Holiday gift gadgets

"Giz Wiz" Dick DeBartolo swings by to share some amazing gift ideas for your loved ones this holiday season.
4:36 | 12/07/17

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Transcript for Holiday gift gadgets
The holiday season is kicking into high gear in May be major list and checked it twice but for those of us who haven't. Not to worry that is where is ticket Marcello hasn't offbeat gadgets that are sure to be a hit dec. I love when you come on kgo is have the best done well we have lunch talk of the town. So it is a way to make your own and he shared OK if so it's a little lacking well I love this idea so much. So you can this what the kid looks like OK so this stands to lose a standstill the Sherry a mockery and if you let this shirt just sleep with the way it is if you will. Don't like it. Bids and erase cola to erase what is but if you want to totally blank throw in the washing machine that's called install and start with a clean slate yes uh huh okay that's the holiday Sheridan and there was a Valentine's Day Sharon and we didn't go whenever yes absolutely accurate take a quick picture there are dead and they'll case I don't know five did it correctly so announcer this is did the new Kodak printer all the men in kind of red. She remembered and that. Hi tech Polaroid I'm there is the picture coming out that's very powerful and has a sticky back if you want you can stick up in the locker afterward ten downing caught a shaken waiter now it is OK all my god. Totally missed you either way it's totally I'm totally manifest showed this camera however however to know in the professional life what. I mean I can put my head I'm not thinking Asian candidate there is no head up. This like pick guys. Then hit my head it completely cut up yet suppose it would bring your picture behind nine days ago and now it's a montage. Tell account that's seventy dollars twenty pictures as an article this little guy is a way to open knows blister packs that drive you who raised the U. So you can just. That's seems pretty legit then that means he griped that yes OK this is to cut open blister packs yes and what does a device can end. Published a pack yeah I'm. We have to have by this. Get someone with a hacksaw and openness and now I'm being read for the rescue and amity dynamite. For the rest of the holiday is about thirty bucks this guy is neat I'm gonna get my little. Pad here so this is a chase. Bed OK so before you throw this in the garbage. You people taking walkers and go over it. And cover all the info put. When the blue route a couple of times cannot surrounding it and yes exactly it would not getting. The good exactly. So cover and this is also great for covering prescription models like it you can read that if you can read my account number you can tickle the money go to my out of it column. All that I think ten bucks. OK the cell please stick not when this healthy life eat. So this little guy is legal are. You know I got the new version with a black button here and I can't see the black blanket they go so that's low that's medium that time. You can attach it to your phone you content to T a backpack you can attach it to attend sicken you hit in the leg but then it also. Can going to fall out and you are exactly right exactly we need to test and what's it about this when there were others on the market this who has a two way battery OK she's doing it. Yes this try to get your head and it is very well yeah I know I need to make Lionel shaved you know she docked ladies and gentlemen she ducked reading my head and that's on one unchanged. Yeah and. Ted and then just I now like like that it puts night lights in your eyes and finally a little hardy light here. And we have a life cool but this one has remote can get a role on the news. And yet you just hold that again dads in that needs. Uneven and the color and those are all different modes and that it has music you know. Oh wait and voice mode. Long and as we. And that's it's that headless and saying you know did the grading your AM. I love that. Picked on the fifteen books real. Now. We Wallin for everybody the whole staff wants one. Can land stick DeBartolo it's always great having it here are more check out expected to adopt is orderly and and fans dot com we'll be right back. We're gonna have a party bar you were okay Betty and we can pick herself these two did it.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"\"Giz Wiz\" Dick DeBartolo swings by to share some amazing gift ideas for your loved ones this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"51640347","title":"Holiday gift gadgets","url":"/WNN/video/holiday-gift-gadgets-51640347"}