Athletic Hijab's for Women

Entrepreneur Arshiya Kherani launches 'Sukoon,' an athletic line that specializes in hijab's for Muslim women.
2:49 | 08/09/16

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Transcript for Athletic Hijab's for Women
Like the modern day resilience at circles. At a little puppy that's not happy. So yeah history have been made about at this summer's Olympic Games in Korea OK so we're talking about it TS Mohammed who became the first American. Muslim woman to Wear his job the traditional Muslim head had cover. It's yours a thing Muslim women that. They generally don't have many options when it comes to sporting Wear but ABC Delhi Rogen talked to one enterprising woman who's trying to change that. It's he has Mohammed dazzled with each thrust in Paris. But it's what's behind that mask the put her in the history books as soon as she walked in -- opening ceremony as a practicing Muslim fencing was a perfect fit for the young New Jersey native. ABC's Matt Gutman caught up with her earlier this week. Hasn't blossomed and parents. Long sleeves and I don't fans. Analysts sentencing is as unique. Even though many other female competitors Wear that he job. It's not yet allowed in all sports. The international basketball association fee but doesn't allow head coverings like you jobs it temporarily relax the ban two years ago. And could announce a full reversal later this month but not in time for Rio. I'm currently not playing because David and not allow Alyssa lament that Wear the Hijab. To play basketball. Athletes like Bosnian American in dear Conn EO. Are pushing for FEMA to lift the ban entirely. She started an online petition that has more than 90000 signatures to settle us so well I still cannot play the struggle was also real for new Yorker are she occurred Ronnie. Because she couldn't find a head covering that steed in place and kept her comfortable while she ran. I've won without remember it here is and it is always just very frustrated because as you can imagine and big brands and dank carry active for his hot. So she'll launch some Kuhn which means relief or com meant to fused spiritualism and athletic system. For the female Muslim athlete. I was really just trying to solve a problem for myself and then when a police at his family and friends to gauge if this was a problem that other women face. I realize that there's a huge market for it. Looks very nice ABC's other remembered in this now NL you've got some examples of the job yet that's right and these actually are not Archie is designed to ease their protests from Maine. British department store that's where I was able to find them but get them he can't go to Wal-Mart and finally know exactly they're not available your typical big box stores and even darker what are she has trying to tip change. So these are made of spandex and nylon so there kind of if you feel it it's Canada. A swimwear material is meant to be flexible so that if you're surrounding him or doing other activities in its current sort of moving with exactly. Yeah dangers parents and now I'm punished him yeah. This article yeah.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Entrepreneur Arshiya Kherani launches 'Sukoon,' an athletic line that specializes in hijab's for Muslim women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41228115","title":"Athletic Hijab's for Women","url":"/WNN/video/athletic-hijabs-women-41228115"}