100-Year-Old Employee Celebrates Birthday

A man who works for McDonald's says he'll "keep coming as long as I can move!"
3:00 | 02/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 100-Year-Old Employee Celebrates Birthday
-- Art is an awesome stories birthday party that is supersize you'll see why it. An employee at a McDonald's in Needham Massachusetts. Celebrating his 100. Year -- Birthday -- 100 year old Lily -- he's an employee. And he's an employee there for 25 years started -- the ripe old ages 75 he's now hundred his name is Maurice Miller. And yet awesome birthday party does what -- says about when he'll stop working also -- I couldn't come and -- -- -- can move. Basically he's gonna keep coming -- 500 dollar bonus he says he has no reason stopped working. That customers love home he's there three days a week he's been for 25 years. And he's 100 years old he is one cool. -- yeah Iowa love that call right OK so we are also sick of this now we don't know what to do with -- but here's some people who know weeks. Weekly what to do with all this -- is in Chicago it's -- day is. At the end navy pier -- fifteen teams of professional snow sculptors from around the world. I demand competition making these gorgeous work so hard right in the cell little better than -- typical snowman and its -- knows that's really impressive is that. Data come from Norway Argentina and Mexico places that aren't even snowing and they've got the feeling. -- you have real -- seasonal sculptors -- this is great and people know what to do this now in Minnesota. They have a front yard and one thing led to another and then they set out to make a snow fort well they wound up with an essentially a -- In the front yard lights everything it's really cool. -- We've made in the neighborhood event people turn out. Judge finished tied distance in style he traced to pick to -- Represented Jamaica Czech Republic good old USA. -- crystal Minnesota. Parents -- it out around the fire. -- -- -- On the aren't there I'd like it OK and we just absolutely love stories whenever we get these videos and we just have to Sharon went -- -- this as a father returning home. From Afghanistan he came home early and surprise his -- ten year old daughter Hanna at school with lives. And -- -- -- just love that he added if she says that she knew that he was going to be coming home at some point but she definitely wasn't expecting him. This early and says he says he's just looking forward to spending time with his family. And even Chinese business yeah when he went missing a very little time and again. Burnett a right math. He's actually been serving in Afghanistan just several months back for good -- isn't that they lost. This week yeah that thing is for this half hour join us on FaceBook and Twitter.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A man who works for McDonald's says he'll \"keep coming as long as I can move!\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"22438775","title":"100-Year-Old Employee Celebrates Birthday","url":"/WNN/video/100-year-employee-celebrates-birthday-22438775"}