Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating

Former Gen. David Petraeus headlined the most fascinating people of the year list.
3:08 | 12/13/12

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Transcript for Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating
Yes in case any time here of course followed -- every year puts on her -- most fascinating people of the -- special the ten most this year obviously reflecting on. 2012 years I should've been listened surplus for the program last night we had. Then we had several people Ben Affleck made the list Prince Harry was. Was on the list honey boo -- not -- of course we did that. And then daddy Douglas the Olympic champ the -- one direction which. Folks are younger than we no they are also sent McFarlin then he'll Jane the -- -- -- fifty shades of -- but very satisfying read. And then who -- -- -- -- secretary of state Hillary Clinton governor Chris Christie so good list that of course that they. -- -- excuse every -- who's number one and this was this year's. Pottery. General David Petraeus. Has not chosen this year after his -- that's -- is exemplary service to his country. This is about military -- colliding with sex and lies in the digital age. -- that could somebody one of the biggest scandals -- the -- so I -- my barber picked him up she did not interview when he has only spoken publicly since but. I get by that would topple listen again keyword. Fascinating I think that's a good way to. Encapsulate that list of. Maybe next year -- -- And yet -- OK so Linda Lowe and -- is still on probation for. And basically had a majority. It is -- haven't been -- He's also drew just carry that -- -- -- -- still operational information been -- thank you have had too much coffee. And -- by a judge today he ordered her back to court next month January 15 -- the exact. And on that date she could be found in violation of probation face as much as 245. Days. Behind bars are expecting her attorneys are expected to try to get that January 15 date push to give them more time to actually cut a deal but I mean she's still -- hot water. Dating back to rejuvenate car crash where she lied to police just -- it -- goes on. Jail time looking more like -- -- that went well he clearly won't be all miss listen -- -- -- tax troubles the top earning women in music. In 2012 in the top of the list. Brittany spears and you don't come back man she raked in 58. Million dollars over the past year she had her latest album and the town -- she had to be told also endorsement that's issued a perfume -- Elizabeth Arden. It rounding out the list number two Taylor Swift 57 million Rihanna came in third 53 million -- -- -- number 452. Million Katy Perry wraps up the top five. -- -- Side million dollars congratulations. Ladies and -- devastated she was here for the premiere of late -- is that she got out of the car photographers snapped her and she basically showed her world to them. -- -- -- everywhere now and here's my question Wear underwear why no wonder -- and.

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{"id":17957886,"title":"Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating ","duration":"3:08","description":"Former Gen. David Petraeus headlined the most fascinating people of the year list.","url":"/WNN/video/barbara-walters-fascinating-17957886","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}