Jenny McCarthy Will Join 'The View'

The former Playboy playmate will replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the chat show.
3:45 | 07/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jenny McCarthy Will Join 'The View'
Getting we have some breaking news to tell you about a -- the -- -- yeah. In years still. A really cool it down -- -- and since we haven't imposed. We love you and T have the -- -- and a lot of special America now that -- -- -- and I think in the world and credit card daytime running out of the cable commitment to that -- That's the real -- we have comedian -- Jenny McCarthy joining the cast. Carlos stumble panel piano -- -- -- -- like the panel. Suddenly she is joining she is apparently made seventeen previous appearances on the show including eight -- a guest host a lot of rumblings in the media that she might be the -- What kind of plot that elephant now I know it would have likely going to flock officially immediately. For joining us is that she's leaving -- -- announce that she's leading in next year Barbara sat up -- she brings us intelligence is always want. And humor -- thirty year old. Good play YE. -- floor TNT -- labor market. -- personality now if you. Let's be clear she still looks great she's still hot -- look at content for your -- -- only -- has become like the new 25. I mean look into these forty year old woman look amazing and a better than a thirty year old -- -- Not a problem at all with our you're you're right -- you wanna watch somebody are adaptability crew allegedly committed. -- to -- next year so welcome to to getting McCarthy. Also this threat level because I'm -- -- Matthews band I think they're the best one of the best live band hotter planet and that's why people love David -- he was taking a free show. Bike ride before concert was doing it Hershey Pennsylvania. -- -- on the bike breaks my house it was -- -- stranded without a cell -- and so these folks there -- driving into the concert. And -- -- -- -- on the road at out of an act of kindness they stop and not yet Dave Matthews he hops in the car to give my lifted as you know they're talking in the car about the -- just -- -- -- was so grateful we actually invited family kraus of the girl's name and her boyfriend to. Front to dinner and it also gave them to. -- -- -- -- -- -- On this show dead night's event but people. And they always have been downtown. -- very -- when you -- -- easy and there always just some simple and easy. Great music really good news big days -- so -- that we -- real -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- he and human you know and nice and he -- OK now moving on to this. And to think this is a publicity stunt nobody seems to be on board with me on this and beyoncé was spotted in target shopping for accessories so -- she was pushing around -- -- -- your beautiful little baby. She was eating at a restaurant as he stopped off this is -- Houston. Store on Sunday. To check out accessories at target apparently there was a bodyguard that seem to be lingering nearby she had on sunglasses so nobody would recognize that she was -- obviously. Soon -- you see all that horse you know yeah. -- So I didn't think she'd obviously participated in a lot of target -- in the past you -- all of that into the fact that she. Happened to be seen at target and she wasn't trying to hide or at least -- it appears -- -- At issue is trying to get target a little bit of a boost. That everybody saw turns up. Let me all. Don't talk to him. Did they -- tell us in the get a boost also -- -- include Chris -- that statement back in the news isn't at all. She -- -- the little -- people -- don't got to be kidding cut his baby no action was and maybe -- somewhat on her staff iron shot that another card that she would do something shamelessly for publicity it was not. Northwest --

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{"id":19676205,"title":"Jenny McCarthy Will Join 'The View'","duration":"3:45","description":"The former Playboy playmate will replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the chat show.","url":"/WNN/video/jenny-mccarthy-join-view-19676205","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}