Box-loving Bulldog Discovers His New Favorite Toy

Video shows the dog walking around aimlessly with a box in his mouth, obscuring his vision.
2:50 | 08/11/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Box-loving Bulldog Discovers His New Favorite Toy
And now it's time for the next that would introduce you to an English Bulldog named decent. It look easy so final spots totally cute right to WB Mason Bok center carried around for his own personal joy there moving in a row. Over reds gaffe into a few things kind of lines and there. It's going sites across the street. Total hits the car but still keep having mixed feelings about this thing that could and that plenty of what's going into oh. Put up and then. I'd go across a lot. We hope oh we can't forget that we're not see it and we. But if that holds all right let nobody who would know this owners over the bowler dealings behind eventually did speak. The box from the talk of the dot actually refuses to let it felt. Feel bad laughing added lately he's June but both but it's been an entertaining I oh we just keep. Bush wrapped around that little boxes out of his favorites how about seem to be right they've played with the wrapping and packaging on the actual toy or whatever was that the disease had stopped at. Think that was. All right now some good karma we got a guy named Josh the site data in or against. So he's a hanging out says how's he hears a couple of teenagers ragged on his neighbor an elderly man's house because it's kind of dilapidated. The home there's a picture of the home right there so he thinks mr. got to do something about this. You know so he he goes on to to FaceBook and he tries to recruit that's him in the gentleman there. To go to FaceBook to terror groups and help some volunteers. And mobile hold these people are good a hundred people show up look at that wants. Starbucks even donated some some water and some tea and they all. No they got the paint together in slap the new coat and there it is a look at that that's what it looked like now just how I would look that good karma with. It that. Very nice people are just of. He let Al reflects that. I've always called 2015. Here of female athletes because we've summit national women's soccer team they need all the way the World Cup finals and win that. And take a look at the seven year old ball girl this is Padres. Look at the ball that was he's now over and just catches it. While if you add up to get elected overtime though 867 year old add that it goes down to Texas. Oh yeah yup that's right it is incredible. How that's right here the woman look at that as an excuse to show Phillies Padres pilots normally might never have done that and this place. All right let's check out if you the backward swinging the bat we're going to decide you've heard opposite field home run through opera offices swing home run. No more at all Montreal what little they do have that that's an incredible feeling that.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"Video shows the dog walking around aimlessly with a box in his mouth, obscuring his vision. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33006449","title":"Box-loving Bulldog Discovers His New Favorite Toy","url":"/WNN/video/box-loving-bulldog-discovers-favorite-toy-33006449"}