Hot Candy Canes Spice Up the Holidays

Sriracha-flavored candy canes can be used as a cocktail stirrer or crumbled over ice cream.
3:00 | 12/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hot Candy Canes Spice Up the Holidays
Welcome to the mix -- with only today's Christmas we have to start off with a special Christmas tree. Became not just -- -- -- -- -- he -- -- -- -- watching that crazy hot red sauce and don't know crazy hot Red Sox by the same people that brought you -- phases Iraq to popcorn and bacon -- here tires arrived -- candy cane waiting all morning I -- -- to I want to divide into this sunrise crazy hop. Back. I think he that are fit them feel like sitting many more like none on when more than and -- It's not to run to sauce hot quite yet -- he's gone Utah and all our. So here's -- I would cause a problem it looks like a regular candy -- he put his failure Christmas tree. I can grab this and then you got a problem so obviously don't put your Christmas tree it was a decade -- -- project. They suggest that you Google and a piece of it over ice cream or use as a holiday cocktails starved. Actually that would be very good ideas what they say you shouldn't do it out apparently put this on an unassuming town about. So because of insurance purposes they don't want you to crushed and -- up being -- now we met -- and don't do that John and all of this rocket sauce I think he's -- -- in your pocket right and -- -- -- -- Mexican. Selfishness. That they -- you really like me and he. It's knock yourself out right now it's very -- either way hotter than like a red hot by the ways and that's that topped the -- -- yellow pickup bullet here. Take you live event over beyond that guard for. Seemingly homeless man who's begging for change who is actually a rich man looking good this is what happened to a man named yogi Omar thirty years old. He was the man walking by a guy saying could you spare some change in Kobe doesn't have a ton of money he said he you know he sees -- from watching his dollars as well. He didn't really really want to -- the guiding money but he said -- you know it's Christmas and he wanted to by the gas and food so we gave the guy some money and the -- turns around. And basically says. -- I can tell you I am but this random -- this kindness is going to be rewarded he gave the guy his rent money -- -- And he does this he says he does this every year simply doesn't this guy is. This the guy who tossed a few coins that guy and -- -- -- -- rent -- and and asking for anything so random act of kindness and. Club are -- so random act of creative -- here at these live adjacent to it took pictures really quickly. This is a couple in Australia they have a website called cardboard box office. When they decided to do -- -- you create or recreate movie scenes with their kids were sitting there in ten months old. That's the Leon MacKey and -- -- aides are transplants Australia that's the theme -- alien coming up in the scene from Star Wars they do all of it including that little guy. Go to web site once again cardboard box office for. Just -- all kinds of creative -- there.

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{"id":21308062,"title":"Hot Candy Canes Spice Up the Holidays","duration":"3:00","description":"Sriracha-flavored candy canes can be used as a cocktail stirrer or crumbled over ice cream.","url":"/WNN/video/hot-candy-canes-spice-holidays-21308062","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}