Joseph Gordon-Levitt Costume at Star Wars Premiere

The actor dresses up as Yoda at the Star Wars movie premiere.
3:34 | 12/15/15

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Transcript for Joseph Gordon-Levitt Costume at Star Wars Premiere
Well folks in case you missed at the Hollywood mayor Star Wars the force awakens us last night the stars stripping out but once start. Rosenfeld had everywhere doing that with a commitment. Overseas Joseph code message dressed as yellow dot various various. The people lucky it's been handed a Reynolds assuming your law that is kind of cute varies this is still troopers and I like. Michelle would say is I think Joseph Gordon Evans forgot narrative is almost because sequentially in the last walled. Which is return of the agenda I know the last want to be may eat because it was three prequel snapped but in the last we'll sequentially in the narrative you know to die. What did you tell me I see out yet because of coconuts there he is to get up well if you had signed this kid at Netflix that this week we can you Matt time. Board Eli. And I'm just saying yes who has died I think Tony we showed it is is disrespectful to get this. This came out today's number. In her life if this is about the celebrities who when equipment for of the magazines sell the most magazines. Like Nevada is flat week it released sales figures for popular magazines that feature famous faces and we're learning the which celebrity covers. Really sold the best stories of the year mr. People Magazine here. Yes so that old ghost third each time Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's quite shocking split. Was big for that is so I in 2000 culprits of the new sense is even talk to Ben Affleck and Jennifer gone as civil. I know and then there's a worst definitely to help Francis during his trip to the US only signed for under 50000. Off newsstands come on the call we can't say he that's kind of an I don't know Remington if a black beauty looks at the streets to see him I think that. I think he's too concerned. Then I'm going you know People Magazine as you might imagine this governor did the best about as bad as dictating Janice so roughly 400000. So normally they sell I think got things they average about a 160000. Bands and fast that jumps of over 2000. And he won a huge award recently for best magazine cover of the it was about you both for T sensation. Yes it was and this kind of hurts me to say because I love this gal. Sarah Jessica Parker apparently sales not doing well bringing below average numbers for this Cosmo and cover and also for Harper's bazaar but I think she's a fantastic. At the Jennifer Aniston still doing well isn't just Tony into thinking celebrated this is that Kim Kardashian doesn't do that well OK and as well Kendall those wealth can go on action. Nelson who loved the kind of hope I'm not sure is this right after the month. I guess if you law I think. He pretty rocky start if you're not Catholic and a step we wanna talk what tennis superstar Serena Williams earning another honor sport so strange sports person helping either. Yes here's the hitch is claiming that she's another magazine club company claiming it of the rightful throne. Enough votes because of the astonishing is that she's you know I think I think I interviewed involved Richard life really. Ends. You know that Serena and Venus before favorable when he wrote down of the piece of plate that he would make both of them the tennis champions of the world. But if you think about that that's all with two college he didn't know there that's because attendance. It's coming display tennis. He's the most intrigue padding kind of fascinating out we do have some sad news though for the current longest running production Las Vegas jubilee they're ending at thirty or your runup to the women that. Have to pagan. Some cool gadgetry. To find another shot to get some upcoming you I'm not forget.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"The actor dresses up as Yoda at the Star Wars movie premiere.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35770505","title":"Joseph Gordon-Levitt Costume at Star Wars Premiere","url":"/WNN/video/joseph-gordon-levitt-costume-star-wars-premiere-35770505"}