Halle Berry to Get Married This Weekend

The Oscar winner and her fiance, Olivier Martinez, will wed this weekend.
4:23 | 07/11/13

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Transcript for Halle Berry to Get Married This Weekend
-- -- -- really got some letting down news for you Halley Berry is getting married to her. Fiance. Olivier Martinez and it's happening this weekend really. Quick quick quick so that they are beautiful couple they've been engaged since 2012. This is now the third trip down and -- four Halle Berry who by the way -- -- off marriages. She was married once before to David Justice in 1993 and -- singer. Eric -- -- 2001. Engaged in 2012 to mr. Martinez she's also pregnant with his child. She -- not a whole lot of details about how this is gonna go down but she did tell in style magazine last year that she's -- -- into the entire ordeal. She wanted to be small. She told magazine that she had just been to a wedding where -- -- 250 people -- is just too big too much going on and not exactly what she would want to wanted to be small and intimate. And hopefully not swarmed by pop. Easy -- Justin Bieber. Our -- -- the information courtesy of the daily news me in New York careless and that's. Nineteen year old pop star could use the public -- like the rest of us and a 452 clip here we go for your viewing pleasure. He decides to you urinate in a mop bucket and in New York City nightclub earlier this year. Is unidentified friend suggests the club should be honored that Bieber would urinate at their establishment. That is the coolest spot to -- the friend says you know fuel for ever remember that NN. If that wasn't enough -- grabbed -- spray bottle -- of cleaning liquid and attacked a photo of Bill Clinton that was on the kitchen wall. And he said -- Bill Clinton as he sprayed the photo of the former president come -- Bubba I did get me anyway so. He's nineteen but he now are great Italian -- let. Next up of that. First of all he's wearing 88 pants -- And those patients are fully -- that's what this hour what everybody in the bucket as well as events like the -- are ready. Making me upset secondly why -- and do watching him -- bodyguard -- They're just sort of like still. Seriously get beat up Golan and watching -- in a bucket weird and to me about it even weird injuries on the payroll. Currently I don't care what you think about Bill Clinton for president in nineteen -- -- -- need to get slap in the face for doing much -- the president. Yet. Was he thinking what -- this. Okay including got a -- to show you Heidi -- Our -- already -- obviously she's rolling out her new season season twelve Project Runway. But she's doing it with an advertisement -- Isis isn't billboard. It's been -- Little too racy for a Los Angeles if you can believe it so would take a look that's -- in the middle. An extension -- and this is a play on the you know and the emperor has no clothes so there she is isn't it -- decked out in his very royal outfit he's standing next to her. And all the people around her Harley models that are in the -- and there's a plan or at the Everett hasn't closed there's -- -- be -- -- year billboards -- Malloy while -- interact well -- is -- once saying that they don't want this anywhere on the streets in New York is willing to posted all over the placement of credit and -- -- is usually LA -- -- over just about anything. It's that Los Angeles is saying that they want all of those models to have closed digitally inserted into the billboard. Number -- -- Eight year driving around LA -- to see that billboard it just now that it will happen digitally enhanced clothing added to let if you wanna see the real deal come on over to new York and communities. -- More here in New York City I -- Bob. Christina brown Whitney Houston's that child must clear some things that about 43 years old straight FaceBook on Tuesday night she said a bunch of things. Let me clear something -- we are not real brother and sister nor is -- my adoptive brother and of course she's been referring to -- -- -- -- relationship and she added that her late mother actually predicted they would start dating and she was completely fine with it. She goes on to say that peaceful seriously stop judging my relationship. Pretty sure it's my own decision who I want to -- Judge me go ahead she said it's my life not -- It's just really weird because everybody -- them to -- brother and sister whether they were adopted a biological or not and now there it's almost like an urban legend I almost thought they were for while had a happy cleared up. --

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{"id":19634894,"title":"Halle Berry to Get Married This Weekend","duration":"4:23","description":"The Oscar winner and her fiance, Olivier Martinez, will wed this weekend.","url":"/WNN/video/halle-berry-married-weekend-19634894","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}