Company Makes Exquisite $75K Playhouses for Kids

An architecture company creates stunning luxury playhouses for children.
2:55 | 05/17/16

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Transcript for Company Makes Exquisite $75K Playhouses for Kids
Tara from mex and what your kids get like a little play house. Now I'll let it tree house led treehouse are no tree in the backyard making. That'll be delivered aren't aren't. But here's a deal there are some kids attend more opulent headset can now get. Some ridiculously. Expensive and elaborate play houses there's a company and in Denver. As call La petite mass on. Yeah so that's one of the Playhouse let's wait that's not the actual that's how they actual house but it's almost like the price of some actual houses the play houses can cost. Anywhere from 9000 to 75000. Dollars or custom made houses. You can have. Pick Cape Cod type flick. Play houses. But that's a real facts have yet some of them actually have running water and side. It's it's insane so it is now available for many kids' futures kitchens I can have the Warner wolf running water by request. I mean going there and cook up a little Neil took. Aggregate double play part of the equation board their plane held in an actual house in not a lot out slaying pretend involved in there isn't. You know my cousin actually baby sat for girl who out of one of these Baghdad today you know their favorite game left foot tag. I had a direct good I'm good Mr. Big night at health care at all about her play have that would like I'm and I actually have the guests can. Anyway I'm so we move on yes. Next lent is a Phil Jackson president. Yes as long as I know that they're coming up fairly new and this little girl Lillie did not have a lot of promise Lillian really wanted to know what mom was planning for the birthday. So she wrote data note. Pretending to be mummy reads dear wife. What every every person brag again I forgot to clean and I hear. My favorite part is a dear wife because that's what I'm tough fusion what I say that that actually think that. All right so you have a rabbit you know I'm a dog or cat but there's this company that has come up with a color. That change is. Caller itself. And did you sense of what emotions your hats are going through so empathy as it's called to divisive visualize as dogs emotional state so. Read apparently means excitement. Blue means relaxed wow mom and perhaps we like to pin for rainbow. I love to know what frank thinking here all around her. On the island might get caught my husband either know what you think in Sonoma catch. You know you've been experiencing here roll call it. I'd like Colorado like colors emitting up here next I know exactly let's. Put the wheels are turning angry. Blessed are great man takes a cat to the prompt check out this photo. Shoot at a today took ruby instead.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"An architecture company creates stunning luxury playhouses for children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"39162367","title":"Company Makes Exquisite $75K Playhouses for Kids","url":"/WNN/video/company-makes-exquisite-75k-playhouses-kids-39162367"}