Exploring the unexplained

Host of Discovery Channel's "Contact," Paul Beban, discusses his quest to explore the world's unexplained phenomena.
4:24 | 09/23/19

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Transcript for Exploring the unexplained
Welcome back and there were months of hype and even some growing concern by the US military. But the so called storm area 51 raid it ultimately turned out to be just one big joke the satirical FaceBook event had two million people pledging. All aligned to storm the US military's top secret installation in Nevada. But only about 150. People actually showed up at the gates of area 51. This morning the question. Remains what it is what is at area 51 and doesn't really have anything to do with aliens joining us this morning as a close friend too well on his now former writer producer. All be even Paul welcome back to world news now it's great to be back Becker had and so you're now hosting on your own show on Discovery Channel call contacting which. You explore the unexplained. Totals about it. What we didn't go to area 51. That I check in delays I don't have any answers about what was there. I canceled my ticket at the last minute but Goodell. Contact was a really interesting concept it's really the first sort of global investigation. Into what I like to call. Incredible things that are seen by credible people. These are not sort of your garden variety back yard UFO sightings. The majority of the things we looked into you were. Declassified information. Sightings but highly its air traffic controllers. People with what. We like to call trained eyeballs people were looking at the sky and seen things that they really don't understand. And having experiences that they really can't explain so that's it we tried to do. At one of the things that for me was particularly cool about it was. Getting outside of the US because I think a lot of us you know we're so fixated on things like area 51. He sort of forget like people all over the world see things that they don't understand it's not all about some Cold War secrecy it's about things that are people are seeing. All the time everywhere. When it comes to this fascination with extraterrestrials. And these UFO's this unexplained. When we see things in the air we've seen reports of before they're people who say oh I saw some and suddenly put some video on YouTube. But when you have the military when you have pilots who see something right. It's concerning because now we're talking about them it seems of a lot more factual. Yet what would you have navy pilots who are you know some of the most highly trained human beings in history really. Who are chasing something in the sixty million dollar airplane that they can't keep up what. That they cannot track and it's both appearing on their you know they're getting new visual sighting it's on radar. That's something that you know I certainly can't. Explain what that thing was we have to see a clip from your show chair set it up for us OK so I think what we're gonna look at here is one of our travels to Argentina. Where there was long story short some kind of craft that was seen by hundreds of people for hundreds of miles around. That broke up in this guy. And came raining down in a very remote area. Made and actually registered as a as a seismic event. When people went to check it out they were kept away there were also apparently. English speaking men described being in black SUV this is you know this is almost thirty years ago this one is not new bicycle death. Whole whoa yeah. This is the impact area exec going to. It looks like this place this is pretty clear cut through. It just doesn't make any sense. The team uncovers a massive clearing measuring 1000 feet long by 500 feet wide. Prior to the crash incident the area was populated by a dense hardwood floors. So fascinating there we can't wait to see a before you leave us. Your former world news now Laurie thing we we clean up a little bit here that looks good guys kept the place nice and tidy and I'm proud of you was great to have you back on my friend we can't wait for your show here and again you have says contact can be seen on discovery Wednesday nights at 11 PM. I'll be even former world news now. The discovery channel's contact thank you again and you're watching world is now we right back.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Host of Discovery Channel's \"Contact,\" Paul Beban, discusses his quest to explore the world's unexplained phenomena.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"65795376","title":"Exploring the unexplained","url":"/WNN/video/exploring-unexplained-65795376"}