Christmas at the White House

ABC's Jordyn Phelps gives the details and costs behind this year's Christmas décor inside the White House.
2:17 | 12/26/17

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Transcript for Christmas at the White House
For the president and First Lady attended their first midnight mast as the first couple they went to the West Palm Beach episcopal church. Where they've actually tied the knot back in 2005. The homily for this service focused on the power of words and the destructive potential that they can have interest and. Hours before the service the president fired off several pointed tweets yes so he treated of people are proud to be saying Merry Christmas again. He says I am proud to have led the charge against C assault. From our cherished and beautiful phrase Merry Christmas the tweet served to reinforce one of his major campaign goals ABC's Jordan Phelps reports from the White House. As a candidate Donald Trump pledged to make Christmas a White House priority. If I become president way going to be saying Merry Christmas at every store. Now from C is a promise kept I told you that we would be saying Merry Christmas again. Me too line. I. The president and First Lady have hosted a dizzying flurry of Christmas event. Approximately any formal reception. More than a hundred open house is and 25000. More people expected to see all bets on public two words. The first lady's office says mrs. trump has overseen every T tail. 53 Christmas trees 181000. Feet of twinkle lights. 121000. Ornaments. How much does it all cost the White House won't say. Except that it's all in the budget while the style is mrs. Trump's. Aides say some of the decorous recycled from christmases past shows fresh cut trees. Pop by the park service from farms in West Virginia and North Carolina. As for the food and drink at those lavish receptions the Republican National Committee tells me they foot the bill. The RNC isn't revealing just how much they spent entertaining at the White House this year. But based on financial disclosures from previous years we know the Democratic Party spent an average of a million dollars a year. And retaining during the holiday teas and during the final years of the Obama administration. During Phelps ABC news the White House.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"ABC's Jordyn Phelps gives the details and costs behind this year's Christmas décor inside the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"51997684","title":"Christmas at the White House","url":"/WNN/video/christmas-white-house-51997684"}