thirty year old one of the climbers that's up there. On Al camping tent we get seated at the low life shut there a DD is pulling away a little bit and you are talking about some of the crews. That are helping support them along the way in this now nineteen. Day. Journey and some of the film crews that are document in this along the way there so how far are they from the top of viti. Lot check they were 500 feet from the top. I noted they've made progress since that time even since the time that I've been talking to you right now. So they're really really closely mean in the big picture 3000 feet tall and it's funny in the distance there's certain factions that we're just really really. Difficult to get through a pitch here in rock climbing language as it's considered a section of mountain self. This isn't this the wall here the dawn while that I'm I'm facing right now it's divided up. Among 31 what they call pitches or sections of the Klein and we're we're told that sections fifteen through twenty the pitches 53 teen threw took money where the toughest topic but one. They got to twenty not that it was easy after that because not know part of this as easy. But each of them kind of you know read a little bit of relief but it's it's it's been an incredible journey for them. You create what 3000 feet and that in itself is a huge accomplishment and that when you on the fact this is Jeffrey Klein. Makes it even more unbelievable what is a free Klein. Exactly have free Klein is the fact that they're only using their hands and their feet the wrote compared to catch their files. But they're only using their hands and your feet declined through. What's considered now the most difficult route in the world here. For a rock climber. And anorexic talking to talk to many many experts about this than and what make this record breaking exactly at the end they're having people who have reached the top about habitat they're actually a lot of people believe or not. But what makes this record breaking is the fact that they are free climbing up the dawn while. This is talking to an expert yesterday he said that the Don while it's just basically a blank space than what may eighth that though difficult. If that is that this huge like very smooth piece of granite. And it's really hard to find any holds even so the hold it really tiny air razor sharp. And they are really difficult on your fingers and that's why these men have such battered and bruised and bloodied fingers every single night that they're dealing. It's it's been nineteen days as you pointed out there and we see as you had in that interview there is support system that they had their on the ground from their families from their friends. How have they been faring mentally throughout this journey. Cher at the great crash any Allen and you heard from Tommy called the family right there help the topic haven't organs and father yesterday you know and I mean. They have these men have had grown up since the very young age I mean anything if it and that's what interesting talking to their families if that. Yet that there are a little boy hero is planning for the kind of live with that they've lived with. Always like being nervous for that. You know obviously they they're so well Beijing and and had been nervous along the way it rightfully felt. Let but they've also had confidence that that. These men are gonna do at this time on one half Kevin dirt isn't that yesterday is what was that like seeing its fingers in flight. I think it's figures are bad he should see its feet which with. And you laughed and so often have a sense of humor and kind of some think about it if pat lock them here at the practice of seeing these men who by the way are professional miners have. Do you know done many impossible feat. Up until now for their families are kind of used to it but they of course have been nervously anxiously waiting for these men to reach the top. Has the weather throughout these past two plus weeks is the weather been cooperating. Yeah guilt for the layperson that you know we got here last week need it's about and for I think and the weather's been great it's been really funny but for Kai earth. You know it's interesting because sunshine is aren't always great for climbers because the sun beats on the on the rocket makes it to. Hot to really like Rick and on to they need it to be. Cool but difference and today we are asking one of the resident experts here about the weather at its perfect. Believe happened over cascade which had actually been really good for mining and at times and it actually climbed at night. Which is actually better conditions for declined. But this afternoon right now I'd actually perfect weather for timing. You can't you watch this video and you see them suspended their off the side. Of this mountain in one of those tents in your palms. Get sweaty try to imagine what that must be like to try to call me nerves and get some rest. Over a long day's journey up the side of that mountain. I now I can't even imagine what would you like Bristol the tried it yet leap in that became very close quarter and Philip down and dipped to see how far you are from the top deftly not for the faint of heart and. Logistically speaking how do they eat how they sleep do they. Have to have supplies carry in and out for bathroom purposes. Sheriff a lot of people wonder I mean they have yet support that kind of bringing them things like the food that you mentioned things like that. The after it and I did it describe this in the best way possible for a television audience. We understand we asked that question and for certain functions aid just cut our free relay off the side of the mountain and air evaporates they. And four other functions. Leftists say there's a tube involved and it's it was a kind of discussing here look asleep at. A fifth. That is probably the most politically correct way of describing something that we really don't anonymity because the of the week high that happened curiosity or. Look but let's look at some good look at some of the video of there and they're eating looks like the pretty eating pretty well there armies. Not dehydrated because these are like bull line. Course is that they're getting up on the yeah route of the mountain. Exactly exactly mean they they need rightly get me B need as much protein is possible. To be to me you know exerting as much energy as they are every single day day in day out. On the side of this mountain. On and on average how many hours today are they climbing. Interest it just depends let me. Anywhere from five to eight we've counted and you know and there have also days that each of them have had to rest their fingers because they're just so battered and bruised it just kind of depends mean they actually there have been some days that they actually taken for rats. Just kind of recover from their injuries so they can go back at it again but again several hours at a time at least. And lastly a video lets you go back to creating your neck upwards to those two climbers and their what is it like the to be there at the base of it to watch this history in the making. If it's pretty remarkably I mean one thing your belief struck by what you're out here in this field and you're watching these backs on the while it. How rock I mean it's really a very lonely and dapper because. Most at times been you don't have an audience you don't have film truth and television satellite trucks and things of that nature watching you. And when you're out there I mean you know at that hold kind of thing about it being lonely at the top I mean me it kind of just you against this rock in this case. So it is gonna lonely endeavor but in this case we've had this huge crowd assembled here. Anxiously waiting for it's been really really exciting at from a journalism perspective to be out here for the last several days connect documenting these men. And and theme and physically to snaked their way. That while. We're glad you're out there for us watching them everyone watching as this historic moment about to take place at the LeRoy outside of Yosemite National Park a DD of course. Should hopefully have the results the success. Coming up tonight on world ends tonight with David Muir complete recap. Coming up tonight thanks Judy appreciate that you can keep up today in real time with the story buy down money BC news apps drugstore reports was of updates on the go. For now. I'm Dan a for an hour.

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{"duration":"16:48","description":"ABC News' Aditi Roy talks to the family of Tommy Caldwell as he and his partner continue their steep ascent up Yosemite's Dawn Wall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"28226908","title":"Climbers Near Summit in Epic Yosemite Free-Climb","url":"/US/video/yosemite-free-climbers-summit-28226908"}