High-Tech Toys

Toy Insider Marissa DiBartolo previews interactive toys fit for 2 to 8-year-olds.
4:14 | 10/27/16

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Transcript for High-Tech Toys
With the hottest quickly approaching it is time to start thinking about that holiday shopping if you haven't already. And look better to get the little ones in the latest and coolest electronic gadgets joining us this morning to show us a few of this year's hottest tech toys. Is toy insider senior editor Marisa DeBartolo Marisa. Always great to have you on thanks so much things having me let's get right into a gas and school. Yes it's something that's tech and handsome and educational elite start interactive learning to Staten so with this canteen snapping these little bucks touch anywhere with a silent. And they're gonna get some great auditorium responsive so anywhere they test they're gonna get a great response. They can have jokes told him that they can read stories they can hunt for letters they can learn numbers there's over thirty activities in each and tons of books that she's back and I kind of progressive right absolutely. Latin definitely this is picking these two to sentenced to YE a trends yes. Some kids. Pakistan is that this is the most realistic Cabot how to stop that racket it didn't look quite like it so this is Cabbage Patch Kids. LCD eyes that light up and blink and it's got tons and interactive features seeking tickle her toes and you are. You can play peek of military she'll tell you she loves you and keeping giver and a pat on the back button if you didn't I hear you yes that's your medicine a and yet it has medicine Hudson get sick you can feed her bothers tons of interactive play there's even an app that kids can download for more interactive fun so very different than a cabbage patch I had definitely an upgrade if you didn't. Fell as some kids he'll be asking for a puppy this year but others will be begging for eight. Pat chance. But this is there Rick and I'm left he's an interactive and yet there's a lot of kids' choice man whose. He learned. Isn't saying this isn't. He definitely has a mind of its only not. Helen what to do stand up. Boy. Yeah. I don't think I got that did well. Yes he can nutrition she danced she can not have so much from the kids they granted an energetic wanted to to have a really a case up on the flurry that are cyclone 360s this is super cool RC it's got this pistol grip controller it's really easy to ride. So goes Florida backers just like a regular artists see. But then you can spend this week elf and a lot to do some awesome 360 spends so it's also that really well Ali Eli eighths. He hit it. Second totally spin around. It's got some really cool Al ladylike suits you so it hasn't really nice layup chassis as well who doesn't love a remote control car in the dust up to exactly. A case out. Battle classy rape or an epic battle out yes we got our witch doctor and our teams on this hour battle Bok arena it's based off of the show battle -- quite so we're gonna fight to the death and see if we can not pass each other's different types status planes hit I'm. F test. I'm doesn't want a plan I don't read this you know Latin to surmise given my anything any credit to. He became no specific needs to do this in his left CIA's and not happy tethers are learned so much time for kids and they fall apart as you full day after all the pieces are magnetic and they come off really easily but it's easy put them back to energy for more spot very cool and hit a case and then me. Gas summit grab this tablet and I don't let the player this kinds of toys that he had some good antenna on a break and NASA loonie is a gaming drum with easy one touch stunts is she super easy to fly if you just hit the take off funny shares so that. Then you can even hit and viral hot beef and Togo are. And then we can do. An emergency landing if we have to ask. Yes check this out until this is super easy to fly all you do is hit he's really easy runs on an iPad or android device. Not that very very phone could hit it very unloved that yes. And again my parents John zone than a minute run into something I'm gonna get killed along with feet so it's always nice to see that they are emergency landing features mean and that's probably the easiest to control of anything so it's so easy everything you just one little button. And just re ages step out and play an asset to the Vick gets a look at everyone's covered. Well for more information on the and other hot tech toys you can check out the toy insider dot com as well participate study evidence this. Dot com source inside a senior at Emerson bureau numbers always good having you on.

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{"id":43096861,"title":"High-Tech Toys","duration":"4:14","description":"Toy Insider Marissa DiBartolo previews interactive toys fit for 2 to 8-year-olds.","url":"/WNN/video/high-tech-toys-43096861","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}