'Downton Abbey' Series Finale

Fans bid farewell as the hit PBS drama aired its final episode, ending its six-season run.
2:52 | 03/07/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Downton Abbey' Series Finale
Some process will be asked for their free skinny and we say squirrel or free because last night. Somehow the very last episode of the hit series doubt that that many including yours truly really sad seeing go. And cover some of you don't care but think about this period drama on PBS centered around snooty British family. From the turn of the twentieth century's what was it rating school the it's as true testament to the power of binge watch him because. As many were introduced of the series by streaming it online in the they have to figure out where the abuse was on the dial. Six seasons then does bullets now add in. Last night's two hour finale is getting great reviews from critics and fans spent many of the fans are lamenting he and reacting on social media saying things like. Inform the kitchen I wish I take my meals and chambers as I become. Twelve and others trying to spore that let this clever yet poorly Photoshop finale of mash up. A prison. Next some big news from the box office for our ABC's parent company Disney another major hit to tell you about. In this animated feature film category while the Oscars may be long gone have a new movies and told me out. A golden pulling in nearly 74 million dollars this weekend. Making it. Fourth highest marginal ever not to brag but it's also Disney's biggest opening weekend for an animated feature ever. The previous record holder pros will be frozen four's do you. Let it go utopia has already pulled in more than 230 million worldwide. And the winner Taylor Swift anything in the world can be yours so if you're dating her why do you like to possibly do forget it okay well the truth is you don't. You don't you have somebody do that we're here actually. Because if you're dating Taylor Swift say you are one of the world's these days having parents making your. Only millions and to celebrate their one year anniversary of the couple enjoyed someone's ear ache. Mark why what we think are red heart scare apparently home may eat it but this. Probably now. Beautiful. Posted a picture of Calvin apparent gift a lot getting great with the date. We started dating and if you're holding your breath for collaboration between the two then don't. Harris said that he politely declined an opportunity to work with sweat but did say he is in talks to collaborate with beyoncé. Your favorite S and kelp. Well finally something that hasn't been seen in generations and probably never like this a major American. Music act playing in Cuba check it out yesterday major laser the electric and electronic music group led by DJ producer dip loan. Played for big crowd in about every shell had everyone about the needed even how likely younger one than expected at the end of next month. Which is when the stone will be rolling into town also has charts.

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{"id":37455427,"title":"'Downton Abbey' Series Finale ","duration":"2:52","description":"Fans bid farewell as the hit PBS drama aired its final episode, ending its six-season run. ","url":"/WNN/video/downton-abbey-series-finale-37455427","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}